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(40K) Imperial Auto Weapons [Discussion]

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(40K) Imperial Auto Weapons [Discussion]

Postby Matapiojo » Thu Feb 10, 2011 8:28 am

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- Deuterium rounds:
“This time his first shot sent a deuterium bolt through the warrior’s eye.” / Fear the Alien, p.81 - **


I. Auto-Pistol
- General attributes:
“He cocked his Kupiter .45 automat pistol and slid after the footprints in the mud.


As he sprinted the several metres towards Baeder, he received a pistol shot in the abdomen. But small calibre rounds never guaranteed putting an opponent down, especially when he was running on desperation.


With an eight-round clip, the autopistol had one shot left.”
/ Flesh and Iron, p.139 & 140 - **

II. Auto-Gun
- Making a head go "poof":
“A third ran for cover and began to return fire. His head vanished in a pink mist. Larkin had made the shot from the main entry. He hadn’t even had time to take out his longlas and put away his rifle. He had simply slotted a hard round into the old gun’s breech. Forty-three metres, a target moving into partial concealment.” Salvation's Reach, p.298 - **

- Ammo attributes:
“He selected another autorifle from the desk, this one even cruder than the last, with a chipped wooden stock and a blunt-nosed barrel of sheet metal all held together in places by rubber banding. Despite its poor craftsmanship, there was no mistaking the 6.65mm hollow point ammunition in its drum magazine.” Flesh and Iron, p.57 - **

“Approximately one third of the men in his battalion had opted to take the LH Fusil-pattern autorifles instead of the lasgun. Each of these men would carry five magazines of thirty rounds into combat. That meant over twenty thousand rounds would have to be wiped and slotted into detachable box magazines.” / Flesh and Iron, p.252 - **

III. Auto-Cannon
- Bolts explode on impact:
“Enemy fire intensified, chopping in the guard positions. The Archenemy were upon them now. Ironclad infantry dismounted from their motorized convoy struggling up the hill. To Pradal’s right, a light tank rolled in line with the forward pillbox. Its turret slowly traversed, lining up with the fortification with a chain fed autocannon. The KL5 fired and he felt rather than heard the cataclysm as sixty kilo-tonnes of kinetic energy split open thirty-centimetre rockrete.” / Emperor’s Mercy, p.122 - **

- Blast carries force to sling shrapnel that makes short work of Flak armour:
“As a Riverine fire-team sprinted forwards, an autocannon round erupted in their midst, punching a jagged spear of limestone into the air. Brahl and Drexler literally fell apart at the joints. Fragments of stone and metal shredded Daimler's flak vest from his torso along with much of his skin. Daimler skidded onto his rear, clutched his bleeding upper body with his arms and began to scream. Half of the squad halted and returned to drag Daimler by his boots. The Archenemy had expected this. They landed another autocannon shell in the exact same position. Haber, Landau and Riese disappeared in a mist of red.” / Flesh and Iron, p.273 - **

- Ammunition attributes:
“The Orca smashed into the front rank of the flotilla, the sharp prow tilting airborne as it sliced into a swift boat, spilling Riverine into the churning water. The larger vessel's bulk landed like an ursine amongst pack dogs. Once it had entered the formation the Orca's turrets thudded, slashing 25mm rounds in a wide fan. Plumes of water misted the air, Riverine vessels broke apart, blood and debris fluttered down like an autumnal gale.” / Flesh and Iron, p.307 - **

** = Chapter or Story title needed.
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