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(40K) Psykers [Discussion]

Many are called, but only few are chosen.

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(40K) Psykers [Discussion]

Postby Matapiojo » Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:48 am

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General Info
- Psykers identify emotions from the Warp through Second Sight:
“As power from the warp flows into realspace, it splits into eight parts, each perceived by those with psychic awareness (often called the second sight) as a separate colour. Just as the warp comprises tides and currents of emotion that over the millennia have melded together to form the great Powers of Chaos, so in realspace each of the colours of psychic power draws on a certain type of emotion or energy from warpspace. This gives each colour its own distinctive effects when used by a psyker. A small amount of raw energy from the warp leaks through into realspace all the time. Those with psychic powers see this energy as layered mists of colour, building into boiling, turbulent clouds and multi-hued storms where the barrier between the warp and realspace is particularly tenuous.

To cast a psychic attack, the psyker pulls energy of one colour into himself, draining the surrounding area as he concentrates and focuses the colour. When he uses his powers, he further weakens the distinction between warpspace and realspace, allowing more power to flow through, providing additional impetus to his attack and replenishing the mist of colour that surrounds him. To those with psychic second sight, it appears that the psyker is the centre of a maelstrom as fragments of colour whip and twist around him. As he gathers all the energy of one colour, the storm dies for a brief moment and he stands at the calm centre of the boiling clouds — he moulds the power into his chosen form, turning it with his mind from raw energy into potent weapon of attack or a shield of defence. Then he releases the pent-up energy, hurling it at his enemy or pushing it out to form an impenetrable shell around him.

Those with the second sight see psychic attacks in many ways. Each psyker interprets what he sees according to his understanding of the warp: some as a dance of pure colour; others as a strange geometry of mystical symbols drawn from the arcana; many as images of power and destruction taken from the mythologies of their homeworld.”
Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.1 - **

- Psykers may allow raw Warp energy to seep to the material realm without focusing it into an attack:
“A psyker can open a hole into the warp and let through the smallest fraction of the terrible energies from the other side. By focusing this energy, he can cause a roaring blaze of psychic power that burns with the fires of hell, or throw an arcing bolt of lightning. He can even allow the raw warpstuff to enter unfocused as a whirling vortex of pure psychic energy, a wild tornado of destruction that moves out of control and rips apart everything in its path.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.13 - **

- Psykers can control time itself:
“In the warp, time runs in strange patterns, sometimes faster, sometimes slower than in realspace. In places, it may run backwards, or stop entirely, or leap from moment to moment with centuries passing in the blink of an eye. A psyker can use these uncanny effects to pollute the time in realspace, stretching or compressing the passing minutes, or freezing an area out of time. He can even look forward into the future, seeing his enemy’s next move before it’s been made.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.13 - **

- Some have no presence in the Warp:
“Untouchables are psychic blanks, with little or no registering presence in warpspace, rendering them virtually immune to psychic powers. But similarly they are soulless individuals whose presence gives those nearby a disturbed feeling. The most extreme Untouchables are the Pariahs, who have a negative presence in the warp, absorbing psychic energy. They cause fear and revulsion in all who meet them and are used by the Culexus Temple of the Officio Assassinorum to annihilate enemy psykers.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.49 - Psychic Abilities

- Psykers develop their abilities within certain disciplines:
“Biomancers specialise in manipulating biological energy and processes with the power of their mind. This allows them to change or influence the physical form of themselves or their enemies.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.49 - Psychic Abilities: Biomancy

“Telepaths are psykers whose expertise lies with influencing the minds of others. They can send psychic messages, create emotion in their targets or read the thoughts of their adversaries.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.50 - Psychic Abilities: Telepathy

“Astrotelepaths are capable of using the warp to communicate over long distances. They are physically blind but possess a sixth sense more accurate than eyesight.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.50 - Psychic Abilities: Telepathy

“Psykers who are adept at telekinesis are able to manipulate the material universe, breaking the laws of physics to move themselves and other objects around. The powers of telekinetic psykers vary tremendously, from those who can hurl vehicles about, to psykers who have the focus and control to jam gun triggers and other small mechanical parts.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.52 - Psychic Abilities: Telekinesis

“A pyromancer is a master of fire and flame, able to create infernos out of thin air. Pyromancy is one of the most common and spectacular forms of psychic ability, although its uses are fairly limited.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.53 - Psychic Abilities: Pyromancy

“Daemonologists study all things to do with Chaos and the warp. They are masters at manipulating the interactions between warpspace and realspace, allowing them to do amazing feats such as teleportation. However, daemonology is the most difficult discipline to master, and many who have tried have perished or been driven insane.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.53 - Psychic Abilities: Daemonology

“Akin to Daemonology, Theosophamy is a psychic discipline that concentrates on the manipulation of the Warp in its interaction with the real universe. It is based upon ritual and control rather than unleashing the raw power of the Warp, and is intended more to disrupt or close breaks in the barrier between dimensions, rather than opening them.” Inquisitor: The Thorians, p.32 - Thorians in the Game: New Psychic Abilities

- Some technologies can create psychic blanks with undetectable brainwashing:
“The infil-traitor has been adapted by mind-scrub technology, so that his brain is a blank, and can be psychically implanted with the thoughts and memories of another. Until a pre-designated trigger, such as a keyword, psychic message or event, he will believe that he is the personality implanted, and no amount of psychic probing or interrogation can prove otherwise. When the trigger is given, he will single-mindedly seek to complete the mission objective that has been imprinted on his subconscious, usually sabotage, assassination or returning to his masters with the information he has learned.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.54 - Exotic Abilities

Psyker Profile Descriptions

Space Marines
- Librarian description(s):
“The Imperium of Man is eternally vigilant for the taint of mutation. The Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes are, if anything, even more careful to ensure that their gene-seed is not polluted. Apothecaries rigorously screen potential recruits for any sign of genetic deviation, but not all mutation is physical. Psychic talent is a mutation too, and is at once the most dangerous and the most useful. Detecting and developing nascent psykers is one of the many responsibilities of the Chapters' Librarium.

Few normal Space Marine recruits survive the rigorous training, enhancement and indoctrination. Amongst Librarians, the attrition is far worse. Not only must the recruit endure everything a normal recruit would, but he must be strong enough in spirit to withstand the moulding of his mind. A recruit must be taught how to hone and wield his powers, and how to protect himself from the perils of the Warp. A Librarian faces a thousand enemies before he even goes to war - to the creatures of the Warp he is a choice prize, with sorcerous aptitude and strong flesh to contain daemonic essence. Each day is a walk along a precipice where a false step can send a recruit tumbling into madness.

If a recruit survives the testing he joins the Librarius as Lexicanium, rising through the ranks to become Codicier, Epistolary or perhaps even Chief Librarian. He will use his abilities to pierce the Warp, provide the means for interstellar communication as well as to identify more of his own kind. He will judge others as he was himself once judged, scrutinising potential candidates and peers for frailty of mind or spirit. A moment's weakness can unleash untold evils, and vigil must be kept against any wavering of purpose.

Librarians' talents set them apart from their comrades - after all, they wield abilities that every Space Marine is normally expected to abhor - yet their presence is always welcomed on the field of battle. Most Librarian battle-disciplines focus on strengthening and enhancing his already formidable combat prowess. He can unleash powerful energy bolts, project force shields or increase his might to near godlike proportions. Even so, the most skilled Librarians can master more subtle gifts. Some can step outside the confines of linear time, sense the enemy's movements or redirect bullets with the power of their mind. In all of the Imperium there are few greater warrior-mystics, combining the prowess of the Adeptus Astartes with the steel discipline needed to contain and control their powers.”
Codex: Space Marines (5e), p.56 - Forces of the Space Marines: Librarian

“Blood Angels Librarians are the ultimate warrior mystics, set apart from their Battle-Brothers by their ability to harness incredible psychic energies. Few Blood Angels can become Librarians, for the psychic talent is a mutation of sorts and, though more common in the Blood Angels than in other Space Marine Chapters, it remains incredibly rare amongst the Chapter's recruits. Only by careful screening can potential new Librarians be identified, as it is crucial that they are pure of mind. Untrained human psykers are considered one of the greatest threats to the Imperium, and an unschooled psyker with all the hardiness, training and resolve of a Space Marine would surely be a thousand times deadlier.

It is to guard against such potential misuses of the Librarian's gift that his lessons must be as unforgiving as they are. Indeed, a Librarian'S tutelage is far harsher and rigorous than that of an ordinary Blood Angel's. His magnificent mind must be armoured and strengthened to resist the seductive and empty promises of the Chaos Gods, whose insidious whispers are ever-present in a psyker's thoughts.

Yet alongside this training, the Librarian must still endure the same trials and challenges as his Battle-Brothers - sharpening his skill with bolter and blade, hardening his body to physical injury even as he guards his mind against doubt and fear. He is, after all, still a Space Marine, and must stand on equal footing with his comrades in times of war.

Gruelling though they may be, the Librarian's training serves well to transform him from a mere Battle-Brother to a fullyfledged weapon of psychic destruction. When in full control of his mind and abilities, a Librarian can cause blood to boil in its veins, shatter adamantium plates with blistering bolts of force or choke a foe's mind with an impenetrable cloud of fear. There are few limits on what a Librarian can achieve once he has fixed upon a goal, and less that the enemy can do to prevent his wrath.

Though they are welcomed and embraced as comrades by other Blood Angels, Librarians always stand somewhat apart from the rest of the Chapter. No bond of blood or battle can ever quite dispel the unease with which ordinary Blood Angels view their psychically-gifted brethren, for how can a non-psyker ever be truly comfortable with a Battle-Brother who can perform such violent miracles? Nor is there complete trust even within the ranks of the Librarians themselves, for they must keep watch over their fellows, so that should one fall to the whispered madness of Chaos or the Black Rage he can be slain, swiftly and mercifully, before he wreaks untold harm upon the Chapter that he once loyally served.”
Codex: Blood Angels (4e), p.46 - The Angelic Host: Librarians

- Tigurius description:
“Tigurius has always stood apart from his Battle-Brothers. Even to the Company Captains of the Ultramarines he is a figure of mystery, possessed of knowledge that goes beyond the towering datastacks and myriad weighty scrolls of the Chapter arcanium.

In Tigurius' eyes, there is nothing more dangerous than incomplete knowledge nurtured in an unready mind. As such, it is not uncommon for Tigurius to meet question with question until he is satisfied that the enquirer has fully grasped the deeper meaning and consequences of the information bestowed. This practice has oft been a cause for tension between the Chief Librarian and the Chapter's Captains, for such forthright heroes seldom have time for the luxury of introspection.

Tigurius rewards those who persevere in their interrogations with insight that borders on prescience, spawned by uncanny hunches and honed through a lifetime's accumulation of knowledge. Little is hidden from the Chief Librarian's sight, and many amongst the Ultramarines believe him to be guided by the Emperor's hand. How else could one explain Tigurius' foretelling of so many incursions into Ultramar, and the insights that have allowed Lord Macragge to counter each invasion before it has truly began?

So ended Waaagh! Madbrakka, its ramshackle fleet blasted to atoms the instant it emerged from the Warp. Warmaster Niadar of the ruinous powers met with scarcely greater success. Only one of his ships made planetfall on the cavern world of Calth, and the weakened assault force fell swiftly to units from the Ultramarines 3r d and 8t h Companies.

Tigurius' gift would perhaps be treated with suspicion and perceived as the stigmata of unholy associations, yet none who have witnessed the Chief Librarian in battle can find cause to doubt his allegiance. When the call to war comes, Tigurius is oft to be found in the Ultramarines' vanguard. Amid the fury of battle the Chief Librarian's silent manner falls from him like a shroud, replaced by the vigour of a warrior born. So it was on the world of Boros. Focusing his psychic might, Tigurius sent hellfire coursing through the Ork horde and led the charge that saw the wearied 4th Company victorious over a far more numerous foe.

Tigurius has recently turned his talents to divining the threat of the Tyranids. His predictions about their movements have been so accurate that it would appear he has tapped into the Tyranid Hive Mind - a feat that has driven lesser individuals quite mad. If this is true then Tigurius will have proved himself the most powerful psyker in the Imperium.”
Codex: Space Marines (5e), p.86 - Forces of the Space Marines: Varro Tigurius, Ultramarines Chief Librarian

- Maphiston description:
“Mephiston was once Brother Calistarius, a Librarian of exceptional valour and strength of character. Yet the Black Rage cares not for the nobility of the soul, nor the deeds of the flesh. While Calistarius fought before the walls of Hades Hive, during the Second War for Armaggedon, the curse of Sanguinius stole upon him. Inducted into the Death Company, Calistarius took part in the final assault on the Ecclesorium building, and was one of the many crushed when the building collapsed in a shower of debris.

