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Mafia: An Adaptation.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 3:40 pm
by Shy Guy
Mafia: An Adaptation. Yes, I've posted this before, but I was dumb and added in way too many unnecessary percents and crap. this is bare bones, as complex as it may seem. Most of the post is just repetition in role description. The game is very unique and can often be hard to describe to a first-timer, if they simply haven't read a game through. If you'd enjoy playing this game, just type "/in".

First off, a small ideological summary of the game:

After enough players sign-up, I shall send each person their role PM. You CANNOT quote your role PM,EVER.
There is a day, and a night phase. I shall begin with day. All players have a Town-Aligned role, a Mafia-Aligned role, or a Third-Party role. All work towards their own win condition. In the day all players have a feature that they can vote players, as well as make posts. When a certain player has a majority of the votes, they are lynched and night begins. In the day, you ARE allowed to unvote and vote as many times as you want, but once a majority is reach (5/9 of players vote for B), you CANNOT unvote. It is highly suggested that the town heavily discusses all options and possibilities. After a lynch occurs, the Night Phase begins. If a Lynch does NOT occur by the Day’s Deadline, then a No Lynch happens, and Night Begins. No one can post in the Game thread during the Night phase.

Try and, using logic and your gut, to find players that are scum (mafia). They might seem to be acting suspicious, or anything else, but you want to FIND AND LYNCH MAFIA. Town Wins when all Mafia & Hostile Third Party Elements have been killed.
Examples of TOWN-ALIGNED roles: Vanilla Townie, Doctor, Cop.
NIGHT FOR TOWN-ALIGNED ROLES: If you’re a townie- sorry, you cant do anything during the night phase! You can’t even post in the game thread in the night phase, or you die! Just relax :) But, if you’re a Doctor or a Cop, you must send me a PM within the time limits of the Night Phase using your ability to help find scum, and to help protect Town!

DAY FOR A MAFIA-ALIGNED ROLES: Try to, using your knowledge that YOU are mafia, misguide the TOWN into lynching other TOWN players. You simply wish to weave a web consisting of both logic and lies to convince the TOWN that other people (And not yourself) are worthy of being lynched. Mafia wins when in the Day Phase there is a majority or equal number of Mafia players as there is other players (When Mafia # is greater than or equal to .5 of remaining players, Mafia wins).
Examples of MAFIA-ALIGNED roles: Mafia Goon, Mafia Roleblocker, Mafia Godfather
NIGHT FOR MAFIA-ALIGNED ROLES: Conspire with your Mafia partner (They come in 2’s, almost always) in a private thread of my making about what you may want to try to do in the following Game-Day. Also, you can corroborate with your partner about using your Mafia ability, which you must PM to me.

DAY FOR A THIRD PARTY ROLES: You have actually a fairly simple role. You don’t want yourself lynched. You don’t care WHO is lynched, just so long as it isn’t you. Use your vote and your posts to convince the others that you are a Townie! You win when at the end of the game; you are the only one surviving, or you are in an occurrence where that is inevitable. Sometime you can simply win by being alive when the game ends (If Mafia or Town win).
Examples of THIRD PARTY ROLES: Serial Killer, Joker, Neutral Survivor.
NIGHT FOR THRID PARTY ROLES: In night, you can talk with no one, but you still oftentimes have abilities. You must send me a PM during the Night Phase using your ability.

Vanilla Townie- You have two things: Your voice, and your vote. Use both wisely, for despite being a ability-less role, without any Townies, Mafia would surely win! Discuss and communicate with each other (BUT ONLY IN THE THREAD). Your vote is a powerful tool. Find and eliminate Scum (Mafia). You win when all threats to Town are gone. You can even win dead, just so long as the town wins.

You are a policeman, and during the day, may post and talk with others, as usual. The vote is also available to you, but in the Night time, you have a very important ability. You can, during every Night Phase, send me a player’s name, and I shall reveal to you whether they are MAFIA or NOT MAFIA. Now of course, this ignores the THIRD PARTY players, but they can wait for now! You can only investiage one player a night. Find and eliminate Mafia and all hostile 3rd party roles. You win when all Threats to town are dead. You can win, even if you die, so long as town wins.

You are a great man or science, and during the day you have all the abilities available to a normal Townie, but during every night phase, you have the ability to send me a player’s name, and during that night, they will be immune to NIGHT KILLS (NK). You can protect one person a night, so use it wisely (If you’re selfish you can even protect yourself!). Find scum, and hang them all. You win when all threats to town have been extinguished. You can win even if you die, as long as Town wins.

Mafia Goon-
You’re a plain old Mafioso, and you wanna run this town! During the day, talk and trick the Townies into lynching their allies. You can post and vote, like everyone else, but in the Night (And before the first day has started) you have the ability to talk with your partner (In a Private thread of my making. . . I shall give you a link). Discuss strategies, and decide whom you want to lynch, as well as kill in the night. Being the goon, you must also send me a PM (During every Night Phase) with a player’s name. At the end of the Night Phase, that player will be removed from the game. Only doctors can counteract your Night Kill. You win when Mafia has a majority of the players, or has an equal amount. You CAN WIN if dead, if your ally wins without you. (If you die, the role blocker gets your Night Kill ability)

Mafia RoleBlocker-
You’re just a plain ol’ Mafioso, and you want to take hold of this town. During the day, plot with the other players, but secretly try to misguide them into lynching other townies! You will have a vote, just like everyone else, as well. During the Night talk with you Scum buddy in private thread of my creation (I shall give you a link). You cannot talk with your ally in the Day Phase. Every night, you also have the ability to PM be a player’s name, and that night, any abilities they have and may have used will be negated. If you roleblock a Cop, they will not be able to investigate that night, and etc. You win when Mafia has a majority vote or have a 1:1 ratio of players, or they win if such an occurrence is inevitable. You CAN WIN if dead, if your ally wins without you.

