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Mass Effect Respect Thread

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Mass Effect Respect Thread

Postby Lowk » Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:42 am

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Re: Mass Effect Respect Thread

Postby Lowk » Mon Apr 16, 2012 4:48 pm


Building's shield capable
"Colonialist forces in the Diluvian Wildlands on Taetrus have surrounded the fortress of Kasatum, believed to be one of the last holdouts of the separatist leadership. The building, built in the early days of the planet's civil wars, is reinforced against most explosives and has hardpoint-grade kinetic barriers to resist mass accelerator attacks."
Cerberus News

Personal ME-field generators capable of tuning
“With the price of eezo falling to affordable levels, the strange and dangerous sport of "densing" has caught on among young people of all species. Competitors wear mass effect field generators turned up to twice normal and attempt to shove one another out of a ring. Described as "sumo for the skinny", the sport can easily result in strains, sprains, or broken bones when participants crash to the ground. But fine-tuning the generators allows for competitions that would never take place in a traditional gym. "I think it's hilarious", says 50-kilo veteran Jewel Dyson who has a 13-1-1 record. "I can throw guys two or three times my size across the room".”
Cerberus New
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Re: Mass Effect Respect Thread

Postby chuckforest » Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:13 pm

It's like you read my mind or something....(or something)
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Re: Mass Effect Respect Thread

Postby Commander Cross » Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:15 pm

chuckforest wrote:It's like you read my mind or something....(or something)

Howdy, Chuck! :geek:
Back at the VMA, we're working on trying to get some of Dresden's allies introduced so we can try to see if we can cut him some slack until May hits, so far we got Molly Carpenter to plan out on introducing alongside someone else in a tag team match.
You want in?

Please help save the dragon egg.

Reminds me of factpile in general!
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Re: Mass Effect Respect Thread

Postby Siggymansz » Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:08 am

Systems Alliance Population 12,000,000,000~ (Most likely closer to 11 billion then 13 billion)

Low End:
Human Populations:
Earth: 11,490,225,106
Terra Nova: 4,145,412 *oldest human colony*
Luna: 4,100,000
Eden Prime: 3,962,450
Mars: 3,400,000
Citadel: 2,491,356
Freedom's Progress: 912,810
Omega: 853,245
Horizon: 643,315
Yamm: 488,504
Uranus: 371,000
Noveria: 361,400
Sanctum: 257,300
Intai'sei: 150,000
Saturn: 117,000
Tyr: 47,000
Arcturus Station: 45,000
Therum: 34,000
Proteus: 12,470
Pluto: 9,300
Jupiter: 9,100
Gagarin Station: 9,000
Venus: 800
Mercury: 340
Feros: 300
= 11,512,646,208
Other Human Populations:
Anhur: 208,587,000 (likely a massive batarian majority) (assuming 10% are human)
Zorya: 14,800,000 (too recent to have a human majority) (assuming 10% are human)
Trident: 6,800,000 (human majority) (assuming 51% are human)
Bekenstein: 5,425,000 (human majority) (assuming 51% are human)
Elysium ("several million," human majority) (assuming 51% are human)
Demeter *can't find any meaningful numbers, will not count for now
Mindoir *can't find any meaningful numbers, will not count for now
Shanxi *can't find any meaningful numbers, assuming population comparable with Mars or Eden Prime (or Terra Nova) because of the colonies age. (3,000,000~)
Amaterasu *can't find any meaningful numbers, will not count for now
Cuervo *can't find any meaningful numbers, will not count for now
New Canton *can't find any meaningful numbers, will not count for now
Watson *can't find any meaningful numbers, will not count for now
Yandoa *can't find any meaningful numbers, will not count for now
70 or so other human 'colonies' (most likely outposts with populations in the hundreds) *will assume population of 500~
= 35,178,450