For seven days and seven nights Calistarius lay entombed, his fevered mind teetering on the edge of madness and his broken body on the verge of death. Yet Calistarius did not succumb. Through sheer force of will he confronted the uncontrollable rage that burned through his mangled form. With supreme effort. Calistarius cast out the Black Rage and, in so doing, became something far more than he had been before. At midnight on the seventh day he burst free from his rocky prison, reborn as Mephiston, Lord of Death.

His resurrection did not go unwitnessed. By this time Hades lay once more in the hands of the Imperium, but Orks still roamed the ruins. As Mephiston heaved ferrocrete boulders aside from his tomb, the sound of tortured stone drew the attention of one such band. Weaponless, and with his armour shredded and mangled, Mephiston must have seemed easy prey, but nothing could have been further from the truth. His gene-seed, dormant these many long years, had awakened and wrought further changes, granting exceptional strength and vigour. Moving with a speed the Orks could not match, Mephiston unleashed a flurry of attacks, every blow pulverising flesh and shattering bone. Five Orks died in as many seconds, and a dozen more swiftly followed. The greenskins never stood a chance, but they were as stubborn as Mephiston was determined. It was not until the reborn angel punched clean through the biggest Ork's chest and tore out his heart that the survivors fled. His ruined armour slick with the blood of his foes, Mephiston began the long walk to the Imperial lines.

Since that day, Mephiston has risen swiftly through the ranks of the Blood Angels and now holds the office of Chief Librarian. He is a figure of awe and reverence to most of his Battle-Brothers, who perceive him as a saviour in these times of woe. Others are not so accepting, for they have difficulty recognising the Calistarius of old in Mephiston. Calistarius was voluble, yet Mephiston's tongue is silent save at times of great need. Calistarius sought the company of his brothers both on and off the battlefield, yet Mephiston spends silent hours alone in thought, and his face, though noble beyond compare, somehow speaks of a soul still ill at ease. Perhaps these changes were inevitable, given the trial of transformation.

Yet there are whispers that Mephiston paid a dreadful price for his resurrection, that when he mastered the Black Rage something altogether more terrible took its place. It is to be hoped that such rumours are baseless, mere carrion latching onto greatness, but Mephiston keeps his secrets close, and only time will reveal the truth ...”
Codex: Blood Angels (4e), p.46 - The Angelic Host: Mephiston, Lord of Death

- Inquisitor Eisenhorn:
“Eisenhorn was once one of the most zealous and hard line Inquisitors, but his numerous exploits, including his dispatching of the 'renegade' Quixos several centuries ago, have changed him into a more pragmatic man. He has a long-standing pact with the daemonic entity known as Cherubael, and in recent times has been known to associate with all manner of mercenaries, bounty hunters, gunslingers and ne'er-do-wells. Now several centuries old, his early work still keeps him in good stead with following generations of Inquisitors, and his experience and authority gain him much respect. However, there is a growing opinion amongst the more puritan factions that he himself has now become as much of a threat as Quixos once was.

Eisenhorn's telepathic abilities are fast becoming his greatest weapon against the aliens and heretics who oppose him. He is able to read a man's thoughts and determine his guilt, control the actions of those he fights, and render an attacker immobile with his piercing stare. Some suspect Eisenhorn of using subtle psychic manipulation on fellow Inquisitors, allaying their suspicions of his actions and directing their attention elsewhere. If this is indeed the case, then he has certainly overstepped the bounds of trust.

Telepathy is one of the most difficult disciplines to master. It requires you not only to be able to exert complete control over your own thoughts, but also the thoughts of another. Many who have latent telepathic abilities are driven insane soon after their powers develop, unable to hold out the continuing babble of voices inside their heads. The art of telepathy is made even harder because victims cannot at any time realise that they are being targeted, otherwise the link is broken - even the most weakwilled people have subconscious safeguards that prevent them from performing acts which are contrary to their own safety or code of morals.

The ultimate in telepathy is the ability to create a psychic vassal, or familiar, which is telepathically linked to the psyker. Inquisitor Eisenhorn has yet to reach this level of mastery, but given the current trend of his powers it will not be long before he has mastered this. Some hint that his connection to the daemon Cherubael has played a part in the increase of his psychic power in later decades.”
Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.2), p.7 - Inquisitor Characters: Inquisitor Eisenhorn

“The Inquisition, or the Holy Orders of the Emperor's Inquisition to give it its full name, is the most powerful organisation within the Imperium. Its agents, the Inquisitors, are the ultimate defenders of the Emperor and Mankind. They have the highest authority, second only to the Emperor himself, and no one is above their scrutiny. It is their duty to scour the Imperium, seeking out any threat from without and within, and have the power to act accordingly to combat any menace they come across. Psykers, mutation, rebellion, corruption, incompetence and alien attack are all within their jurisdiction, and their attention encompasses all from the lowliest clerk to the High Lords of Terra.

Inquisitors are highly individual, each operating in their own way, with their own style and appearance. Some flaunt their vocation openly; others work in the shadows, unseen by those they protect.

Within the Inquisition there are a number of Ordos which specialise in a particular kind of threat - the Daemon Hunters of the Ordo Malleus, the alien experts of the Ordo Xenos and the Ordo Hereticus which concentrates on heresy and insurrection by the Emperor’s servants. As well as these semi-official organisations, there are a number of philosophies or factions within the Inquisition, each of which has its own view on how the Emperor and the Imperium is best protected.

Inquisitors are legendary across the civilised worlds of the Imperium, a combination of saints who inspire and horrors used to scare children into obedience. For an Inquisitor, the end always justifies the means, for they alone can truly begin to comprehend the threats to Mankind’s existence and the sometimes drastic measures needed to combat them. They are utterly ruthless, loyal to their cause before anything else and empowered to use any means they deem necessary to complete their work. They are known as witch-hunters, torturers and executioners, and they are indeed these things and many more. However, most often it is their skills as investigators that are put to use, uncovering secret plots, following the spoor of alien influence and tracking the tell-tale signs of Chaos infestation and daemonic corruption.

In appearance, Inquisitors have no uniform and are as varied as the worlds in the Imperium they operate on. They range in age from fiery young zealots to hoary veterans who have fought in the darkness for many centuries. Some wear ostentatious robes and symbols of their allegiance, those from a noble background may keep their refined and well-tailored coats and shirts, while many Inquisitors wear powered armour of some description, often highly decorated or worn under a sleeveless tabard or coat.

Inquisitors carry a wide range of weapons and wargear, and are well equipped to deal with whatever threat they may face. Many favour a combination of sword and pistol, from elegant rapiers and bolt pistols, to heavy double-handed falchions and melta pistols. In addition, they carry all manner of other gear, such as grenades, photochromatic or infra-contacts, filtration plugs, digi-weapons, personal force fields, rad and chem-counters, motion detectors, implements of restraint and interrogation, and many have bionic eyes, limbs and organs, either to improve their abilities or to replace body parts which have become damaged over decades of conflict.

Some use even more outlandish weaponry, taken from their defeated foes alien guns, daemon-possessed weapons, distort shields and other exotic pieces of hardware. More puritanical Inquisitors consider such equipment to be cursed and heretical, but others believe that to defeat their enemies they must turn their own weaponry against them.

Inquisitors who belong in one of the Ordos may have access to equipment specialised to their task, such as the psycannons and psyk-out grenades of the Ordo Malleus, or the toxin needlers of the Ordo Xenos. Coupled with the style of their insignia and other accoutrements, an Inquisitor’s dress and equipment can tell a trained eye a lot about his allegiances and beliefs.”
Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.2), p.4 & 5 - Inquisitor Characters

“Cherubael was once a Daemon Prince, worshipped as a god on the feral world of Clanar II. When Inquisitor Quixos freed the Clanars from Cherubael's domination, he managed to enslave the creature into the body of one of the warriors. Cherubael served Quixos for many decades, until finally he was banished back to the warp by the intervention of other, more puritanical, Inquisitors. However, he was never totally free, and once more he has been drawn back into a mortal body, serving Inquisitor Eisenhorn.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.2), p.33 - Demonhosts: Cherubael

“Although it is possible for a daemon of Chaos to directly manifest itself within the physical realm, it is very difficult. The barriers between warpspace and realspace must be weakened by rituals and sacrifice, and even then the daemon can only appear for a comparatively short length of time. Daemonic possession is a more common form of intrusion, where a daemon imparts some of its power and will into a physical host. Like manifestation, possession is normally limited in time, but can be extended almost indefinitely if certain ceremonies and procedures are performed at the time of possession. This can drag a daemon from the warp and trap it inside the possessee, creating a creature known as a Daemonhost.

These are created for a number of different reasons. Some are willing volunteers, members of Chaos-worshipping cults who give over their bodies so that their master may walk amongst them. Others are less self-sacrificing, having been captured by a cult and waking with a daemon living inside their mind - an experience likely to drive even the most strong willed into insanity. Inquisitors, particularly the Daemonhunters of the Ordo Malleus, also create Daemonhosts. Some use them merely as a way of interrogating daemonic entities about the warp and its powers, refusing to free the trapped daemon until they have answered their questions. Other Inquisitors, particularly those who have no psychic powers themselves, use Daemonhosts as psychic fighters.”
Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.2), p.32 - Demonhosts
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Re: (40K) Psykers [Discussion]

Postby Matapiojo » Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:52 am

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Psykers Feats

- Sorcerers can surpass all forms of mechanical detection:
“Somewhere up there, a vessel crewed by his brethren passed. They were taking a great risk, even though they would have shut down all non-essential systems and would be propelled by momentum alone lest even the slightest power usage be detected. Only the tight beam receiver would be operating under power, and that would be so heavily shielded that an enemy would need to be right on top of the ship to detect it. Nevertheless, the enemy were possessed of methods of detection that far surpassed what machines could achieve. A sorcerer, casting his supernatural gaze across the Thunderhawk’s flight path, might ruin everything. Such a thing had happened before, the sergeant recalled. In a previous mission, twelve battle-brothers had died and twenty Scouts, including himself, had been stranded on the rogue planetoid Sigma-Rokall for three long months when their extraction vessel had been intercepted.” / Hunt for Voldorius, p.72 - **

- Sorcerer deflects a missile and destroys some marines with his Doom Bolt:
“'Get down, you fool,' he snapped at the Black Legion sorcerer accompanying him. Inshabael Kharesh strolled calmly through the mayhem. Trailing white smoke, a missile screamed towards the sorcerer but he merely flicked a hand dismissively as it neared him and it was deflected into the ceiling.

Marduk scowled and broke cover, snapping off a shot and taking down a White Consul who was dashing towards a better firing position.

The Coteries accompanying Marduk fell in around him, bolters roaring as they kept the White Consuls dogging their progress at bay.

Behind them a combat squad with a pair of heavy bolters hustled into position under the covering fire of their brethren, falling in behind a barricade to bring the heavy weapons to bear up the corridor.
Inshabael Kharesh turned towards them, mouthing his infernal magicks, and Marduk saw his eyes flickering with violet electricity. The Dark Apostle could feel the power growing within the sorcerer, the sensation tingling at the base of his neck. The sorcerer continued mouthing his incantation, flexing the fingers of his hands. Marduk shook his head, but then Kharesh took a step forwards, bracing his legs as the power surging within him was unleashed.

It leapt from his fingertips in a crackling violet arc that struck one of the distant heavy bolter-armed Space Marines as he readied his weapon, cooking his flesh within his power armour. More arcs leapt from the White Consul’s convulsing form to strike his companions, and Kharesh sent a further purple lightning bolt slamming into them as he thrust his other hand towards them, lifting one of them off his feet and slamming him back against the wall behind. The sorcerer hurled three more bolts into the enemy, relishing their pain as they collapsed to the ground, twitching and jerking as the last vestiges of warp energy sparked across their bodies.”
/ Dark Creed, p.57 & 58 - **

- Opening a rift to the Warp, which spells the end of an ignorant marine and his brothers:
“Marduk felt the hairs across his flesh stand rigidly to attention as the Black Legion sorcerer completed his spell, and he glanced back to see what the invocation heralded. A rippling wall of black mist was stretching out to block the corridor behind them. It moved like a living entity, tendrils reaching out like wriggling worms to bridge the expanse. Forms could be vaguely discerned amongst the smoke, swirling within it in a seething mass. Marduk saw sinuous bodies writhing around each other before disappearing once more, fanged mouths opening and closing and eyes glinting like stars within the thickening darkness.
He could still see the enemy advancing beyond the veil of warp-spawned mist, but no gunfire seemed able to penetrate it. A feral grin cracked Marduk’s face as he realised that the sorcerer had brought forth a minor warp-rift into existence, a link to the holy aether itself. Bolts and plasma fire disappeared in small puffs of smoke as they struck the ethereal wall, transported to the gods only knew where.

