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Dead Space [discussion]

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Dead Space [discussion]

Postby Draco » Fri Mar 15, 2013 2:15 am

here we can discuss the various aspects of dead space, it's tech, and it's characters.

Planet Cracking
the operation preformed by a planet cracker class vessel made by the CEC (concordance extraction corperation).

on planet cracker vessels each is armed with an ADS cannon for defense against the rocks and asteroids that will be made during the planet crack.
(excuse the guy)
most rounds destroy fairly large asteroids with a heavy, seemingly explosive canister.
these cannons can also be used for anti-ship capabilities as shown in this video.
but can also be intercepted with accurate fire.

using gravity tethers the planet cracker pulls off a continent size chunk of the planet to better mine at whats inside.
mentioned 6:10-6:20, at 9:10 to the end they 'pop the cork'

Telekinesis (Kinesis):
a technology that allows engineer's and others armed with kinesis module can suspend small and large objects in an anti-gravity field that can be manipulated by the users hand.

the kinesis can launch sharp (or just somewhat pointy objects) at extreme speeds, enough to pierce bodies and impale them into walls.
at 5:00 isaac first gets into the room where he finds the kinesis module to implant it into his RIG.
6:08-6:18 he grabs the sharp object and it is immediately aimed the right side out. when he launches the object there is a very distinct 'boom' of a sonic boom. this suggests that he launches these projectiles just fast enough to break the sound barrier.

based on quantum physics, this allows engineers (or those armed with RIGS with a stasis module) to slow down time in a small area of effect.

it can be used on anything, anyone, and any creature.
7:50 to 8:00 shows it in action. (that death event is scripted to be a one shot kill. you need to restasis him before you can kill it.)

Plasma cutter
a weapon used in dead space for mining through rocks with an ionized plasma in either a horizontal or vertical line. also used to dismember necromorphs.
with a fully upgraded plasma cutter in DS 2 it can have an additional chance for causing plasma fire. From DS3, the plasma cutter can be upgraded in numerous ways.

in FP CIDE did a few calcs that brought the plasma cutter to a whole 1.5MJ with help from this pic.

“Never mind. It was a 25 cm long arc with 1-2cm wide and the manual from the first game stating it was 30 kilovolts per centimeter. If I’m correct that’s about 1.5 megajoules."
and a response from Galorian

1.5 megajouls is 75 times the kinetic energy of a 50 cal round, and 300 times the energy discharged when the covenant’s type 25 directed energy rifle (covenant plasma rifle) fires a round…"

all this can be found in this match
http://www.factpile.com/6584-grayson-hu ... ac-clarke/

The Resource Integration Gear (RIG)
a health management and strength augmentation gear.
http://deadspace.wikia.com/wiki/Resourc ... ation_Gear
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Re: Dead Space [discussion]

Postby Draco » Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:41 am

A RIG gives limited protection against most things, like bullets, necromorph claws, and explosives.

RIG increased strength
3:25-3:34 stomps apart a dead, armored personel. First stomp decapitates it.

punches the head off a dead human.

11:42-12:05 a speed feat for necro's with the crawling one. but shows isaac wailing on these necro's with punches enough to take off limbs and kill them.

Necromorph strength (same vid)
2:00-2:12 the necromorph slices apart a human being like nothing.
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