Total: 11,547,824,658~

High End: (will only list changes from above)
Anhur: 208,587,000 (likely a massive batarian majority) (assuming 49% are human)
Zorya: 14,800,000 (too recent to have a human majority) (assuming 49% are human)
Trident: 6,800,000 (human majority) (assuming 80% are human)
Bekenstein: 5,425,000 (human majority) (assuming 80% are human)
Elysium ("several million," human majority) (assuming 80% are human)
70 or so other human 'colonies' * will assume population around 10,000~

Total: 11,641,185,838
  • If your wondering, the difference between the High end and the Low end is: 93,361,180
  • "The Council regards the Alliance as a "sleeping giant"." - Systems Alliance: Military Doctrine, Codex | This tells us that council populations are comparable to the human population.
  • Population figure doesn't account for planets which I can't find the populations of :P
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Re: Mass Effect Respect Thread

Postby Asger » Wed Apr 18, 2012 4:11 pm

Kinda tempted to put up weapon specs, but they do seem to change from game to game, and the listings are from the ME wiki...
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Re: Mass Effect Respect Thread

Postby Lowk » Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:27 am


Knocking people back
“Good-bye, Jella,” Skarr said.
“No! Please! I’m not—”
The rest of her words were cut off as he squeezed the trigger, drowned out by the hail of bullets that riddled her body and blew it across the floor to the back wall of the room.

ME: Revelation, Chap 14
"And standing off alone in the corner was Skarr. Like the men outside, none of them were wearing body armor.
The krogan was his first target—a stream of bullets hit the krogan square in the chest. Skarr’s arms flew up and out as he was blown backwards, sending his gun sailing across the room. He struck the wall behind him, spun off it, and fell facedown on the floor, bleeding from too many wounds to count."

ME: Revelation, Chap 21

Assault rifle
Anderson glanced down and saw that it was true. A few stray bullets had penetrated the kinetic barriers protecting her torso only to ricochet off the heavy plates of her body armor, inflicting no damage beyond small dents and discolorations. But her right leg, where the armor was thinner and the highest concentration of fire had drained the shields, had been reduced to pulp and hamburger.
ME: Revelation, Chap 3
Sniper rifle
A flash of agonizing fire erupted in her shoulder as a hyperaccelerated projectile no bigger than a pin sheared effortlessly through the ablative plates of her body armor before exploding in the flesh and bone underneath. The impact spun her around and sent the pistol
flying from her hand. She felt her kneecap disintegrate and she collapsed to the ground, her scream rising up to meet the unmistakable zip-zip-zip of high-powered rounds slicing through the thin air.

ME: Ascension, Chap 8
He approached the first one carefully, then relaxed when he saw clear evidence that the man was truly dead: six finger-sized holes in a tight pattern showed where the close-range blast of a scatter gun had torn through the front of his protective vest, creating a single fist- sized hole as the rounds exited his back. The final corpse had fallen facedown in a pool of his own blood. The scatter-gun that must have inadvertently killed the man beside him lay on the ground…a hair’s breadth away from the body’s limp, lifeless hand. Saren froze, suddenly wary. Something wasn’t right. His eyes scanned the motionless figure, seeking out the lethal wound. There was a gaping hole in the side of his upper thigh, the likely source of all the blood, but because of how he’d landed, no other injuries were visible.
ME: Revelation, Chap 9; pg. 129

Misc showing(Blasting large hole in rock, ripping vorcha apart, cuting in half, electirc drone flight)