One of the White Consuls attempted to push through the insubstantial barrier, and his body was instantly the focus of frantic movement within the mist. Smoky claws and tentacles latched onto the warrior’s armour, which began to run like melted wax. The warrior’s battle-brothers tried to drag him back, but this merely ensnared them as well, and they were all dragged into the hellish warp-rift. In the blink of an eye, they were gone.”
/ Dark Creed, p.65 - **

- A Farseer sorts through many possible futures:
“He had sat there for an eternity as mere mortal beings reckon such things, dreaming dreams of battles past and battles still to come, and thinking thoughts which not even the longest-lived of his race’s savants could ever truly fathom.

Its dreams were troubled. It saw a convergence of many intersecting fate-lines ahead of it, and, after that, its dream-images of the future were too vague and indistinct to be properly discerned. Something lay just over the horizon of its perception, a shadow point where many possible futures lay in wait, which not even its near omniscient dream-vision could bring properly into focus.”
Shadow Point, p.3 – **

- Farseer use their abilities in combat:
“A Farseer can uncover the enemy’s intentions, calculate the likely effects of his clumsy attacks, and guide him to his doom.” Codex: Eldar (4e), p.26 – **

- A Farseer displays his precognitive might:
“He sighed, and began to stir himself, seeing the patterns of several possible near-futures shift and coalesce into one dear moment-soon-to-come. Someone was coming, and soon his rest would be necessarily disturbed.

He sighed again, casting his gaze across the thousands of wraithbone trees which filled the wide expanse of this place, the crystal dome of seers. One day, not too distant now, his spirit would take its place here amongst his brethren, and his journey along that long and often shadow-shrouded path would finally be at an end. It was not a thought which daunted or alarmed him, and he had already left instructions as to where he wished his spirit stone to be planted in the rich psycho-plastic loam, so that it might take root and form the seed of another crystal tree, releasing his spirit to join those of the others in the craftworld’s infinity circuit mind. He looked at the spot he had long ago picked out, between the spirit trees of Agilthya, his first soul-mate, killed twelve hundred years ago defending an Exodite world from an ork attack, and that of his old mentor Dodona, who had travelled this same path nearly a thousand years previously. He often communed with their soul-spirits here inside the dome, and those of other friends, rivals and lovers, but it would be good to finally be at one with them all.

He heard the silent psychic murmur pass through the spirit-mind of the crystalline forest, and turned to see the three figures which his farseer prescient-sense had told him minutes ago would soon be here.

‘An-Iolsus shares your concerns, friend Darodayos,’ said the aged farseer, indicating the crystalline forest around them with a sweep of his withered hand, ‘but, if we do face a shadow point, then my presence becomes even more vital. It is only by being there, standing at the centre of the moment of convergence, that I will be able to see and choose the one truth path ahead amongst the many other false futures.’

These were not mere ferishimm visions, fragment pieces of false futures or possible futures still waiting to be born into realtime, for his farsight was powerful enough to tell the difference between such phantom visions. No, they were images from thet’hao-ny, the true future-yet-to-be, and they showed mind-pictures of things that would and must come to pass if the course of the true future were to be safely found amidst the entrapping maze of the shadow point ahead.

He closed his eyes and focussed his farsight again, seeing the same images which he had already committed to memory a thousand times before.

Alaughing mon-keigh giant, his brutal, scarred face splashed with blood, his bare, thickly- muscled arms covered in the crude, tribal tattoo-markings typical of his barbaric race. He had weapons in his hands, crude and noisy mon-keigh weapons, and he laughed as they spat forth metal death into the bodies of his unseen enemies. Was this terrifying vision that of friend or foe, Kariadryl wondered, knowing that only the events which awaited him within the darkness of the shadow point would reveal the truth.

He concentrated further, and the torrent of mind-images continued.

The eshairr outcast Lileathon upon the command deck of her vessel. The features of her face were twisted in violent anger. She was shouting orders, and the void around her ship was filled with a flurry of destructive energy. Gunfire. A space battle. There was another vessel there too, alongside Lileathon’s ship. The other vessel’s hull-lines were vulgar and ugly in comparison to the sleek, almost organic shape of the eldar craft. A human warship. A mon-keigh craft, the fury of its firepower unleashed in the same direction as that of the eldar ship beside it.

Now do you see, Darodayos, Kariadryl asked himself? Now do you see why the eshairr outcast must go with us? She is there already at the shadow point, waiting for us in a future which, for better or worse, I know will come to pass. Already the shape of the hidden future commands that she be there with us.

He looked further. More visions swam up into focus.

The webway. Its shifting psycho-structure was as familiar to Kariadryl as the walls of his own living chambers, although it had been over a century since he had left the craftworld to walk the webway’s strange and near-limitless paths. There was something there in the webway, something vast and terrible, travelling even now towards the shadow point and carrying with it portents of futures the shapes of which even the veteran farseer hesitated to look at. He saw the presence’s name written in the burning trail it left in the wake of its journey through the webway, and his mind recoiled in fear at the promise of the bloody-handed slaughter the burning lord carried with it.

He saw the shadow point itself. A giant, glittering black gem blocking the route ahead to the future. It was slowly spinning, presenting first one facet to his gaze, then a different one. Even as he watched, images flickered and cascaded across its clouded surface, tantalising hints of futures yet to be, some of them perhaps also never to be.

Himself, lying dead on the barren surface of some bleak and sterile world.

A human, stern and hawk-faced, dressed in the strange uniform of one of the corpse-god’s bewildering number of warrior tribes. He is aboard a starship, shouting orders in vain as his vessel turns to fire around him.

A great battle among the stars, greater than any Kariadryl had ever seen before, greater perhaps than any he had heard tell of except in the dimmest and oldest of legends. Mon-keigh and eldar ships together, fighting not against one another but combining against a mutual enemy.

A star exploding, its ancient nuclear heart as old as the galaxy itself and now ripped asunder by a force more destructive and deadly than a thousand of the mon-keighs’ proudest battlefleets. The other stars witnessed the death of one of their own, and the galaxy mourned its passing and feared the awakening of weapons the secrets of which it had long hoped had been lost forever.

The faces of Darodayos, Lileathon and other elder known to him. They were imprisoned somewhere terrible, a no-place at once both strangely familiar and grotesquely alien. They were screaming, all of them, their broken bodies pinioned down upon machines constructed of gleaming bone and metal, while twisted, barb-fleshed things stood over them and opened them up with fingers transformed into thin, cruel scalpel edges.

All this he was able to see, but nothing else. The shadow point spun faster, throwing a shroud of darkness around itself, the darkness reaching out towards the bright goal of the farseer’s mind. With a wrench, he tore himself free of its grasp, returning his mind and soul to the here and now.

Perhaps a century or two ago, he could still have easily guarded his thoughts from the spirits within the craft-world’s infinity circuit, but this gift seemed now to have deserted him. They had seen what he had seen, and they saw and understood the lie in the words he had just spoken.”
Shadow Point, p.29 & 30 – **

God Emperor of Mankind
- The Emperor speaks:
“The Displacement of air resulted in a bang not far from a sonic boom, but that wasn’t what sent Argel Tal reeling. He’d seen teleportation technology used before – had traveled via such rare means himself – but the noise was filtered to a tolerable levels by his helm’s perceptive systems.

And it wasn’t the light of a teleport flare that forced him to avert his eyes. This, too, would have been compensated for by his armour’s internal sensors, dimming his eye lenses immediately. But he was blind. Blinded by gold, burning like molten metal. The vox shrieked with thousands of his brothers voicing the same malady, but the reports from his brethren were dull, half-lost in an assault of noise that shouldn’t exist. It wasn’t a fault with the vox,l it was in his head – a crashing of waves loud enough to throw off his balance. Blind and almost deafened, Argel Tal felt his bolter slip from his grip. It took all his strength to remain standing.”
The First Heretic, p.55 - **

Imperial Guard
- Sanctioned Psyker destroys a tank with psychic lightning:
“The most recent time had only been the year before, fighting heretics on the hive world of Beshic V, when the sanctioned psyker had half-melted an enemy tank with psychic lightning from the aquila atop his staff. The crew were cooked alive in their armoured tomb.” Cadian Blood, p.75 - **

- Sanctioned Psyker chars a marine through his Power Armour:
“Seth screamed. Psychic lightning raged from his outstretched fingertips, enveloping the Death Guard warrior in tendrils of coruscating energy. Its armour blackened and cracked under the psychic onslaught, and the reek of burning flesh was made far worse by the foul stench of cancerous diseases cooking within the superheated power armour.” Cadian Blood, p.96 - **

- Sanctioned Psykers are very valuable to Imperial Officers:
“These sombre and solitary individuals are able to use their powers to advise the senior officers of their regiment. They can augment the officer's ability to command, protect him from psychic attack or, in the direst circumstances, fire bolts of lightning from their hands.” Codex: Imperial Guard (3.5e), p.40 - Sanctioned Psykers

- Navigator explains his gift of future sight:
“‘What do you see, Master Cassander?’ asked Semper, when he was sure the man was ready to speak.

The Navigator’s voice was low and atonal, carrying no trace of an accent or homeworld origin. He was a typical member of his class, reared in seclusion from the rest of inferior humanity, and owing his loyalty solely to Emperor and his Navigator clan rather than any one world or region. ‘As you know, captain, the gift of future-sight is never precise or fully controllable. Sometimes the warp shuns its face to those with the sight, and the vision-path to the future is blocked. Then we see nothing, and have no more knowledge of what lies ahead than any other human.’

Semper felt a surge of disappointment. ‘Then you saw nothing?’

‘Yes, and no, if that can be possible,’ answered the Navigator. ‘The path was open, but I still do not understand what it was I saw. I saw the future, Leoten, but I did not recognise its shape. It was…’ He broke off, nervously draining the rest of the wine, setting the empty glass down and looking across at Semper, his normal expression of calm expectancy replaced with one of troubled nervousness. When he spoke again, it was in a voice barely more than a troubled whisper.

‘Shadows, Leoten. I looked into the future, and all I found there were shadows.’”
Shadow Point, p.69 - **

- Eisenhorn in psychic combat shutting down another psyker's body while sifting through memories:
“I blocked his feverish mind-assault, and countered, driving an augur of psychic rage into his hind brain. It was in there. I could feel it. His true master. The face, the name…He realised what I was doing, realised that I outclassed him psychically. He tried to shoot me with his plasma gun, but by then I had shut down his nervous system and blocked all autonomous function. I scoured his mind. He was frozen, helpless, unable to stop me ransacking his memory, despite the blocks and engram locks he had placed there.” / Eisenhorn Omnibus, p.** - **

Space Marines
- A Librarian dispatches numerous Necrons:
“Librarian Tyrendian furrowed his brow, and thrust a hand at the Undying advancing along the war engine’s main chamber. Caged lightning arced from his fingers. Shards of hot metal and shattered exoskeleton flew. Green crystal shattered, loosing more bolts of light, emerald this time.

Imprisoned bodies fell, torn from the walls by the discharged power. The walkways along the centre of the chamber buckled, spilling the Undying warriors into the machinery below. Tyrendian leapt from the gantry above onto a remaining walkway. A squad of the Undying stood before him, bracing themselves as they levelled their cannon at him. Tyrendian yelled, and power crackled around him, blazing from his eyes and grounding off his fingers. He hurled lightning like a javelin, blowing the walkway apart. Undying bodies flew. One cracked against the wall, bringing down a few human captives with it. Another was impaled on the twisted guardrail, green sparks spitting from the wound.

An Undying clambered back onto the walkway behind Tyrendian, its ruptured torso self-repairing, green fire blazing in its eyes. With its free hand, it brought its double-barrelled gun up and aimed it at Tyrendian’s back.

