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(40K) Lightning [Discussion]

PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:00 am
by Matapiojo
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Lightning Air Superiority Fighter
The STC for the Lightning was recovered from Karnak II during the Saint-Saen Crusade, and the design is now in operational use with Imperial Navy fleets In Segmentums Tempestus and Pacificus alongside the heavier Thunderbolt. The Lightning's main role is engaging enemy aircraft and establishing Imperial superiority over the battlefield. The kit comes with the option of a centreline Autocannon for its 'Attack' variant or an additional two Hellstrike Missiles on a centreline mount for its 'Strike' variant. / FW Website (06/27/12)*, - **

* = Date copied from website

Re: (40K) Lightning [Discussion]

PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:09 am
by Matapiojo
- Using hellstrike missiles in diving attacks:
“With that, Duponti threw his Lightning down towards the rainforest. It came down fast with his machmetre needle hovering at close to four hundred metres a second and the view outside the cockpit a blur of melted greys and greens. He clipped up and banked at the last fraction of a second, skimming up across the canopy before slowing and announcing his presence with a volley of hellstrike missiles. Explosions rolled away underneath him. He was going too fast to make out targets, but he knew where to hit so he dived back and forth over the trees. He heard enemy fire snap past. Ground gunners blazed up at him. In reply, Duponti spread lascannon fire through the canopy.” / Flesh and Iron, p.112 - **

“Duponti dropped his Lightning like a stone, blazing away with hellstrike missiles. He strafed the length of the enemy advance, jamming his finger hard on the trigger button. Within seconds he had made his run, gaining altitude again. He craned his head about to inspect his damage. A wall of fire, two hundred metres in length, danced along where the farm met the forest. It consumed an entire strip of cassam paddies along with a shard of the first of the enemy wave. But from his vantage point, Duponti could see sprinting figures detach from the trees at the left and right flanks of the battalion camp. Mobs of tiny, surging people converged towards the Imperial position down below, seemingly unafraid of the Riverine las-volleys blistering them. Duponti was already out of hellstrike missiles, but he banked around anyway, determined to add his lascannons to the engagement.” / Flesh and Iron, p.142 - **