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(40K) Imperial Bolt Weapons [Discussion]

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(40K) Imperial Bolt Weapons [Discussion]

Postby Matapiojo » Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:40 pm

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- Delayed detonation:
“With morbid curiosity Morlaniath focussed on one, seeing a miniature rocket at least the size of his thumb propelled out of the white light. It hit a Guardian in the leg and punched through the thin armour into flesh. A moment later it detonated with a blossom of bone and blood, ripping the limb apart from the inside.” Path of the Warrior, p.369 - **

- Effects of subsonic and supersonic bolts:
“'I'm telling you, the subsonic shells will be better,' said Aximand.

'And what if they have armour like those interex bastards?' demanded Abaddon.

'Then we use mass reactive. Tell him, Loken!'

Abaddon turned at Loken and Torgaddon's approach and nodded curtly. Aximand's right,' Loken said. 'Supersonic shells will pass through a man before they have time to flatten and create a killing exit wound. You might fire three of these through a target and still not put him down.'

'Just because the last few fights have been against armoured warriors, Ezekyle wants them,' said Aximand, 'but I keep telling him that this battle will be fought against men no more armoured than our own Army soldiers.'”
False Gods, p.** - **

- Techmarine using exotic Melta-bolts:
“A red target-laser appeared on his chest plate and he saw the White Consuls Techmarine with his ornate bolter a fraction of a second before he fired. Kol Badar snarled as he was knocked back a step, warning signals announcing a breach in his exo-skeleton’s integrity. The Techmarine was using non-standard anti-armour shells, their explosive tips replaced with melta-charges.” Dark Creed, p.57 - **


I. Bolt Pistol

II. Bolter / Boltgun
- Bolts violently dismember targets without much effort:
“'I'll never forget the noise,' he said. 'It was like a thunderstorm had suddenly sprung into existence, and our first five ranks were completely cut down, dead to a man without even the time to scream. The enemy's bolts tore limbs from bodies or simply burst men apart like wet sacks. I turned to shout something, I forget what exactly, when I felt a searing pain in the back of my head and I fell over the remains of a man who'd had his entire left side blown off. It looked like he'd exploded from the inside out.” / Tales of Heresy, p.353 - The Last Church

“He swung his bolter up. His weapon had a gash in the metal of the foregrip, the legacy of a greenskin’s axe during Ullanor, a cosmetic mark Loken had told the armourers not to finish out. He began to fire, not on burst, but on single shot, feeling the weapon buck and kick against his palms. Bolter rounds were explosive penetrators. The men he hit popped like blisters, or shredded like bursting fruit. Pink mist fumed off every ruptured figure as it fell.” / Horus Rising, p.25 - **

- Heavy rounds devastating people up to 1m away:
“Barsabbas reacted as he was drilled, pressuring them witha wide spread of automatic fire. The sudden volley of crackling bolt shells cut out in a semicircle. Rounds so heavy that even their passing shockwave haemorrhaged the brains nd organs of any target in a one-metre radius.” / Blood Gorgons, p.245 - **

- Armour that can withstand Bolt rounds can still suffer lethal concussive damage from them:
“Two more interex soldiers came into view, another sagittar and a gleve. Loken, still running, shot them both before they could react. The force of his bolts, both torso-shots, threw the soldiers back against the wall, where they slithered to the ground. Abaddon had been wrong. The armour of the interex warriors was masterful, not weak. His rounds hadn’t penetrated the chest plates of either of the men, but the sheer, concussive force of the impacts had taken them out of the fight, probably pulping their innards.” / Horus Rising, p.628 - **

- Knocking a Marine on his ass:
“Korydon had no time to avoid the bolter shell as it thundered into the ceramite of his armour. The unexpected attack knocked him from his feet, sending him flying several metres backwards.” / Accursed Eternity, p.55 - **

III. Storm Bolter
- Vaporizes an Astropath's head:
“'Some astropaths possess compartmentalised minds,' said Vaynce. 'Dangerous knowledge can be isolated and burned away, and the memory wiped clean. But not I.'

'Then you know what must be done.'

'Of course.' Vaynce pulled down the hood of his robe, exposing a shaven skull criss-crossed with burn marks. Lysander levelled his storm bolter at the back of Vaynce’s head. The selector was set to single shot – even so, it would be massive overkill.

'If there was another way,' he said, 'I would take it.'

'I have always known that it would end this way,' replied Vaynce, his voice unwavering. 'Some of us can see… echoes, of what might be. I saw this place many times before I was assigned to this star fort. I knew that I would die here. Whatever form our duty takes, we must welcome it, must we not? We must give thanks that we know what must be done.' Lysander did not answer. The report of the storm bolter shot echoed around the belfry, ringing off the bells overhead. Vaynce’s headless body slumped onto its front, the astropath’s skull vaporised by the bolter shell’s detonation.”
/ Endeavour of Will, p.42 - **

IV. Heavy Bolter
- Rate of fire:
“At eight hundred and fifty rounds a minute, the heavy bolter emptied the canoe of all enemy life in seconds.” Flesh and Iron, p.108 - **

- Ammunition attributes:
“Oxy-phosphor flares indicated at least one heavy bolter loaded with Inferno ammunition.” Fear the Alien, p.53 - **

** = Chapter or Story title needed.
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