The Undying bent backwards as its spine glowed dull red, and then bright cherry. The heat spread to its chest and neck, and then to its skull. Enormous heat glowed inside its head, and its skull split down the middle, exposing the circuitry of its xenos mind. Tyrendian glanced back to see Scamander behind him, his armour caked in ice crystals, and his breath misting white. His gauntlets were glowing hot and hissing. ‘Good kill,’ said Tyrendian.”
Hellforged, p.77 - **

- Chief Librarian states how easy would be for him to kill another:
“I can pulp your flesh and snap your bones in less than a second, and without so much as lifting a finger. What is the power of technology compared to that? - Vel'cona, Chief Librarian of the Salamanders.” Codex: Space Marines (5e), p.56 - Forces of the Space Marines: Librarian

- A Rune Priest deals with multiple foes:
“A column of lightning blazed down from the skies. As it reached Ravenblade's outstretched staff it exploded into a corona of withering, white-hot fire, lashing out from the Rune Priest in whip-fronds of dazzling brilliance. The surviving flyers were blasted open, ripped into slivers by the leaping blades of lightning, crushed and flayed by the atomizing power of the storm. The Rune Priest had spoken, and the creatures of Gath Rimmon had no answer to his elemental wrath.” Victories of the Space Marines, p.16 - **

- A Rune Priest deals with an enemy walker:
“Only one of the big walkers remained. Ravenblade had it enclosed in an aura of blazing light, raised from the ground, coils of lightning crackling between it and the Rune Priest's staff. Helpless, it writhed within the nimbus of psychic power, trapped inside like an insect in amber. Ravenblade uttered a single word. The cracks in the creature's armour blazed white-hot, frozen for a second in a lattice of blazing tracery, then it blew itself apart in an orgy of bursting aether-fueled immolation.” Victories of the Space Marines, p.22 - **

- The elements in all forms obey Rune Priests:
“Rune Priests are masters of the storm, and the elements themselves obey their command. A Rune Priest may call upon Grandfather Blizzard to drive shards of ice into the flesh of his enemies, implore the Lord of Lightning to so ear his nemesis from above, or compel the rocky jaws of Fenris herself to open, sending the enemy tumbling downward in the planet's molten heart.” Space Wolves (5e), p.36 - **

- Salamander librarian Pyriel using varying degrees of the Avenger power:
“The Librarian opened his palm. With gauntleted fingers splayed he engulfed the servitor in a blast of psychic fire from his hand, burning out its eyes, rendering its flesh to charred hunks and scorching machinery black.” / Salamander, p.76 - **

“'Brothers…' Pyriel’s voice crack led like the deepest magma pits of Mount Deathfire, '…go to your blades… Now!' he roared, and the wall of flame exploded outwards with atomic force, the nuclear fire burning all within its path to ash. The servitors became darkened silhouettes in the haze, only to disintegrate like shadows before the sun.”


“The conflagration had been devastating. Hundreds of automatons were dead. It provided but a few moments’ respite.”
/ Salamander, p.77 - **

- Pyriel returns a few marines to their Cruiser from a Mechanicum Forge ship with the Gate of Infinity:
“Not wishing to risk the capriciousness of the Purgatory’s teleportarium or its captain’s spite, Pyriel transported the errant Salamanders back aboard the Archimedes Rex by psychically opening a gate of infinity into the immaterium. Invoking such power was not without risk, but Pyriel as an Epistolary-level Librarian was accomplished in his craft. The three Astartes arrived back in the cryo-vault aboard the forge-ship without mishap.” / Salamander, p.116 & 117 - **

- Sheltering a ship's crew from a solar flare with Force Dome:
“'We must have translated into a solar storm,' he growled loudly, seizing the ragged edge of the shattered pulp it for balance as the ship was smashed again. Helmsmen in front of the Librarian desperately tried to steer the ship, whilst simultaneously fighting to stay on their feet. The din of churning servos fought against the fiery thunder assailing the vessel, as the blast shields covering the view-points started to retract. It was an automated system that kicked in as soon as the Geller fields powered down and the ship re-entered realspace.

Dak’ir felt the danger before he saw a thin line of ultra-bright light creeping into being at the bottom edge of the shielding. 'Shut th—' Horrified screams smothered the brother-sergeant’s warning as multiple shafts of super-heated light reached into the bridge. An ensign nearest the viewpoint spontaneously combusted as the deadly solar energy washed over him. Others at the consoles suffered a similar fate. A ship master spun, crying for the Emperor’s mercy, the left side of his face a blackened ruin. A naval armsman, with enough presence of mind to hunker down behind a console, pulled his laspistol and administered a killing shot between the poor bastard’s pleading eyes.

Dak’ir felt the heat against his armour tangibly. It was like wading through a wind tunnel as he fought to reach the blast shield’s emergency override lever. Not wearing his battle-helm, the view for Dak’ir shimmered through a heat haze. His naked skin was untroubled by it, though he saw a blistering servitor less resilient to the solar flare. It ravaged the inner walls, setting cables aflame and burning out circuitry.

Pyriel threw up a force dome around the crew, who crawled into it on their hands and knees. The blinded and the burned were dragged, mewling, into the psychic sanctuary whilst the dead were left to crisp and blacken, their bodies becoming human torches in the blaze.

The crack in the shielding was only centimetres thick when Dak’ir reached the override panel and threw back the lever. Agonisingly slowly, the armour plates rolled shut again and the hellish light was cut off. Pyriel ended the force dome and sagged. His face was beaded with sweat, but his eyes conveyed his gratitude as his gaze met Dak’ir’s.”
/ Salamander, p.182 - **

Other / Unknown
- An Alpha-level psyker controls massive hordes of scentient beings:
“Kor’sarro had witnessed even warlike orks fall back in the face of such a barrage. He had known tyranid bio-organisms, bred for nothing but war, to falter against such a weight of firepower. He had seen only two types of foe continue forwards against such odds. On the third moon of Woebetide, whilst serving as a Scout many decades before, he had faced an Enslaver plague, and watched as ten thousand mind-slaved meat puppets, each formally a stoic Cadian shock trooper, were compelled by their alien masters to cross a minefield a hundred kilometres deep into the combined fire of the White Scars, Red Hunters and Celestial Lions Chapters. The other occasion had been on Delta Arbuthnot, when a potent, alpha-level psyker had forced an entire planetary population of ratling agri-serfs to rise up against the landowners in an orgy of bloodshed, even though they were armed with no more than shovels and their foes with automatic weapons.” Hunt for Voldorius, p.157 – **

- Seers are annoying:
“A Warp Seer is a prophet who uses the timedistortion of the warp to foretell the future, in co-ordination with the Emperor’s tarot. They have an annoying habit of telling people when and how they are going to die.” / Inquisitor Rulebook (pt 1), p.53 – Psychic Abilities

- Some individuals have innate abilities to draw up at will:
“AWyrd is a character who has an innate psychic power that they can use almost at will. You must specify which psychic power(s) the Wyrd benefits from. For example, a character may have Wyrd-Telepathy. Wyrd powers function just as normal psychic powers except that the Wyrd always counts as having a Willpower of 100. Using a Wyrd power is not a Risky action and the Wyrd cannot suffer psychic overloads.” / Inquisitor Rulebook (pt 1), p.54 – Exotic Abilities

- Lightless sight:
“The psyker used a maintenance ladder to convey him to the ceiling where the overhead cargo rail was fixed. Light did not reach up here, but his abhuman senses were more than enough to let him navigate his way, metre by careful metre.” / Faith and Fire, p.89 - **

- Augmenting strength to rip adamantium with bare hands:
“Some psykers can wield their mental powers as a physical force, such that anything they touch suffers catastrophic damage. A psyker using Hammerhand is capable of ripping apart adamantium plates with his bare hands.” / Codex: Daemonhunters (3e), p.12 - **

** = Chapter or Story title needed.
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Psychic Powers

Blood Angels
- 4e Codex
Blood Boil:
    “The Librarian drives his enemy's blood into a seething frenzy, causing it to burst from every pore with explosive finality.

    This power is a psychic shooting attack that hits automatically an enemy unit within 12". One model in that unit suffers a wound with no armour saves allowed. The victim of Blood Boil is chosen by your opponent, unless the total of the dice rolled for the psychic test is 5 or less, in which case the librarian's controlling player chooses.
    Codex: Blood Angels (4e), p.63 - Wargear: Psychic Powers
Fear of the Darkness:
    “Summoning the indescribable malice of the Warp, the Librarian unleashes a mighty wave of sheer terror, assailing his foe's soul with nameless torment.

    This power is a psychic shooting attack that hits automatically an enemy unit within 24". That unit must
    immediately take a Morale test with a -2 penalty to their Leadership. All normal modifiers and/or exceptions apply (e.g. units that never fall back are immune to this power).
    Codex: Blood Angels (4e), p.63 - Wargear: Psychic Powers
Might of Heroes:
    “The deadly powers of the Immaterium flow into the Librarian, heightening his speed and strength to unimaginable levels to smite the foes of the Emperor.

    This power is used at the start of either player'~ Assault phase, and if successful, the Librarian (or anyone other model in the same unit as the Librarian) gains +D3 attacks in that Assault phase.
    Codex: Blood Angels (4e), p.63 - Wargear: Psychic Powers
Shackle Soul:
    “The Librarian reaches into the foe's mind, trammelling his soul and crushing his will to fight.

    This power is a psychic shooting attack that hits automat ically an enemy unit within 12". Until the end of its next turn, the target unit must pass a Leadership test each time it wishes to move, run, shoot or assault - if the test is failed, the action cannot be performed. A unit that fails a test to run cannot instead choose to shoot, and vice versa.
    Codex: Blood Angels (4e), p.63 - Wargear: Psychic Powers
Shield of Sanguinius:
    “The Librarian wills a shimmering golden barrier into existence, preserving his companions from harm.

    This power is used at the start of the enemy Shooting phase. The Librarian and any unit within 6" receive a 5+ cover save until the end of the phase.
    Codex: Blood Angels (4e), p.63 - Wargear: Psychic Powers
    “Lethal bolts of ruby lightning leap from the Librarian's fingertips, tearing his enemies apart.

    This power is a psychic shooting attack that has the following profile: Range-12" / S-4 / AP-2 / Type-Assault 4
    Codex: Blood Angels (4e), p.63 - Wargear: Psychic Powers
The Blood Lance:
    “The Librarian conjures a mighty lance, glistening with gore. On a single word of command, the lance flies from his hands, skewering everything in its path.

    This power is a psychic shooting attack. Extend a straight line, 4D6" long, from the Librarian's base in any direction - this is the path taken by the Blood Lance. Any enemy unit in the lance's path suffers a single Strength 8, AP 1 hit with the 'lance' type. Friendly units, and enemy units locked in close combat, are unaffected - the lance darts over them before continuing on its course.
    Codex: Blood Angels (4e), p.63 - Wargear: Psychic Powers
The Sanguine Sword:
    “The Librarian 's force weapon takes on a violent crimson hue as he infuses it with a sliver of his inner rage.

    This power is used at the start of either player's Assault phase. The Librarian's close combat attacks are made at Strength 10.
    Codex: Blood Angels (4e), p.63 - Wargear: Psychic Powers
Unleash Rage:
    “Reaching into the minds of his fellows, the Librarian unleashes the savagery within the Blood Angels' psyche.

    This power is used at the start of either player's Assault phase. The Librarian and his unit have the Preferred Enemy special rule until the end of the turn.
    Codex: Blood Angels (4e), p.63 - Wargear: Psychic Powers
Wings of Sanguinius:
    “Two blood-red wings of psychic energy spring from the Librarian's back, allowing him to fly over the battlefield.

    This power is used in the Librarian's Movement phase and lasts for the rest of the turn. It allows the Librarian to move as if he had a jump pack. A Librarian riding a bike that uses the Wings of Sanguinius moves as if he was riding a Jet bike.
    Codex: Blood Angels (4e), p.63 - Wargear: Psychic Powers