Assault Rifles:
M-96 Mattock
Medium-range, semi-automatic rifle. The Mattock is a hybrid weapon with an assault rifle's low heat production and a sniper rifle's punch. Marksmen favor its increased power over that of an assault rifle to bring down hardened targets. Its lack of a full-auto setting is advertised as a feature rather than a shortcoming as it curbs a soldier's tendency to spray inaccurate fire under stress.
M-37 Falcon
This Alliance rifle launches 25mm mini-grenades. Lighter and more accurate than most grenade launchers, the Falcon burns through specialized ammunition as well as standard thermal clips. A field fabrication kit generates this ammunition, leaving the clips as the rifle's only limitation.
Chakram Launcher
The fancifully named Chakram Launcher uses an internal fabricator to manufacture lightweight ammunition discs wrapped in holographic tracers. The discs explode on impact, sending shrapnel tearing through the enemy. Markings stamped on the gun's barrel are a shipping code created by its manufacturer, Ama-Lur Equipment. The code warns that the rifle must be assembled carefully, as it contains mixtures extremely volatile under pressure. This is why the Chakram Launcher requires thermal clips: without a way to dissipate the intense heat caused by its fabrication process, the rifle's circuitry would quickly destroy itself in a spectacularly lethal meltdown.
Striker Assault Rifle
The Striker is a fully-automatic weapon that functions more as a grenade launcher than a rifle, firing high-impact slugs that detonate on contact. The weapon increases its rate of fire the longer the trigger is held, which is devastating if the weapon can be kept on-target. In an attempt to market the Striker outside of the Krogan DMZ, the gun was designed to be fired by non-krogan, but its recoil tends to off-balance smaller species. Enthusiasts point out that the target on the receiving end of a Striker has far worse things to worry about than balance.
Particle Rifle
After the Reapers obliterated the Prothean Empire's warships, the Prothean resistance was forced to develop weapons that did not rely on intact supply lines. The Prothean Particle Rifle is a stripped-down, powerful assault rifle modified to fire without thermal clips or specialized ammunition. Alliance scientists agree that it appears to share some principles with the Collectors' particle beam weapon, although this gun requires a temporary cool-down period if it overheats. An amalgam of two different eras of technology, the particle rifle is still a deadly, efficient weapon.

Graal Spike Thrower
The Graal is one of a long line of krogan weapons used to hunt thresher maws. Its ammunition consists of oversized flechettes meant to pierce thresher hide and create deep wound channels leading to massive blood loss. For additional firepower, the weapon is double-barreled, and, as a last resort, possesses blades to cause internal injuries if the wielder is swallowed by the thresher. Using a Graal on a humanoid target has predictably grisly effects. Its shots can be charged for more damage.
M-300 Claymore
The Claymore used to be a hard-hitting but poor-selling shotgun due to kickback problems snapping the arms of anyone but krogan firing the weapon. After a rehaul of its kinetic dampening system, the Claymore is being rolled out again. As a way to lure back customers, the gun's manufacturer has lowered the shotgun's selling price without skimping on its stopping-power.
Originally handcrafted for the exclusive use of justicars, the Disciple Shotgun's schematics were finally released to asari commandos after centuries of negotiation. The Disciple uses shells packed with microscale submunitions to deal staggering amounts of damage. Even shielded enemies are stunned by the force of a blast from this weapon.
Reegar Carbine
This electrical weapon improves upon the arc pistol's design by generating a sustained current on its target. This weapon is named for the quarian Reegar family, whose marines have served valiantly against the geth.
Venom Shotgun
The Venom shotgun was developed by the salarian Special Tasks Group to meet the unpredictable needs of those stationed in hostile areas. The double barrel fires ammunition that detonates on impact, while a third barrel below can be charged to fire a round of microgrenades. Given the nature of most STG assignments, the Venom was designed to force an exit strategy and was issued to teams whose primary objective was to extract compromised undercover operatives. The shotgun is now issued to frontline soldiers in the war against the Reapers.

