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(40K) Tau Empire [Discussion]

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(40K) Tau Empire [Discussion]

Postby Matapiojo » Fri Jun 01, 2012 6:56 am

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General Information

Technology: Sensors
- Sensors in Tau helmets and Drones:
“Mihalik was recalling his first encounter with the devil when the wind shifted slightly, rippling the tall grass in which he and Covone were lying. They took the opportunity to move forward again. Glancing to the sky, he noted that clouds were slowly rolling in, obscuring the stars. That meant the wind would continue to pick up and the two of them would be able to cover substantial ground. If the grass stopped moving, then they would have to as well. Although the cammo cloaks they each wore would make them all but invisible, the tau sentries wore helmets with amplified vision and their perimeter drones were equipped with motion trackers. To stay completely hidden, he and Covone had to move in conjunction with their cover. When the brush moved, they moved. When the world was silent, so were they. Adapting oneself to the environment; that was the Catachan way.” / Hammer and Bolter (#13), p.151 - Vehicles of the Tau: Devilfish

Vehicles: Ground
- Devilfish specs:
“The Devilfish is constructed of dense nanocrystalline metals. These advanced metallic compounds are lightweight, malleable, strong and corrosive resistant. How the Earth Caste manufactured these alloys is unknown, but for their weight and depth they have remarkable protective properties, and help reduce the vehicle's weight, assisting its speed and flight characteristic.” / Imperial Armour (Vol.3: The Taros Campaign), p.163 - Vehicles of the Tau: Devilfish

- Railgun's incredible force:
“One of their light walkers carried a weapon of lethal effect. It fired a form of ultra-high velocity projectile. I saw one of our tanks after having been hit by it. There was a small hole punched in either flank - one the projectile's entry point, the other its exit. The tiny munition had passed through the vehicle with such speed that everything within the hull not welded down had been sucked out through the exit hole. Including the crew. We never identified their bodies, for all that remained of them was a red stain upon the ground, extending some twenty metres from the wreck.” / Codex: Tau Empire (4e), p.14 - Victories of the Tau

- Tau energy weapons vaporising air:
“They had held up as long as they could in a culvert at the base of the mountain. Rifle cracks and the hiss of energy weapons vaporising air carried on the wind, but they only found the scenes of fighting, and the only bodies were in tau colours.” / Fear the Alien, p.262 - **

Kroot height:
    - Taller than Space Marines:
    “Tam had heard Gesar’s voice, vox-casting at full strength, right up until the kroot shock troopers hit. Taller even than Gesar, kitted out in animal pelts and hefting rifles they swung like clubs, the bipedal kroot were nasty close-quarter fighters.” / fear the Alien, p.260 - **
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