General Powers
- Chapter Approved
Battle Fury:
    Phase - Any Assault / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - 6"
    “If successful, one friendly squad (not walker or other vehicle) gains +1 WS for that phase. If unsuccessful, the squad suffers -1 WS for that phase instead.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.144 - Minor Psychic Powers: Will Psychic Powers
Blessing of the Machine God:
    Phase - Own Shooting / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - Self
    “The psyker's ranged weapon is counted as master-crafted for the phase and may re-roll to hit. An unsuccessful test causes the weapon to not fire. This power only works on weapons, not psychic artefacts such as a Sorcerer's Staff.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.144 - Minor Psychic Powers: Enhancement Psychic Powers
Cause Fear:
    Phase - Own Assault / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - 12"
    “If successful, one enemy squad suffers -1 Ld (to a min of 1) for that phase.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.144 - Minor Psychic Powers: Will Psychic Powers
    Phase - Own Movement / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - 12"
    “If successful, place a 1" wide, 4" long (or shorter), 3" tall piece of scenery within range. The wall may not be placed on enemy models or between units in an assault. Any line of fire drawn through the wall counts targets on the other side as being in cover. Any models crossing it suffer a S4 hit, normal armour saves apply. The wall lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn (but remember that will disappear if the psyker uses another psychic power before then). If the psychic test is unsuccessful, the wall is placed on the psyker and he suffers one wound with no save possible.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.142 - Minor Psychic Powers: Telekinetic Psychic Powers
    Phase - Own Shooting / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - 12"
    “One friendly squad or an independent character on foot (not vehicles, jump packs, bikes or cavalry) may move up to D6" ignoring difficult terrain penalties if it does not shoot. If employed on units with fleet of foot ability or equivalent, they may re-roll the dice to see how far they move.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.143 - Minor Psychic Powers: Movement Psychic Powers
Force Bubble:
    Phase - Enemy Shooting / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - Self
    “If successful, the psyker's armour save in increased to 2+ for that phase.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.142 - Minor Psychic Powers: Telekinetic Psychic Powers
    Phase - Own Shooting / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - 6"
    “If successful, one unit becomes fearless and ignores all Morale checks and Pinning tests until the start of its next turn. If unsuccessful, the unit starts falling back as if it had failed a Morale test.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.144 - Minor Psychic Powers: Will Psychic Powers
    Phase - Enemy Shooting / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - 2"
    “This power may only be used on a model (it may be the psyker) which has been reduced to 0 Wounds. If the test is passed, place the model on its side and roll a D6 for it at the start of the controlling player's next turn, if the dice scores over the model's Toughness, it regains 1 Wound. If the Toughness roll is failed, the model is removed as a casualty.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.145 - Minor Psychic Powers: Temporal Psychic Powers
    Phase - Own Assault / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - Self
    “If successful, place the small blast marker over the psyker. Any models, friend or foe, including the psyker, under or touching the markersuffer a Strength 4 hit, normal armour saves apply. If unsuccessful, the psyker suffers one wound with no save possible and may not attack.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.142 - Minor Psychic Powers: Telekinetic Psychic Powers
    Phase - Any / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - Self
    “If successful, the Psyker gains +1 Ld (to a max of 10), for that phase.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.144 - Minor Psychic Powers: Will Psychic Powers
Iron Arm:
    Phase - Either Assault / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - Self
    “If successful, the psyker is considered to be armed with a power fist and close combat weapon for the phase. An unsuccessful test causes the psyker to fight with his normal weapon(s) minus one Attack (to a minimum of one).”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.144 - Minor Psychic Powers: Enhancement Psychic Powers
Iron Fist:
    Phase - Either Assault / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - Self
    “Psyker gains +1 Strength for that phase (to a maximum of 10). This is added after all other bonuses and doubling for power fists and the like.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.144 - Minor Psychic Powers: Enhancement Psychic Powers
    Phase - Own Movement / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - Self
    “If the Psychic test is successful, the psyker may move up to 12" as if he were equipped with a jump pack in that Movement phase. An unsuccessful test means that the psyker cannot move in that phase.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.143 - Minor Psychic Powers: Movement Psychic Powers
    Phase - Enemy Shooting / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - 12"
    “If successful, one squad (not vehicle) in range gains 6+ invulnerable save for that phase. Note that models which already have an invulnerable save use that one instead.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.142 - Minor Psychic Powers: Telekinetic Psychic Powers
Read Minds:
    Phase - Not Applicable / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - Battlefield
    “If the psyker passes a psychic test during deployment, one unit may be held back and deployed after all other, including infiltrators, have been placed on the battlefield.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.143 - Minor Psychic Powers: Movement Psychic Powers
    Phase - Own Shooting / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - 6"
    “If successful, any one squad within range counts as stationary for using rapid fire and pistol weapons even if they moved. If unsuccessful the psyker may not shoot in that phase.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.143 - Minor Psychic Powers: Movement Psychic Powers
Sense Minds:
    Phase - Any / Psychic Test? - No / Range - Self
    “The psyker counts as being equipped with a scanner.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.144 - Minor Psychic Powers: Will Psychic Powers
    Phase - Either Assault / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - Self
    “The psyker's armour saving throw is improved by oneto a maximum of 2+ for that phase.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.144 - Minor Psychic Powers: Enhancement Psychic Powers
Slow Time:
    Phase - Own Assault / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - Base Contact
    “Cast at the beginning of the Assault phase, after all assault moves have been made. Affects all models in base-to-base contact with the psyker. Affected models count as having Initiative 1 (before any modifiers for bio-plasma, scorpion stings, power fists, etc) for the remainder of the phase. Does not affect walkers or other vehicles.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.145 - Minor Psychic Powers: Temporal Psychic Powers
Stasis Shell:
    Phase - Own Movement / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - 6"
    “If successful, one friendly unit can neither move, shoot nor assault, but cannot be shot at or assaulted itself until the player's next turn. This power may not be used on units engaged in an assault, and units in a stasis shell do not count towards victiry conditions such as claiming objectives, table quarters and so forth.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.145 - Minor Psychic Powers: Temporal Psychic Powers
Supernaturally Quick:
    Phase - Any / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - Self
    “Psyker gains +1 Initiative (to a max of 10), for that one phase.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.143 - Minor Psychic Powers: Movement Psychic Powers
    Phase - Enemy Movement / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - 12"
    “If successful, one enemy squad on foot (not vehicles, jump packs, bikes or cavalry) which is moving in the open counts as moving in difficult terrain for that one phase.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.143 - Minor Psychic Powers: Movement Psychic Powers
Temporal Distort:
    Phase - Not Applicable / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - Battlefield
    “This power is used before determining who goes first. If successful, the psyker's force is allowed to re-roll the dice in determining who gets the first move. If unsuccessful, the botched attempt causes the psyker's force to automatically go second. This power can only be used in missions where dice rolls are used to determine who goes first.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.145 - Minor Psychic Powers: Temporal Psychic Powers
    Phase - Own Shooting / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - 12"
    “If successful, one enemy unit is forced to take a Pinning test immediately. This power may not be used on enemy units in close combat.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.142 - Minor Psychic Powers: Telekinetic Psychic Powers
Warp Shifting:
    Phase - Either Assault / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - Self
    “Enemy close combat attacks against the psyker only hit on 4+ regardless of relative Weapon Skills or other special rules (like Black Templar vows, hatred, etc) for that phase.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.144 - Minor Psychic Powers: Enhancement Psychic Powers
Warp Time:
    Phase - Own Movement / Psychic Test? - Yes / Range - Self
    “If successful, the psyker adds +2D6" to his movement in the Movement phase. If unsuccessful the psyker may not move at all. In either case, using this power means that the psyker may not shoot or use psychic powers in the Shooting phase.”
    Chapter Approved (2004), p.145 - Minor Psychic Powers: Temporal Psychic Powers

- Inquisitor
Banishment: - Difficulty: 20
    “The daemonologist opens up a temporary portal to the warp which will draw power from psykers and banish daemonic beasts back to the stuff of chaos they sprang from. Banishment is a ranged ability. If successfully used, it has the following affects on the target. Daemonic creatures must pass a Willpower test, with a negative modifier equal to the amount the Psychic test was passed by. If failed, the daemonic character automatically adds D3 to his injury total for every 10 points or part he failed the test by. If he scores more than double the roll required he is banished back to the warp instantly. Against a psyker there is a chance, equal to the amount the test was passed by, of the target losing a random psychic ability.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.53 - Psychic Abilities: Daemonology
Bind Corruption: - Difficulty: 15
    “The psyker reaches out with their mind to heal the body of another, drawing out infection and stimulating its own resistance responses. It is particularly used to halt to progress of Warprelated contagions such as Zombie Plague and the Obliterator virus, although can only slow the advance of the disease rather than halting it. This is a ranged power. The target immediately recovers from being stunned and may take a Toughness test for each incidence of bleeding they are suffering from. If the T test is successful the bleeding stops. The target may also may a fresh resistance test against any gas, toxin or virus currently affecting them.” Inquisitor: The Thorians, p.32 - New Psychic Abilities: Biomancy
Blinding Flash: - Difficulty: 0
    “The psyker summons up his mental energy and releases it in a blaze of power, blinding anyone unfortunate enough to be looking at him. Pick a point anywhere within line of sight of the psyker as the source of the blinding flash. This is a ranged ability. Any character, friend or foe, who has a line of sight to the blinding flash (not including the psyker) must pass an Initiative test to cover their eyes or be stunned for D3 turns (note that he is not knocked prone).” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.53 - Psychic Abilities: Pyromancy
Blood Boil: - Difficulty: 1/2 target's Toughness
    “The psyker reaches into his enemy's body with his mind, rapidly accelerating the target’s pulse and pushing his blood pressure to near lethal levels. In the most spectacular successes, the victim's heart and brain explodes! This is a ranged ability. Pick an enemy character who is within sight of the psyker. The victim suffers injury to the head and chest equal to one level on the Damage tables for every 20% or part that the test is passed by. For example, if the psyker passes by 32%, this would be level two on the Head and Chest damage tables - Heavy wound to the chest and an Heavy wound to the head!

    Armour and force fields have no effect on blood boil.”
    Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.49 - Psychic Abilities: Biomancy
Burning Fist: - Difficulty: 0
    “The character’s hands are wreathed in spitting flames, which can cause targets they hit to catch fire. This is a persistent power. Any unarmed close combat attacks made by the psyker while he has burning fists can set fire to his target using the rules for a flamer on page 70.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.53 - Psychic Abilities: Pyromancy
Choke: - Difficulty: 1/2 target's Toughness
    “With a simple gesture, the psyker reaches out with his powers and pinches tight on the enemy’s windpipe, choking him of breath. This is a ranged power. The victim is stunned for D6 turns. If the number of turns rolled is greater than the victim's Toughness divided by 10 then he falls unconscious for the remainder of the battle.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.49 - Psychic Abilities: Biomancy
Confound Daemon: - Difficulty: 10
    “The psyker reaches out with their mind to disrupt the flow of energy from the warp into real space, temporarily disorientating Daemonic creatures. This is a ranged ability. When successfully targeted at a Daemonic character, the target must pass a Wp test. If this is passed, they are stunned for one turn. If it is failed, they are stunned for an additional turn for every 10 percent (or part) by which they failed the test. The target's Wp is reduced by the amount by which the psyker passed their psychic test to use Confound Daemon.” Inquisitor: The Thorians, p.32 - New Psychic Abilities: Theosophamy
Demoralize: - Difficulty: 0
    “Using his incredible empathic abilities, the psyker reaches into the mind of his victim and fills him with thoughts of panic and fear. This is a ranged power. The victim must pass a Nerve test or be pinned, just as if he had been hit with a shooting attack, with an additional negative modifier to his Nerve value equal to the amount the Psychic test was passed by.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.50 - Psychic Abilities: Telepathy
Detection: - Difficulty: 0
    “The character scans his surroundings for the mental signature of his enemies. The character is immediately aware of everyone within 2D6 yards. This can be increased, adding +5 to the Difficulty level for every extra D6 yards the characters wishes Detection to cover.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.49 - Psychic Abilities: Miscellaneous Powers
Distraction: - Difficulty: 10
    “The psyker interferes with his target’s perceptions, causing him to see something in the shadows and distracting him from the battle. The victim counts as being stunned for one turn, but does not fall prone.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.50 - Psychic Abilities: Telepathy
Embolden: - Difficulty: 15
    “The psyker bolsters the courage of a nearby character by instilling images of heroic action into his mind. This is a persistent and ranged ability. Pick a friendly character. This character adds +50 to its Nerve characteristic. The psyker may not declare himself as the target for this power.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.50 - Psychic Abilities: Telepathy
Enfeeble: - Difficulty: 1/2 target's Toughness
    “The Biomancer drains the vigour from his victim, making him feel weak and incapable. This is a ranged and persistent power. The amount the psyker passes his Psychic test by is the amount deducted from the victim's Strength while the power affects him. For example, if the Biomancer passed by 33%, the victim is at - 33 Strength until the power is nullified.

    Characters reduced to Strength 0 or less collapse unconscious immediately.”
    Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.49 - Psychic Abilities: Biomancy
Enforce Will: - Difficulty: 1/2 target's Willpower
    “The psyker uses mental prompting to force an enemy to perform a simple action against his will. This is a ranged power. Choose an enemy character, if the Psychic test is successful the psyker may force the enemy character to immediately perform one action. This forced action cannot be something that would directly kill or injure the target character, such as shooting himself or stepping off a cliff, but it could force him to fire on his comrades, step into view or drop his weapon.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.50 - Psychic Abilities: Telepathy
Fireball: - Difficulty: 5
    “The psyker's hands are engulfed with writhing flames, which he can hurl at the enemy. Fireball is a psychic bolt and has the following profile:
    Type: Special | Rng: C | Mode: single | Acc: - | Dam: 3D6+4 | Shots: - | Reload: - | Weight: -
    Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.53 - Psychic Abilities: Pyromancy
Firestorm: - Difficulty: 10
    “This is a more spectacular form of Fireball, causing a raging inferno to explode around the target. This is a psychic bolt with with Area: 4 and Blast: 5 and has the following profile:
    Type: Special | Rng: B | Mode: single | Acc: - | Dam: D10 | Shots: - | Reload: - | Weight: -
    Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.53 - Psychic Abilities: Pyromancy
Gaze of Death: - Difficulty: 10
    “Dark bolts of energy spring from the psyker's eyes, scything through the enemy. Gaze of Death is a psychic bolt with the following profile:
    Type: Special | Rng: 5 | Mode: semi (5) | Acc: - | Dam: 2D6+3 | Shots: - | Reload: - | Weight: -
    Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.49 - Psychic Abilities: Miscellaneous Powers
Hammerhand: - Difficulty: 5
    “The character uses his innate knowledge to harden the flesh and skin of his fist, strengthening the tendons and muscles in his arms. A character may only use this persistent power on himself.