Sniper rifle:
M-98 Widow
Weighing in at 39 kilograms, the Widow Anti-Material Rifle is primarily used by sniper teams in assault missions against armored vehicles or krogan. While kinetic barriers offer effective protection on vehicles, the kind generated by conventional military field generators are far too weak against the Widow.
Several research firms spent a considerable fortune trying to redesign the Widow sniper rifle. Their goal was to retain the geth weapon's considerable firepower while reducing its recoil, so that the gun could be fired without breaking a nonsynthetic's arm. After much trial and error, one company finally produced a usable model rolled out to the galactic market.
Kishock Harpoon Gun
An Alliance captain on her fifth tour of the Terminus Systems once said that seeing a Kishock was the easiest way to tell if she was being attacked by batarian mercenaries or slavers, since “no bastard with a Kishock means to take you alive.” This powerful sniper rifle fires a harpoon-like spike that causes massive internal bleeding, and its miniaturized disrupters will also destroy synthetics. The rifle’s biggest drawback is that it must be reloaded after every shot, but for those with steady aim and good timing, one shot is enough.
Called the Javelin by Alliance marines, this geth weapon holds a reservoir of ferrofluid, magnetically drawn into the firing chamber and expelled at lethal speeds. Like a high-pressure water jet, the ferrofluid cuts through nearly anything it hits with so much heat that it resembles a beam of light, causing terrible wounds.
Krysae Sniper Rifle
The Krysae's scope uses a rangefinder that adjusts to keep the target in proper proportion to the shooter, which comes in useful when the sniper is forced into close range. Its specialized ammunition is both armor-piercing and explosive. In a desperate move, the turians released its specifications over the extranet so that nearly anyone with a fabricator could manufacture this weapon to help the war effort.

Arc Pistol
An innovation of Admiral Daro'Xen, the Arc Pistol is a scaled-down Arc Projector that only requires thermal clips, to solve its power problems. The Arc Pistol uses a nonvisible laser to ionize the air and create a path for a high-ampere electric shock. For a more damaging blast, it can be charged up.
Originally issued to the salarian STG to allow small units to contain much larger enemy forces, the Scorpion pistol now sees service galaxy-wide. It fires low-velocity, squash-head projectiles with a dual use. The high-explosive filler within the projectiles contains an adhesive that secures the projectile to the target on impact. When fired into a surface, it turns into a proximity mine.
Designed for asari resistance, the Acolyte's barrels fire advanced ammunition similar to that of an impact-triggered resonant warp bomb, which has a devastating effect on shields and biotic barriers. The specialized nature of the warp field means it does not pierce armor as effectively, but the shooter's biotics are expected to make up for this shortcoming.
Executioner Pistol
Invented by Blood Pack weapons experts, the first Executioner was improvised using spare parts and scrap metal during an Omega territory dispute. The result was a hand-held cannon able to fire high-impact armor-piercing slugs, although only one at a time due to its limited heatsink. Many Blood Pack mercs carry an Executioner as backup in case they get pinned down, but some enthusiasts prefer it as their primary gun, sticking to the one-shot-one-kill approach.
M-5 Phalanx
The M-5 Phalanx is the product of the Alliance's Offensive Handgun Project, a close-in weapon to be used with no loss of stopping power in comparison with a soldier's assault rifle. The Phalanx enjoys a ballistics advantage over most heavy pistols. Civilian variants are often purchased by colonists on planets that have particularly dangerous big-game animals.
N7 Eagle
When the Alliance's Offensive Handgun Project received funding to update one of its designs, its engineers chose to redesign the already impressive Phalanx pistol. Like its predecessor, the Eagle is a compact, fully automatic pistol that delivers unprecedented accuracy and punch with a rapid firing rate. The Eagle is named after the Desert Eagle, a classic handgun which gained a romantic reputation among gun collectors, thanks to its popularity in 20th- and 21st-century Earth action movies.

