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FactPile - RP Rules (READ FIRST)

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FactPile - RP Rules (READ FIRST)

Postby Matapiojo » Sat Sep 26, 2009 8:00 am

Welcome to the FacPile Role Playing section.

This section was created to provide a medium for the FactPile community to engage in friendly Role Playing through these boards. If you like to weave stories or get involved in great epics, this is the place for you.

Before you begin a new group, or join an existing one, you must first keep in mind the following:

1 - If you are interested in creating a new RP Group, you must create four separate topics with the appropriate subject tags and any pertinent rules within as the examples below (insert your story's title between the ""):
    "Story Title" [Story]
    "Story Title" [Rules]
    "Story Title" [Character Profiles]
    "Story Title" [Discussion]
You posts will be edited if they do not adhere to these subject formats.

Individual Role Playing Group sections may be requested. Sections will be created at a Global Moderator's discretion, but they must have sufficient activity to justify their creation. We require that a group have one established Game Master (or more), and at least five active players before creating the group's section.

2 - GMs must establish their Group's rules and any other nuance (such as Group Chat times) they deem appropriate in their story's [Discussion]. Be careful with the content of your story. The Group will be closed if we feel it breaks Forum rules in any way.

3 - The RP Group's GM is god. While they do not possess moderator powers on the boards themselves, their word is law within their story. Any poster that attempts to undermine the GM's Group in any way will likely face the BANHAMMER.

4 - Players will adhere to the Forum rules. You may feel like adult behavior can be appropriate for your "cyborg pimp from the future" character, but we may think otherwise. Keep things PG-13, people.

Make us unhappy in any way, and you will face the BANHAMMER.

5 - GMs may make use of the FactPile Chat Room - http://xat.com/chat/room/66619424/

6 - Lightning quick RP groups known around these parts as [Dice] games must follow a slightly different set of rules than those outlined on the first two bullets:
    - Give your Dice thread a propper title
    - Dice games must be propperly labeled with a [Dice] tag on the title
    - You can run only one Dice thread at a time
    - Dice games must have clear rules outlined on the first post prior to establishing the setting
You may establish chat times for your group within your Group's [Discussion]. Posters that do not maintain a proper behavior will face the BANHAMMER.

Enjoy your FactPile Role Playing experience.

Follow these rules, and everything will be peachy. Don't, and get a face full of BANHAMMER.

'nuff said.

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