    When the character makes an unarmed attack, he counts as using an improvised weapon and his Strength is doubled.”
    Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.49 - Psychic Abilities: Biomancy
Instability: - Difficulty: 20
    “The psyker can 'phase' the molecules of his body slightly into warpspace, enabling him to pass through solid objects. This is a persistent power. Whilst unstable, the psyker does not interact with the physical world in any way at all. He may move through objects, even other characters, and cannot be hit by shooting or any other normal attacks. Psychic attacks and weapons (such as psycannons) affect the unstable psyker as normal. However, he is also totally unable to attack himself, operate machinery or communicate with other characters. The unstable psyker cannot use any other psychic abilities whilst unstable, as the resultant back-flows of warp energy would tear him apart. An unstable psyker glows slightly, adding +20% to the chances of any character spotting him.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.53 - Psychic Abilities: Daemonology
Machine Empathy: - Difficulty: 5
    “A psychic power often associated with the machina-mentors of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Machine empathy allows the psyker to use his mind to tamper with mechanical, electrical and electronic systems. The most common use is to cause enemies' weapons to malfunction. Machine empathy is a ranged power. Pick a weapon or piece of equipment as the target. For every 10% or part that the Psychic test is passed, the target object is rendered totally useless for that many turns. If the psyker's Willpower test is 1/10th or less than the required score, the target is permanently affected. Machine empathy can also be used to open or lock mechanical doors, operate machinery and fire emplaced weapons, and so on, at the GM's discretion. The more complex the activity attempted, the greater the difficulty modifier the GM should impose on the Psychic test.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.52 - Psychic Abilities: Telekinesis
Mesmerism: - Difficulty: 20
    “The psyker reaches into the mind of the victim, using his mental powers to entrance the enemy. This power is a ranged and persistent ability which can be used on one enemy character within line of sight of the psyker. Whilst the power is in effect, the targeted character may do nothing at all and counts as being stunned (he does not fall prone). He may attempt to break free of the psyker's control at the start of every subsequent turn and will succeed if he can pass a Willpower test.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.50 - Psychic Abilities: Telepathy
Mind Scan: - Difficulty: 10
    “The psyker reaches into the enemy's thoughts, discovering his intended course of action. This power is used on a single enemy character and is a ranged ability. The psyker counts as having the dodge special ability against any shooting attacks made by the target, until the end of the next turn.

    In addition, the psyker doubles his chances of parrying close combat attacks by the character until the end of the next turn. In some scenarios a successful mind scan may reveal information relevant to the psyker's objective, such as revealing the holding place of a prisoner, location of a secret entrance to the enemy camp, etc.”
    Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.50 - Psychic Abilities: Telepathy
Psi-Track: - Difficulty: 15
    “The character can use his mental powers to trace the minds of others nearby. When psi-track is used, the character immediately becomes aware of all the characters currently on the table, including those who are hidden, tracking down one in particular. This is a persistent power and the player must nominate one character for the psi-tracker to focus on. Whilst the power lasts, the psi-tracker is constantly aware of the targeted character's location and actions, and also becomes aware of any actions performed previously (ie, he’ll know where he has been and what he has done). He loses contact with other characters immediately (ie, he’ll be unaware of any actions performed subsequent to using the power). Note that it can only detect creatures with a living mind, and will also tell him if the character is daemonic, a psyker or has psychic equipment (such as a force weapon or daemonblade).” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.50 - Psychic Abilities: Telepathy
Psychic Impel: - Difficulty: 0
    “The psyker uses a powerful telekinetic push to fling the enemy to the ground. This is a ranged attack that can be used on a single enemy character within line of sight. The target suffers 2D10 yards of knockback and falls prone (see the Additional Rules section on page 180 for details of how knockback works).” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.52 - Psychic Abilities: Telekinesis
Psychic Shield: - Difficulty: 15
    “The psyker summons a corona of psychic power to ward away any incoming shots and blows. This is a persistent power. The psyker counts as having an extra 1D10 force field armour on all hit locations.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.52 - Psychic Abilities: Telekinesis
Psychic Shriek: - Difficulty: 5
    “The psyker musters the power of his mind and then launches it into the enemy’s brain, overloading his senses and nervous system. Psychic shriek is a ranged power. The enemy must take a Willpower test. If he fails, he is stunned for one turn for every 10% (or part) that he fails by. If he rolls more than double his Willpower then he collapses and become a casualty.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.50 - Psychic Abilities: Telepathy
Psychic Ward: - Difficulty: 10
    “The psyker shields himself in a psychic aura that deflects the enemy's attacks. This is a persistent power. The psyker counts as having an extra 1D6 force field armour on all locations.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.52 - Psychic Abilities: Telekinesis
Puppet Master: - Difficulty: 20
    “Reaching out with his mind, the psyker tries to manipulate the actions of his victim. Puppet master is a persistent power, in addition the psyker may do nothing else whilst using puppet master. The victim must take a Willpower test, and if he fails he is partially taken over by the psyker. He may attempt to break free of the psyker’s control at the start of every subsequent turn and will succeed if he can pass a Willpower test. Whilst under the psyker’s control, the victim counts as being on the same side as the psyker. However, the control is not complete and the controlled character deducts 1 from his Speed and has an additional -25% from any rolls required to perform actions whilst under the influence of the psyker.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.50 - Psychic Abilities: Telepathy
Regenerate: - Difficulty: 20
    “Reaching into the very cells of the recipient, the psyker knits together flesh and binds wounds with his mental power. The psyker must touch the character he wishes to cast regenerate on, and so must be within 1 yard (or use it on himself). If this is used successfully, the recipient counts as having just made a successful recovery action (ie, one location healed one level and D3 from his Injury total).” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.49 - Psychic Abilities: Biomancy
Sanctuary: - Difficulty: 10
    “The psyker creates a zone of power around him which can repel daemonic creatures. Sanctuary is a persistent power. If successfully invoked, it creates an area around the psyker with a radius equal to the psyker’s Willpower divided by 10. Any Daemonic creature inside the zone or trying to enter it must pass a Willpower test. If failed, he immediately adds D3 to his injury total, is knocked to the outside edge of the zone away from the caster and stunned for the rest of the turn. Any daemonic creature within the range of Sanctuary at the end of a turn suffers D3 additional points to its injury total.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.53 - Psychic Abilities: Daemonology
Seal Warp Breach: - Difficulty: 20
    “Seal Warp Breach cuts off the connection between the mortal universe and Warp space. Daemonic creatures drawing on the energy of the Warp will have their power leached away as they attempt to continue to exist in real space, and will perish if they cannot re-establish another link to their immaterial realm. Seal Warp Breach is a ranged, persistent ability. When successful used against a Daemonic character, the target adds D6 to their Injury total, and another D6 at the start of every turn the power is successful maintained. The target may attempt to nullify the ability by spending actions in the same way as a psyker nullifying any other persistent psychic ability. If the target is rendered unconscious by this damage, they are banished back to the Warp.” Inquisitor: The Thorians, p.32 - New Psychic Abilities: Theosophamy
Stigmatise: - Difficulty: 5
    “The psyker creates a disruption in the link between a mortal and its soul, not only disconcerting the target but also creating a subconscious suspicion in their comrades. Stigmatise is a Ranged power. The target must pass a Nv test or be stunned for a turn. In addition, any character friendly to the target within ten yards reduces their Ld by 20 for the remainder of the game. Note that a character's Ld is only ever reduced once, regardless of the number of times they come under the influence of Stigmatise.” Inquisitor: The Thorians, p.32 - New Psychic Abilities: Theosophamy
Storm of Lightning: - Difficulty: 5
    “Bolts of bio-electrical energy leap from the psyker's fingertips, jumping from enemy to enemy. Storm of lightning is a psychic bolt with the following profile:
    Type: Special | Rng: 10 | Mode: full auto (8) | Acc: - | Dam: 2D6+4 | Shots: - | Reload: - | Weight: -
    Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.49 - Psychic Abilities: Biomancy
Strike Daemon: - Difficulty: 15
    “Unleashing a bolt of faith, the psyker blasts the Daemonic foes of the Emperor with the strength of their mind. Strike Daemon is a psychic bolt that can only cause damage against Daemonic characters. It has the following profile:
    Type: Special | Rng: D | Mode: semi-auto (4) | Acc: - | Dam: 2D10 | Shots: - | Reload: - | Weight: -
    Inquisitor: The Thorians, p.32 - New Psychic Abilities: Theosophamy
Summon Void: - Difficulty: 15
    “The psyker opens up a small breach into the Warp, tearing away a tiny piece of reality and dragging into the other dimension. This is particularly useful for attacking foes protected by armour or cover. Summon Void is a psychic bolt. It has the following profile and any damage inflicted ignores armour. If the location is protected by a force field, then roll for protection as normal. If the field fails to stop all of the damage, then it has no effect at all.
    Type: Special | Rng: B | Mode: single shot | Acc: - | Dam: 2D6 | Shots: - | Reload: - | Weight: -
    Inquisitor: The Thorians, p.32 - New Psychic Abilities: Daemonology
Summon Warp Power: - Difficulty: 10
    “Drawing on the energy of the Warp, the psyker imbues themselves with extraordinary strength and agility, for a limited time. Summon Warp Power is a persistent ability. Whilst successful in play, Summon Warp Power grants the psyker one of the following abilities (this ability may not change from turn to turn, although more than one ability may be in play with several successful uses of the power): Acrobatic; Lightning Reflexes; True Grit; Dodge” Inquisitor: The Thorians, p.32 - New Psychic Abilities: Daemonology
Telekinesis: - Difficulty: Object's weight
    “The character can move physical objects around with the power of his mind, moving them aside or hurling them at opponents. This is a ranged ability. The GM must decide how much the object to be picked up weighs, as this affects how difficult it is to move. Inquisitor uses an abstract Weight value for weapons, but the Weight for other objects can be found by comparing them with weapons of an equivalent size, so a pistol-weighted object would be around about 10 to 15, an object the size of a rifle, anything between 20 and 50, and so on. The weight of the item is the Difficulty level for modifier purposes. The object can be moved a distance up to a number of yards equal to the psyker's Willpower divided by 10. Alternatively, the object can be hurled through the air, in which case use the rules for thrown weapons in the Shooting section on page 39, using the starting point of the object and the psyker's Willpower instead of his Strength. Such an object that hits someone does damage equal to its weight on the chart below, with a Strength damage bonus using his Willpower (+1 for every full 10 points over 50).

    For example, if someone with a Willpower of 88 hits someone with a thrown crate, which the GM rules to weigh 60, it does 2D6+3 damage.

      Telekinesis Damage Table:
      Weight........Damage Caused
      91+....................2D10” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.52 - Psychic Abilities: Telekinesis
Telepathy: - Difficulty: 5
    “The psyker can place messages directly into the minds of those around him. There are two ways to use telepathy - placed sending and broadcasting. When using placed sending, the telepath picks out an individual and transmits his mental message to him and him alone. A placed sending is a ranged ability and if successful, the psyker may communicate a message he would normally be able to say in a single action (see the Awareness section for suggestions of how much can be said in an action). When broadcasting, the psyker sends out a general signal that can be picked up by everyone within range. When broadcasting, the range of the message is a number of yards equal to the amount the test was passed by - eg, if the Willpower test was passed by 38, everyone within 38 yards would 'hear' the message. The player may specify a maximum range before the test is taken, but this incurs an additional -10% modifier to the test.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.50 - Psychic Abilities: Telepathy
Teleportation: - Difficulty: 20
    “The psyker uses the power of the warp to displace himself or another person (or an inanimate object up to man-sized in weight and volume) to another part of the battlefield. This is a ranged ability. In addition, deduct 1 from the chance of success for every half yard the character wants to move the target. However, if the test is failed, the target is teleported in a random direction from his current position, for a distance of 1 yard for every 10%, or part of, by which the test was missed. If this would result in the target finishing in impassable terrain (such as inside a solid object) it is destroyed outright.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.53 - Psychic Abilities: Daemonology
Terrify: - Difficulty: 10
    “The psyker places images of the target's worst nightmare into his mind, causing him to flee in terror. This is a ranged ability. The target must take a Nerve test immediately as if he was confronted by a terrifying character (see the Exotic abilities section, page 63), with a negative modifier equal to the success of the test.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.50 - Psychic Abilities: Telepathy
Vortex of Chaos: - Difficulty: 25
    “The psyker opens up a gateway between the real world and warp space, creating a swirling vortex that sucks in everything in the surrounding area. Vortex of Chaos is a ranged power. Mark the target point, the vortex extends D3+1 yards out from that point. Any character even partially within the area of effect must pass a Strength test (rolls of 96+ automatically fail) or be sucked in. A character trapped by the Vortex of Chaos has a 10% chance of being ripped apart and destroyed, otherwise he is deposited back onto the tabletop 2D10 yards away in a random direction, and is stunned for D6 turns.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.53 - Psychic Abilities: Daemonology
Warp Strength: - Difficulty: 5
    “The psyker invigorates the target with psychic energy, letting the power of the warp flow through muscles, tendons and bones, giving him amazing strength. This is a persistent power. If used successfully, the recipient increases his Strength by a value equal to the amount the Psychic test was passed by. For example, if the test was passed by 12%, the recipient increases his Strength by 12 whilst the power lasts.” Inquisitor Rulebook (pt.1), p.49 - Psychic Abilities: Biomancy