Submachine guns:
Geth Plasma SMG
This submachine gun works on the same principles as the Spitfire: it shoots super conducting toroids that break apart on impact, retaining an electrical charge that flash-converts the shrapnel into plasma. Unlike the Spitfire, however, this smaller geth weapon has been modified to take thermal clips. Holding down the trigger speeds up its rate of fire, rapidly depleting the gun’s heat sink in exchange for nearly continuous fire.
N7 Hurricane
While some militaries pass on the Hurricane because of its lower accuracy, the Alliance feels the gun's rapid firing rate offers excellent suppressive fire. A disciplined marksman can use the fully automatic submachine gun to chew through targets with alarming speed. Alliance officers were so pleased with field results that the Hurricane is now many squadrons' standard-issue SMG.
Blood Pack Punisher
The Punisher features a secondary barrel that fires one armor-piercing round per main-barrel burst. It was developed by Blood Pack gunsmiths who found that their vorcha recruits frequently forgot to optimize ammo loads in the heat of combat. This configuration makes the process automatic and highly effective at penetrating armor.

Heavy Weapons:
ML-77 Missile Launcher
Rapid-fire missile launcher with seeking projectiles. Effective against armor, shields, and biotic barriers.
Missile launchers are surfacing with increasing frequency among the Terminus Systems mercenary bands, but their origin is unknown. Each projectile features a friend-or-foe recognition system, ensuring it will find a hostile target -- though not necessarily the one in the crosshairs. In urban situations, it is useful for taking out snipers and other entrenched enemies, so it is popular with the Blue Suns mercenary band. It is nearly impossible to duplicate, as it uses Fabrication Rights Management (FRM) technology.

M-100 Grenade Launcher
Rapid-fire grenade launcher favored by the Blood Pack vorcha mercenaries. Capable of taking down multiple enemies with a single well-placed shot. Effective against armor, shields, and biotic barriers.
M-490 Blackstorm Projector
The Blackstorm, colloquially called the "black hole gun" encases a few particles of matter within a high-powered mass-increasing field, elevating them to near-infinite mass. This creates a gravitational singularity that draws nearby enemies and objects inward for a short time. The rapidly-increasing gravity near the singularity's event horizon rips objects apart. The mass effect field soon destabilizes and returns to normal mass, with explosive results.
M-622 Avalanche
Cryo Round technology is used to modify standard weapon slugs. A cooling laser collapses the ammunition into Bose-Einstein condensate, a mass of super-cooled subatomic particles capable of snap-freezing impacted objects. Normandy's scientists have found a way to apply this technology on a large scale: by generating a mass effect containment "bubble", this proof-of-concept large weapon technology is effective against armor, shields, and biotic barriers. It is nicknamed the "Cryo-Blaster".
M-920 Cain
The M-920 Cain is a portable particle accelerator surrounding an array of dust-form element zero chambers. By subjecting its eezo chambers to extreme positive and negative currents fueled by antimatter reactions, the weapon projects mass effect fields that shear away at the target. The fields warp ambient materials with such explosive force that the impact produces a mushroom cloud. This has led Alliance marines to call the Cain a "nuke gun," though its detonations do not in fact produce fallout.
The M-920 uses graphite rods as neutron moderators, but they require frequent replacement to sustain power. Fortunately, the omni-tool can refabricate most heavy weapon ammunition into graphite rods. The amount of charge-up time is understandable as the weapon is a juggernaut capable of unstoppable destructive power.

Geth Spitfire
Like the geth plasma shotgun, the Spitfire is not a true energy weapon. Instead, the minigun magnetically flings clusters of superconducting toroids. These donut-shaped projectiles are designed to shatter upon impact, arcing electricity between the fragments and flash-converting them to plasma. The gun's punishing, automatic blasts impact with the heat of a cutting torch.
The weapon's stopping power has garnered the attention of both Alliance and quarian intelligence, who theorize that the Spitfire may have been designed to destroy other geth. Enough Spitfires have been found in the field to suggest that the weapon is out of the prototyping stage, and that a schism among synthetics may have forced them into production.

M-560 Hydra
Before the introduction of the M-560 Hydra, missile launchers either focused on bringing down a single armored target or simultaneously neutralizing multiple unarmored opponents. With the Hydra, a soldier no longer needs to choose between the two.
The Hydra releases a barrage of miniature missiles, each guided by an independent homing system that seeks out exposed enemies. On impact, three shaped charges per missile explode in sequence. The first overloads the target's kinetic barriers before the second destroys its armor, clearing a path for the third warhead to detonate inside the target.

