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What if Emile Danko got Nanosuit?

What If... Sapper made a forum for all the what ifs... that have been floating around??

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What if Emile Danko got Nanosuit?

Postby Masonicon » Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:45 pm

What happen if Emile Danko from Heroes got Nanosuit From Crysis(ignores stupid retcons that turns them into Spiderman's Symbiote-like Alien technologies) where it got standard nanosuit powers as usual

What does he'll do with the Nanosuit?
how far he'll kill all the evolved Humans with the Nanosuit?
Other consequences?
When applying Real life physics to Fictional Universes, my favorite part is explaining things that at least seems supernatural with Quantum Physics that operates at bigger-than-atom scale
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