- Rogue Trader
Mind Probe:
    “This technique allows the psyker to peel back the layers of another's mind to read the basic surface thoughts and beyond.” Rouge Trader Rulebook, P.164 - Psychic Techniques: Psychic Disciplines
    “Requiring utmost skill and experience, this technique enables the psyker to enter another mind and completely reprogram the contents, insidiously reshaping its memories and experiences as he desires. This can be something as simple as an engram designed to fool casual searches by other telepaths, or something more crafted and elaborate to remake an entire personality and constructed as 'false self' the unfortunate victim will believe to be true.” Rouge Trader Rulebook, P.166 - Psychic Techniques: Psychic Disciplines
    “By using his psychic abilities to intrude forcefully on another mind, the psyker assails his target with raw fear and horrific imagery.” Rouge Trader Rulebook, P.165 - Psychic Techniques: Psychic Disciplines
The Course Untravelled:
    “Time is not an arrow that flies straight and true, but rather a tangled web of moments and possibilities. The Course Un-travelled power allows a Navigator to negotiate this web, stepping fractionally from one moment to another, and in the process, altering his position in the physical world. The use of such power is extremely dangerous, however, as the Navigator is not actually physically travelling in place as such, but rather choosing an alternate future in which to inhabit. He risks both inury and madness in trying to step outside the flow of time this way.” Rouge Trader Rulebook, P.180 - Navigator Powers: Navigator Powers
The Lidless Stare
    “If a Navigator opens his warp eye fully, anyone gazing into its depths will witness the power and mind breaking unreality of the warp. In an instant, they witness the chaos boiling beneath the skin of existance and for many, it is the last thing they ever see.” Rouge Trader Rulebook, P.180 - Navigator Powers: Navigator Powers
Void Watcher
    “Using this power and gazing into the void whilst aboard ship, the Navigator can learn things about space in the immediate vicinity of his vessel. This can reveal hidden dangers such as mines, void creatures, and concealed ships, as well as more mundane perils like asteroids and debris. With skill and practice, a Navigator's void sense can become amazingly precise and reach out across millions of kilometres of space.” Rouge Trader Rulebook, P.181 - Navigator Powers: Navigator Powers

- Space Hulk: Genestealer
    “As the psyker concentrates his power into a hail of mighty blows, his enemy is flung about as if battered by the huge hands of a giant, invisible assailant. The air around the victim crackles with sparks of ruby light as pulsing lines of energy entwine him and hurl him to the ground.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.23 - **
    “An Aura is a psychic shield that the caster throws around himself, putting all his power into a single brief defensive screen that surrounds him, protecting him from harm.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.21 - **
    “The psyker uses his power to smash an inanimate object and hurl it backwards, crushing whatever or whoever is behind it. Other psykers see emerald beams of energy hurtle from the psyker’s pointing hand towards his target — those without the second sight catch a glimpse of a great fist from the corner of their eye as it smashes into the target and flings it back.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.24 - **
Burst of Speed:
    “The psyker creates an accelerated time field around himself, making it seem to him that everyone else is hardly moving at all. As he strides forward, ripples of blue fire run up and down his limbs, leaving pools of luminescence wherever he steps.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.25 - **
    “The psyker hunts the soul of his enemy through the warp, trapping and encircling it briefly within his own strong soul. For a moment, he is able to touch the mind of his victim, controlling thoughts and actions, before the victim is able to break free with a shudder of cold terror.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.22 - **
    “The psyker unleashes a roaring blaze of psychic energy that erupts around his opponents, burning them with the fires of his enmity. The affected area is filled with huge red and orange flames as the furnace heat boils off flesh and blood, melts armour and blackens even the hardened plasteel walls of a space hulk.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.23 - **
    “The psyker throws a Jinx onto mechanical devices, causing them to temporarily malfunction. By entangling small mechanisms within the webs of warpspace, the psyker can twist their movements so that firing pins fall on empty space and cogs never mesh, spinning idly without effect.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.24 - **
Lightning Arc:
    “A bolt of psychic energy flies from the caster’s hand to strike down his chosen target, then leaps from enemy to enemy until its destructive power is exhausted.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.23 - **
    “The psyker projects a field of rapidly-changing random psychic energy that manifests itself visibly as ever-shifting, multi-coloured lights. The walls and floor shimmer and dark fire runs the length of force weapons as their psychic power is leached into the warp. The Miasma drains the psychic abilities of anyone within it, disrupting any attack they try to make and dispersing the energy as glistening ribbons of colour that wind around them before rapidly fading.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.22 - **
    “By opening his mind to the echoes of future events rippling backwards through the warp, the psyker is able to foretell things that are about to happen. With second sight, he sees a few seconds into the future. Shadow-images of his opponents move and fire, revealing attacks as yet unplanned.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.25 - **
    “Sending tendrils of psychic power out before him, the psyker is able to look into an unseen area with his mind’s eye and see what it contains. Those affected feel a spine tingling chill as ghostly feelers brush across their skin and probe their minds. The air becomes slightly misty and a distant whistling noise is heard from all sides. As the psyker withdraws his presence, a freezing wind whips through the area, leaving a thin rime of frost on the walls.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.22 - **
    “The psyker unleashes a carefully-directed burst of psychic energy that only affects his enemies — by seeking out the strong emotions of hate and animosity they project towards him, the psyker can target his attack with great accuracy. Those who are unable to defend themselves are struck down as their brains overload with the psychic assault. Flames of golden fire lick from eyes and ears as the victim’s face melts and his bones crumble to a fine yellow sand.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.22 - **
    “Stasis freezes time in a small area, causing it to appear from the outside as a dull black, impenetrable shell. By opening a small hole into the warp, the psyker bleeds time out of the area affected. For those within the Stasis shell, time stops — when the Stasis eventually fades, it will seem that anyone outside has instantaneously leapt to a new position.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.25 - **
    “The psyker creates a whirlwind of pure energy that destroys everything it encounters. Once it has been created, the Vortex runs out of control and moves around the space hulk causing horrible damage. A Vortex is totally devastating, a wild tornado of destruction that removes everything in its path and leaves nothing but empty corridors in its wake.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.23 - **
Warp Time:
    “The psyker draws on the strange fluxes within the warp to slow down time within a chosen area. By diverting the currents of warptime into realspace, he twists time back and forth on itself. To onlookers, those affected appear to be moving in slow motion. Within the Stasis field, people feel themselves pushing against an unseen barrier that traps and hinders their movement.” Space Hulk: Genestealer (1e), p.25 - **
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Re: (40K) Psykers [Discussion]

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Psychic Powers (continued)

Chaos Space Marines
- 4e Codex
Bolt of Change (Tzeentch only):
    “The sorcerer hurls a ball of rolling energy, formed of raw magic, which causes rapid mutation, tearing the target apart.

    Bolt of Change may be used in the model's Shooting phase instead of using another ranged weapon. If the psychic test is successful, Bolt of Change counts as a weapon with the folowing profile (roll to hit and wound as normal): Range-24" / S-8 / AP-1 / Type-Assault 1
    Codex: Chaos Space Marines (4e), p.88 - Wargear: Psychic Powers
    “The psyker blasts the enemy with a succession of bolts made of raw Chaos energy.

    Doombolt may be used in the model's Shooting phase instead of using another ranged weapon. A Psychic test must be passed in order to use the power. When used, Doombolt counts as a weapon with the folowing profile (roll to hit and wound as normal): Range-18" / S-4 / AP-3 / Type-Assault 3
    Codex: Chaos Space Marines (4e), p.88 - Wargear: Psychic Powers
Gift of Chaos:
    “The psyker unleashes a whirling flash of Chaos energy, which envelops the target and rapidly mutates them. As the power of Chaos flows through the target, the unfortunate victim's bones writhe, its flesh distorts and agonising mutations tear the enemy apart.

    A psyker may use this power at the beginning of his turn. The psyker may be in close combat at the time as may the target. Pick an enemy model and then take a Psychic test. If the test is successful and the target is found to be within 6" of the psyker, roll a D6.

    If the D6 roll scores over the victim's Toughness, the victim is transformed into a shapeless blob of flesh and is removed as a casualty (and, as no wounds are taken, no saves apply). Use the model's base Toughness (not the modified Toughness for being on a Bike for example), and a roll of 6 is always successful regardless of the target's Toughness value. Models without a Toughness characteristic cannot be affected.

    If the player using this power has a Chaos Spawn model available, he may replace the victim with a Spawn. The Spawn is immediately under the Chaos player's control (and is worth 40 Victory points if killed). If the model was in base contact with friendly models, they now are engaged in combat with the Spawn.
    Codex: Chaos Space Marines (4e), p.88 - Wargear: Psychic Powers
Lash of Submission (Slaanesh only):
    “A glowing whip of immaterial energy snakes out from the sorcerer's hand and lashes across the battlefield. Those caught within its ethereal barbs are momentarily in thrall to the psyker's will.

    A psyker may use this power in the Shooting phase instead of using another ranged weapon. Pick any non-vehicle enemy unit visible to the psyker and within 24", and then take a Psychic test in order to use the power. If the test is successful, the target is moved 2D6" by the Chaos player. This move is not slowed by difficult terrain, but dangerous terrain tests are taken as normal. Victims may not be moved off the table, into impassable terrain or within 1" of enemy models. After this, the affected unit must take a Pinning test.
    Codex: Chaos Space Marines (4e), p.88 - Wargear: Psychic Powers
Nurgle's Rot (Nurgle only):
    “Gurgling praise to Grandfather Nurgle, the sorcerer belches forth a disgusting miasma of disease.

    A psyker may use this power in the Shooting phase instead of using another ranged weapon. The psyker may be in close combat at the time, as may the targets. If the psychic test is successful, all enemy models within 6" of the psyker suffer a Strength 3 hit with AP-.
    Codex: Chaos Space Marines (4e), p.88 - Wargear: Psychic Powers
    “The psyker surrounds himself with a dimensional instability, which warps the passage of time and grants the target the opportunity to place his attacks with supernatural precision.

    The power is used at the start of any player's turn. If successful, the psyker may re-roll all roll to hit and rolls to wound for the entirety of that player's turn.
    Codex: Chaos Space Marines (4e), p.88 - Wargear: Psychic Powers
Wind of Chaos:
    “This power takes different forms depending on the Sorcerer. Worshipers of Nurgle project a stream of bilous, acidic slime that burns and infects the target, while sorcerers of Slaanesh create a golden cloud that sets every nerve end alight with rapturous agony.

    Wind of Chaos may be used in the model's Shooting phase instead of using another ranged weapon. A Psychic test must be passed in order to use the power. If successful, this is resolved the same way as firing a template weapon. Any models fully or partially under the template suffer one wound on a D6 roll of 4+, with no armour or cover saves allowed. Vehicles touched by the template suffer a glancing hit on a D6 roll of 4+.
    Codex: Chaos Space Marines (4e), p.88 - Wargear: Psychic Powers

- 3.5e Codex
    Ulthwé Warlocks may be given the Augment psychic power instead of one of the psychic powers listed in Codex: Eldar. It is used when a Farseer in the seer council successfully uses a psychic power. Unlike other Warlock powers, the Warlock must pass a Psychic testto use Augment. If the test is successful, the range of the Farseer's power is doubled. Remember that a Warlock can only use Augment once per turn and that each Farseer power can only be augmented once per turn, you cannot double the range and then further double it with a second Warlock. Note that the Warlock must remain in the Seer Council to use Augment. If any Warlock fails to augment a power, a second Warlock may attempt to augment the same power. Codex: Eye of Terror (3.5e), p.46 - Ulthwé Strike Force Special Rules

Imperial Guard
- 3.5e Codex
Lightning Arc:
    “Lightning leaps from the Psyker's hands, surrounding his body before being hurled at his enemies with a gesture.

    This power is used in the Imperial Guard Shooting phase instead of firing a normal weapon and requires a successful Psychic test: Range-24" / S-3 / AP-6 / Type-Heavy D6
    Codex: Imperial Guard (3.5e), p.40 - Sanctioned Psykers
Machine Curse:
    “The Sanctioned Psyker presses his hands against an enemy vehicle and calls upon his powers to pronounce a curse on the machine spirits of the enemies.