Reaper Blackstar
The Reaper weapon nicknamed "Blackstar" is so advanced that Alliance scientists can only offer speculation about how it works. The gun appears to exploit an element zero core and mass effect fields to fire gravitational singularities - micro black holes - that revert to their natural lethality when they impact a solid object. Researchers theorize that the blast tears apart the strong nuclear forces that hold the target's atoms together, resulting in a localized fusion reaction in light atoms and a fission reaction in heavy atoms. If that hypothesis is correct, the weapon alters nuclei, thus changing the chemical composition of the target. It destroys organic tissue, corrodes surviving armor, and leaves a visible trail of light-emitting particles.
Although some might argue that the Blackstar's single-launch capability makes it a liability, its capacity for utter destruction is essential when the user requires large-scale, instantaneous damage.
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Re: Mass Effect Respect Thread

Postby chuckforest » Sun May 06, 2012 10:51 pm

Cool Mass Effect tactic.
"TREBIA SYSTEM - Hierarchy forces failed to retake the Mactare relay and the malicious starships known as the Reapers have pushed into Palaven’s space.
The Hierarchy attempted a trans-relay assault to liberate the colony world of Taetrus this week, only to lose great numbers of ships and personnel.
The attack began with an assumption that the Reapers were on the far side of the relay, ready to annihilate anything that came through. The 29th through 32nd Fleets, specialists in delivering heavy ordnance, sent resonant warp bombs through the relay to clear the Reapers away from the immediate area on the other side. They then sent the four fleets through the relay, believing their considerable mass would create relay drift and deliver them out of the Reaper targeting zone.
The extent of losses is classified. What is known is that Reaper ships emerged on the Palaven side of the relay. There, according to Hierarchy sources, “a significant portion of the armada” engaged the Reapers. Fierce fighting continues.
Reports came through of the Reapers broadcasting images of their victory at Taetrus, but these could not be authoritatively confirmed. Some comm buoys were destroyed, creating extranet lag for signals coming out of the Trebia system.
In an emergency broadcast from an undisclosed location, Primarch Fedorian admitted it is possible Palaven’s communications with the rest of the galaxy will go dark during the fighting.
“We must prepare for the worst,” he said. “We cannot expect aid from allies when our allies face nightmares of their own. They look to us, because in each turian is a soldier. Now we must become more. Each of us must be a savior."
Cerberus Daily News
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Re: Mass Effect Respect Thread

Postby Commander Cross » Sun May 06, 2012 11:29 pm


So are you and Lowk willing to assist with a possible tag team assassination match, if we ask for it?

Yes, its that one with the ShadowBroker who's Liara's predecessor, you didn't expect me to go against my beliefs when it comes to Liara, right?

Please help save the dragon egg.

Reminds me of factpile in general!
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Re: Mass Effect Respect Thread

Postby Lowk » Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:01 am


Krogan movement speed
Short burst
"“Five,” Aria stated, her voice making it clear the number wasn’t open for negotiation. “Nobody pays five percent!” the third turian objected, taking an angry step forward as his hand dropped to the pistol clipped to his hip. In a flash the krogan was beside him, his mammoth eight-foot frame looming over the smaller man. Slowly, the turian’s hand fell away from his weapon. Everybody else remained frozen until Aria gave a slight nod. The turian took a careful step back. A second later the krogan grunted, then did the same."
ME: Retribution, Page 42
"Grayson broke into a run, and seconds later three armed krogan burst from the warehouse in pursuit. Despite their massive bulk they could run much faster than humans, their muscular legs powering them along."
ME: Retribution, Page 252

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... L4jo#t=15s

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... WKA#t=428s

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... iWk#t=144s
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