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CSAH Season 2 Factions

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Re: CSAH Season 2 Factions

Postby warper » Mon Jun 04, 2018 12:33 am

Demonym: Orithyian
Flag: Eagle of Orithyia
Planet Role: Industrial, Trade and Military Hub
Terrain Map:Orithyia
Local Government: Republic of Orithyia
Government: Semi-presidential republic
-President Milos Lyosha Kozel
-Prime Minister Fedor Romanov
-Chairman of Parliament Miron Pasternak
Capital City: Gabija
Legislature: General Assembly
Upper House: Senate
Lower House: House of Representatives
Population: 12,500,000,000
Drives on the: Right
Date Format: YMD
Units of Measurement: Metric
Spelling: Ortografía System (British Spelling)
Orithyian Armed Forces: ~795,460,000
-Orithyian Army: 101,560,000
-Orithyian Navy: ~492,900,000
-Orithyian Naval Infantry: ~194,000,000
-Orithyian Interior Troops: 7,000,000
Nation's Strengths: Industrial and Military might with a lot of resources
Nation's Weaknesses: Almost too awesome
Background: Recent years, while hard, turned out to be very beneficial to Orithyia, leading to a new age of growth and prosperity. A sector wide war, followed by an invasion from the Directorate tested it's people's will, and they responded with boundless determination, but also empathy for their enemies, which let them turn foes to friends. Orithyia sees its strength not as a means to gain power or wealth, but as a tool for good, suppressing piracy and stamping out slavery.

Republic of Jun
Demonym: Junese
Flag: Banner of Union
Planet Role: Agricultural and Industrial Hub
Government: Semi-presidential republic
-President Oxana Chou
-Prime Minister Alexsandr Vinogradov
-Speaker of the Congress Min Su Vasylyk
Capital City: Luochang
Legislature: National Congress
Upper House: Senate
Lower House: House of Representatives
Population: 11,000,000,000
Drives on the: Right
Date Format: YMD
Units of Measurement: Metric
Spelling: Ortografía System (British Spelling)
Nation's Strengths: Is able to replace losses at a faster rate
Nation's Weaknesses: In a reconstruction era
Background: After years of brutal communist rule, the Republic of Jun has finally returned to democracy and peace, however it wasn't a bloodless accomplishment. The conflict that allowed for the nation's transformation left huge sections of infrastructure in ruins and many out of work, which could have led to yet another time of hardship for the Junese people, if it weren't for the efforts of its leadership. They saw the ruined infrastructure and people out of work as an opportunity rather than an obstacle and instituted a program of reconstruction and improvement, which has made Jun a shining example of what humanity can achieve when they put aside their differences and work toward the common good.

Kingdom of Valand
Demonym: Valander
Flag: Raven's Cross
Planet Role: Naval Hub
Terrain Map: Valand
Government: Semi-presidential republican monarchy
-King Oliver Viggo Anthonsen
-President Valeriya Johansen
-Prime Minister Yegor Kozlov
-Speaker of the Lords Yuri Johansen
-Speaker of the Commons Mathias Volkov
Capital City: Raven's Landing
Legislature: Storting
Upper House: House of Lords
Lower House: House of Commons
Population: 7,000,000,000
Drives on the: Right
Date Format: YMD
Units of Measurement: Metric
Spelling: Ortografía System (British Spelling)
Nation's Strengths: Elite raiding troops, faster deployment time for their armed forces
Nation's Weaknesses: In a reconstruction era
Background: Valand is a planet with a long history of raids and conquest, with a proud people who stoically endure the harsh nature of their icy home. During a recent war they underestimated the foe they faced, and got stuck in a long, drawn out conflict in which they were constantly pushed back, until they finally accepted surrender when their foes ships controlled their skies. As the people of Valand surrendered, they prepared to endure the boot of their foes on their necks, but what they didn't expect was their hand to reach down and pull them back to their feet. Instead of enslavement, they were set free, and where they expected to have their wealth stripped, they found new schools and hospitals, and for the first time in memory, enough food that none went hungry. The history of Valand has been long and often dark, but now its people can see light in their future and are working hard to make sure that vision comes true.
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