    This power is used in an Assault phase in place of normal attacks. Make the Psychic test at the start of the phase. If passed, the power is effective until the end of the same Assault phase. Make one close combat attack against the vehicle instead of any other attacks. If a hit is scored roll D6:
      1-3...No effect
      4-5...Inflict glancing hit
      6.....Inflict penetrating hit
    Codex: Imperial Guard (3.5e), p.40 - Sanctioned Psykers
Psychic Lash:
    “The Sanctioned Psyker focuses his powers on nearby opponents, mentally ripping open arteries and puncturing organs.

    Make a Psychic test at the start of the Imperial guard Assault phase. If successful, the power is in effect until the next Imperial Guard Assault phase. Psychic Lash can be used in a close combat when the Psyker would normally be able to make at least one attack. Instead of attacking normally, the Psyker gets D3 Attacks (with no bonuses for charging, additional weapons, etc) at Strength 3, with any wounds ignoring Armour saves (even if the target is not in base-to-base contact with the Psyker).
    Codex: Imperial Guard (3.5e), p.40 - Sanctioned Psykers
Psychic Ward:
    “Sanctioned Psykers are particularly useful in countering the heretical abilities of aliens and traitor scum.

    If a psychic power would normally affect the Sanctioned Psyker of the unit he is accompanying, make a Psychic test. If the test is passed then roll D6 - on a 4+ the power is cancelled.
    Codex: Imperial Guard (3.5e), p.40 - Sanctioned Psykers
Telepathic Order:
    “This power allows the Sanctioned Psyker to extend the zone of influence of an Officer he is accompanying.

    Use at the start of the Imperial Guard turn. If the test is passed, the Leadership radius of any Officer in the same squad as the Sanctioned Psyker who used the power is extended to 18" until the start of the next Imperial Guard turn.
    Codex: Imperial Guard (3.5e), p.40 - Sanctioned Psykers

Space Marines
- 5e Codex
Force Dome:
    “Reaching out with his mind, the Librarian erects a barrier of shimmering force about himself and his companions.

    This power is used at the start of the Librarian's Movement phase. The Librarian and any unit he is with receive a 5+ invulnerable save until the end of the following player turn.
    Codex: Space Marines (5e), p.57 - Forces of the Space Marines: Librarian Psychic Powers
Machine Curse:
    “The Librarian calls down a powerful curse upon the machine spirit of an enemy war engine.

    This power is is a psychic shooting attack with a range of 24" that only affects vehicles. If the Machine Curse hits, the target vehicle automatically suffers a single glancing hit.
    Codex: Space Marines (5e), p.57 - Forces of the Space Marines: Librarian Psychic Powers
Might of the Ancients:
    “The deadly powers of the Immaterium heighten the Librarian's strength to unimaginable levels, the better to vanquish the foes of the Emperor.

    The power is used at the start of the Librarian's Assault phase. If successful, the Librarian has Strength 6 and rolls 2D6 for armour penetration for the remainder of that Assault phase.
    Codex: Space Marines (5e), p.57 - Forces of the Space Marines: Librarian Psychic Powers
Null Zone:
    “The Librarian turns the full force of his mind upon the foe, peeling away their layers of mystical protection and leaving them vulnerable to the weaponry of his brothers.

    This power is used at the start of the Librarian's Shooting phase. All enemy units within 24" of the Librarian must re-roll successful invulnerable saves for the remainder of the player turn.
    Codex: Space Marines (5e), p.57 - Forces of the Space Marines: Librarian Psychic Powers
    “Using his uncanny mind to project his physical being forwards into the timestream, the Librarian acts so swiftly as to defy the vision of his foes.

    The power is used at the start of the Librarian's Assault phase. If successful, the Librarian has the fleet special rule and Initiative 10 for the duration of that Assault phase.
    Codex: Space Marines (5e), p.57 - Forces of the Space Marines: Librarian Psychic Powers
    “Lethal bolts of lightning leap from the Librarian's fingertips, tearing his enemies apart in a barrage of psychic power.

    This power is a psychic shooting attack that has the following profile: Range-12" / S-4 / AP-2 / Type-Assault 4
    Codex: Space Marines (5e), p.57 - Forces of the Space Marines: Librarian Psychic Powers
The Avenger:
    “The Librarian draws on the ancient legends of his Chapter to create a destructive avatar of roiling flame. The psychic construct billows forward, leaving destruction in its wake.

    This power is a psychic shooting attack that has the following profile: Range-Template / S-5 / AP-3 / Type-Assault 1
    Codex: Space Marines (5e), p.57 - Forces of the Space Marines: Librarian Psychic Powers
The Gate of Infinity:
    “Focussing his Warp-sense, the Librarian creates a corridor of safe passage through the Immaterium, allowing him to cross great distances in but the blink of an eye.

    This power is used at the beginning of the Librarian's Movement phase. The Librarian, and any unit he is with, are removed from the tabletop and immediately placed back together anywhere within 24" using the deep strike rules. If the Librarian travels alone, there is no risk, but if he takes a unit with him, there is a chance something will go wrong. If the deep strike attempt scatters and a double is rolled, one member of the unit, chosen by the controlling player, is claimed by the Warp and removed as a casualty (the survivors scatter normally).
    Codex: Space Marines (5e), p.57 - Forces of the Space Marines: Librarian Psychic Powers
The Vortex of Doom:
    “The Librarian opens a tear between the material realm and the howling destruction of the Warp, unleashing devastating energies that utterly consume his foes.

    This power is a psychic shooting attack that has the following profile: Range-12" / S-10 / AP-1 / Type-Heavy 1, Blast

    If when using this power the Librarian fails his Psychic test, place the Vortex of Doom blast marker on the Librarian - in this case the template will not scatter.
    Codex: Space Marines (5e), p.57 - Forces of the Space Marines: Librarian Psychic Powers

Space Wolves
- 3.5e Codex
The Gate:
    “A Rune Priest of the 13th Company must guide his companions through the perils of the Eye of Terror. He has learned how to open small, temporary warp gates, through which he can pass in order to divine the path ahead.

    On a successful Psychic test, the Rune Priest can use the power at the start of the Movement phase instead of moving normally. The Rune Priest and up to one squad of Grey Slayers, Storm Claws (not Storm Claws Bikers!) or Long Fangs within 6" of him is removed from the tabletop and then immediately placed anywhere on the tabletop using the Deep Strike rules. The Gate may be used even if enemy models are in base contact with the Rune Priest or any of the squad that move with him (the enemy models are left behind). This power replaces Stormcaller.
    Codex: Eye of Terror (3.5e), p.35 - Space Wolves, 13th Company: Rune Priest

- 5e Codex
Fury of the Wolf Spirits:
    “Invoking Freki and Geri from the netherworld, the Rune Priest sets the charcoal-black spirits of the two most exalted of Thunderwolves upon the foe, their eerie howls sending men mad with fear.” Space Wolves (5e), p.37 - **
Jaws of the World Wolf:
    “The Rune Priest implores the spirit of the world upon which he walks to open its rock-fanged maw, and a chasm cracks open under the feet of his enemies, sending them tumbling to their deaths.” Space Wolves (5e), p.37 - **
Living Lightning:
    “Sentient electricity crackles from the brooding skies, arcing into the ranks of the enemy and grounding on foe after foe until a trail of blackeend corpses is left in its wake.” Space Wolves (5e), p.37 - **
Murderous Hurricane:
    “The Rune Priest bellows an ancient curse and his frosted breath coalesces and grows into a deadly blizzard. WIthin moments, teh Rune Priest's foes are all but consumed in a hurricane of freezing shards, a thousand blades of psychic ice plunging into their flesh.” Space Wolves (5e), p.37 - **
Storm Caller:
    “The Rune Priest chants an ancient rite that bilds into a terrifying crescendo. In the space of a few moments, howling winds and furious blizzards rage about him in a vortex of ice and snow that crackles blue with destructive psychic energy.” Space Wolves (5e), p.37 - **
Tempest's Wrath:
    “The Rune Priest brings the rage of the storm to a roaring climax, frost-fingered wind spirits whipping those who intrude upon their domain out of the skies and smashing them upon the stony ground.” Space Wolves (5e), p.37 - **
    “The Rune Priest slams his armoured gauntlets together whilst shouting a word of power, and the noise is magnified a hundredfold. The resultant thunderclap is loud enough to shatter stone and even liquefy the brains of those nearby.” Space Wolves (5e), p.37 - **

Psychic Weapons/Devices

Chaos Space Marines
- The Alpha Legion orchestrates a mighty psychic storm:
“‘Take it from him.’ I flicked my pistol at the broken man on the ground. ‘We need to know how many of them there are and what targets they are intending to bomb.’

Helena took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a second before looking down at the man who twitched and gurgled at our feet.
He went still and I could feel the cold witch-touch on my skin. Helena’s eyes were closed but as I looked at her she spoke. ‘I have him, but…’ her voice quivered and I saw she was trembling ‘There is something wrong.’

‘Get the information,’ I snarled. ‘We are running out of time. How many have infiltrated the muster? Where are the bombs?’

‘They–’ she began but was cut off by a laugh that bubbled up from the man on the ground. I looked down. He was staring back at me with corpse-white eyes. In that moment I knew I had made a mistake. We are cautioned that assumptions are worse than ignorance, and looking at the man I knew that my assumptions would see me dead. This was no saboteur ring bent on a mundane atrocity. This was something more, something far more. Cold fear ran through me. ‘We are many, Inquisitor,’ he said, his voice a racking gurgle of blood and shattered ribs. Beside me Helena began to spasm, blood running from her mouth and eyes. Her mouth was working, try to form words. ‘Witches. They are witches…’ she gasped, her hand reached to grip my arm, as the psychic storm built around us. ‘I can feel their minds. There are more, many more.’ I could feel a greasy charge lick my skin, a stink of burnt blood on the air.

The broken man laughed again, his skin crawling with lurid warp light. ‘We are many,’ he screamed, and he was still screaming as I vaporised his head. The sound did not end, but filled my head, getting louder and louder. I looked up from the dead man and saw the extent of my mistake. Across the plane, figures rose into the air on pillars of ghost light, their limbs pinned to the air, arcs of lightning whipping from one to another, connecting them in a growing web. Dark clouds the colour of bile and dried blood spilled into the sky. Across the mustering fields, hundreds of thousands fell to their knees, moaning, clawing at their skin, blood dribbling from their eyes. Some, with stronger will, had been able to arm their weapons and fire at the witch chorus. Some found their mark and sent pyskers to their death.

But there were many, and the witch storm rose in power with every heartbeat. I could feel the unclean power crawling over me like insects and the witches’ voices pulling my thoughts apart. All I could hold onto was anger, anger that I had failed, that an enemy had fooled me. And all the while their voices grew louder and louder, spiralling around each other as a single word emerged from the telepathic cacophony. Phocron. Dozens of minds screamed the name and the storm broke in an inferno that washed across the mustering fields. It turned flesh to ash and scattered it on a superheated wind. Hundreds of thousands died in a single instant, an army to conquer worlds reduced to twisted metal and dust. I watched the fire come for me, and felt something enfold me like a cloak of ice. I realised that Helena still gripped my arm as I fell into darkness. I woke on a plane covered in ashes.

Helena was next to me, her exposed skin burnt and blistered, her breathing so shallow I thought she was dead until I saw her eyes twitch open. The energy needed to shield me still lingered on my skin as a cold shroud. I know now that she had saved us both, but at a price. The power she had channelled to shield us had almost burnt her psychic talent out. She lived, but she was a shadow of what she had been and never became an inquisitor. Amongst an overwhelming tragedy, her sacrifice still lives in my memory like the ghost touch of a lost life. All around us there was nothing but an echoing desolation beneath a bruised sky. It was quiet, but in my head the name that had created this atrocity echoed in my mind.”
Hammer and Bolter (#10), p.28 & 29 - **
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Re: (40K) Psykers [Discussion]

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Librarians from DW.
"Few if any within the Chapter will ever become CHief Librarians. SO rare are these psychic lords that many chapters have but one or only a handful of these mighty warriors. The CHief LIbrarian is the master of the Librarium and the keeper of his Chapter's lore, with encyclopaedic knowledge of his Chapter, its enemies, and the Imperium. The CHief librarian resides over the training and selection of all new Librarians, as well as the cultivation of spykers within teh Chapter's ranks. He is also the closest to teh Chapter Master's advisors, providing him with wisdom and knowledge. HIs abilities to divine the future are vital to his lord's decision. Chief Librarians very seldom take to teh field, as their abilities are far more valuable to the Chapter in other ways. However, when they do take part in battle, it is a glorious and terrifying sight to behold as, with teh power of their mind, they level fortresses, reduce armies to rivers of molten flesh,and split the very sky with fire and lightning." - Deathwatch core rulebook pg. 283
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