Mafia Godfather-
Same spiel as the Mafia Goon, but when investigated, you come up as NOT MAFIA. You control the night kill. You win when there’s a 1:1 ratio of Townies and Mafia, or if such a thing is inevitable. You CAN WIN if you’re dead, if your ally wins without you. (Your ally will get your Night Kill ability if you die).

Serial Killer- Self centered role, that wishes to be the last player alive. Has the same abilities as a Townie, but atr night can send me the name of a player, and at the end of the Night Phase, they will be removed from the game. A Doctor’s protect ability can block this, but if both the Mafia and Serial Killer order a hit on Player B, even if Player B is protected, they will still die. You win when you are the last player, or if such an event is inevitable (ie 1 serial killer, 1 townie). You lose when you die.

Neutral survivor-
You’re the exact same as the Vanilla Townies, but the only way for YOU to win is to be alive when the game is over. Self-centeredness FTW!

The insane person in the game. You’re just here for fun. You don’t really care how it happens, and you usually don’t care when. . . just so long as it happens. You want to BE LYNCHED. No, getting Night Killed DOES NOT COUNT. You have to meet your end by the rope, so help you god. You win when lynched. Sometimes if you win everyone else loses, but that will be determined in each individual game.


Do not talk about the game outside of the thread unless your role allows you to.

Do not edit or delete your posts in anyway.

Do not quote any of my PMs sent to you. You cannot use my PMs as proof of your role, or that would ruin the game, but keep in mind, you could talk about your role in game if you really wanted to. You can say "I'm cop, guys, and I investigated Swifter Night One! He's Mafia." But you're likely to get killed at night. . . Also, the Mafia could lie and say that they're cop! This is called claiming, and is perfectly allowed. You can say whatever you want in game as long as you aren't overly rude and as long as you don't quote PMs.

Feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns you have, especially about the theory of this game. I have played it thoroughly, as well as have modded it before. I will make in game announcements if your question is important enough. If I post an answer to your question, I obviously will not disclose who sent me the Question. You can ask me questions in game, but this can easily draw attention to you (From Scum AND town), and may end up getting you lynched, if you, say, ask about stuff concerning the Mafia.

Don't try to hide text or make it difficult to read either. (Also, absolutely no encrypted text of any kind.)

Once you're dead, stop typing. (I will allow one contentless "bah" post as an exception.) If you’re Mafia, and you die, don’t out your ally just because you’re bitter. It’s just bad sportsmanship.
Please treat the other players in the game with respect. I do not want to have to intervene if the game starts to get personal, but I will if I have to.

To vote please do so in this format Vote: Shy Guy Please bold your vote and try to put it at the bottom of your post. (Not required but appreciated.) Failure to vote in the bold format may result in the vote not being counted. (At my discretion I will determine vote intent.)

Unvoting is appreciated, but not required to change your vote. Please post it in bold if you do it Unvote: Shy Guy. Yet again, GREATLY appreciated

No lynch is also allowed, under the same format. Vote: No Lynch A majority vote for no lynch will send the game into night without a lynch.

Once a majority is reached, that player is lynched and cannot be saved with unvotes. All players including the lynched player are free to continue posting until I get around to locking the thread.

Whether or not you think that I’m picking your roles based on your personal attitude, you’re wrong. I have and will always use a style of picking roles for players.

MOST important. Have fun, and don’t get rough. I know how FactPile can get, and I do not want it approaching that level. Any rudeness, deemed by me, will ensue a punishment. Depending on the degree of ANY rule breaking, I shall either restrict you from voting, stop your role abilities, or just ModKill you. Any punishment I see fit will be enforced. . .it’s my game :) I’ll try not to be harsh, but I know that some of you are prone to being less polite.

After determining the setup of the game, depending on how many people we get, I shall post 2 or 3 possible game set-ups in the thread. I shall not say which is actually going on, and that shall be up to you to figure out. Also, each day would have a loose 2 weekish dead line, but that will change depending on how fast/slow you guys play. A Night is usually only 2 days in length, or until everyone has sent in their Ability PMs. If they don't send them in within the 2 days, you do nothing that night.

If you guys shut this down a second time, I will hurt you. Just kidding ;)

~Shy Guy

Re: Mafia: An Adaptation.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:01 pm
by Hitman H94
I think I understand hwo this game works but I dont remember this being made before unless I just never got it all but...


Re: Mafia: An Adaptation.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:12 pm
by Shy Guy
Hitman H94 wrote:I think I understand hwo this game works but I dont remember this being made before unless I just never got it all but...


Cool stuff : )

~Shy Guy

Re: Mafia: An Adaptation.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:21 am
by Cpt Olimar
Can't say I have the time for it, but sounds like an interesting alternative to our typical RP section. Seems like you'll need more though.

Re: Mafia: An Adaptation.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:46 am
by Jwlynas
Count me /in

Re: Mafia: An Adaptation.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 7:57 am
by Shy Guy
Diana wrote:This is how facebook has changed our cravings...

Too bad I can't fit in any class.

Oh, there is a hooker class, don't worry :twisted: .
Roleblocker & Doctor Ability on one person. . . because they're busy >:)

Alos there's a "Beloved" Princess. But it kind of sucks.
After being lynched, the town takes a day to mourn for her funeral (So there are 2 nights in a row).

Also, we can start a game with 7 people, but more (IE 9 or 10) would be preferential.

~Shy Guy

Re: Mafia: An Adaptation.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:19 am
by Hitman H94
Diana wrote:This is how facebook has changed our cravings...

Too bad I can't fit in any class.

Well I go one Facebook too, but I still have time for my fellow Pilers