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(40K) Launcher Weapons [Discussion]

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(40K) Launcher Weapons [Discussion]

Postby Matapiojo » Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:10 am

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I. Grenade Launcher
- 40mm rounds:
“Meanwhile, three grenade launchers pumped forty millimetre rounds in curving arcs, dumping their payloads into the Archenemy shield formation at the fore. Concussive bursts split the tightly-packed heretics so hard that shields flipped high into the air.” Flesh and Iron, p.192 - **

II. Missile Launcher
- Damage within a nautical ship's hull:
“'Shoulder charges!' Baeder bellowed as he strode towards the hatch where the Nautical infantry sought shelter. Troopers Fendem and Olech clattered forward with missile tubes pressed against their shoulders. Fendem took a knee and put a hand to the trigger spoon. A Persepian round zipped out from the doorway and blew out the back of his head before he could aim. In turn, Olech managed to fire before Fendem had hit the decking. There was a deafening back blast as the missile hurtled less than twenty metres into the compartment beyond. It was such a close range shot that Olech was caught at the hatch and torn apart by an explosion of super-heated gas. From where Baeder leaned against the partition, the metal warped outwards from the force.” Flesh and Iron, p.351 & 352 - **
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