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(40K) Webway [Discussion]

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(40K) Webway [Discussion]

Postby Matapiojo » Mon Apr 25, 2011 9:30 am

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- Created by the Old Ones:
“The Old Ones’ intergalactic network was breached, their greatest works and places of power overrun by the horrors their own creations had unleashed.” / Codex: Necrons (3.5e), p.24 - **

- Mastered by the Eldar:
“One challenge they took up was the complete mastery of the warp-gate technology. The Eldar adopted, refined and perfected the ancient Slann knowledge of the warp and its movements. They established a network of wormhole tunnels through warp space, linking gates aboard their craft-worlds, planets and smaller spaceships. It was possible for an Eldar to walk from one planet to another, across hundreds of thousands of light-years of real space. The warp-gates bound the Eldar together as a single civilization, stretching across space and, it was theorised, backwards and forwards in time. The Eldar, fearful of the consequences, never experimented with the temporal aspect of the warp-gates.” / White Dwarf (#105), p.40 - **
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