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Palkia [Discussion]

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Palkia [Discussion]

Postby EnigmaJ » Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:55 pm

Yes, I'm about to flood this section with my fanboyness. Brace yourselves.

Palkia~ The Space Ruling Pokemon

In the beginning, there was only
a churning turmoil of chaos.
At the heart of chaos, where all
things became one, appeared an Egg.
Having tumbled from the vortex, the
Egg gave rise to the Original One.
From itself, two beings the Original
One did make.
Time started to spin.
Space began to expand.
From itself again, three living things
the Original One did make.
The two beings wished, and from them,
matter came to be.
The three living things wished, and
from them, spirit came to be.
The world created, the Original One
took to unyielding sleep...

In the beginnings of the Pokemon Universe, nothing existed. It wasn't until the Original One, created Palkia that space began to expand. If one takes this literally, then Palkia is literally the embodiment of Space. This, along with the fact that Giratina is the "personification" of the anti-matter, or the mirror dimension, while Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit are the embodiments of Willpower, Knowledge, and Emotion respectively, suggests that Dialga and Palkia are abstracts. Regardless of whether you accept this or not, their power are clearly on a universal level.

This thread will mostly on Palkia's feats and stats. Going back to my claiming of thier power being on a universal level, we only need to look to the latest RPG games for evidence. In the Pearl Version of the game, Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic, an organization determined to use the powers of Dialga and or Palkia to litarelly recreate the universe without any spirirt and with Cyrus as thier ruler. At the end of this game, Cyrus attempted, and nearly succeded, in harnessing Palki'a unstable power to recreate the pokemon universe. Note, I'm not claiming Palkia or Dialga can destroy galaxies or planets with thier attacks. Thier normal attacks are clearly limited to city block or building level. However, thier abiltiy to control time and space are almost limitless.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEVTLDxO ... re=related
( 8:00 - 9:45 )
( 10:10 - 10:19 )
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pthjZGxO ... re=related
( 0:00 - 0:25 )

**Note: Although we see Dialga in these videos, the exact samething happens with Palkia in Pearl**

Thus, the upper limitations of Palkia's power ( and Dialga's power aswell) rests on two things. He is credited for creating the entire Pokemon universe along with his counterpart, and in the Fourth Generation RPG games, they nearly destroyed and recreated everything.

"...birth of PAL...
...creator of parallel dimensions...
Alive, yet not alive...
...rifts in space...
To arrive in the same univer...
...the blessing of PAL..."

This is the quote we see on the statue of Palkia in the Pearl Version of the RPG game. I am actually surprised as to what this says, as much mroe can be derived than what I was looking for. When I poppped open my game to find this quote, I was looking for evidence that Palkia can creat parallel dimensions ( and I found it ). We even saw this ability in the anime ( on a limited scale ), in which Alamos Town was removed from normal space. However, this quote almost seems to be saying that Palkia "isn't alive". This information also seems to fit with the assumption that Palkia is an abstract diety, as he wouldn't be alive in the normal sense. In the anime, Palkia was damaged by Roar of Time, but he was never close to any sort of "death". In Movie 12, To Conquering a Space-Time, Palkia was being beaten by Arceus badly. However, it would make sense that if Arcues is able to give the Trio existence, he has the ability to take said existence away from them. The next line which says "rifts in space" is probably referring to the idea that Palki lives in rift in space, or another dimsions. So together, it would tell us that Palkia exists, but not exactly as a normal creature is "living", in the gaps between dimensions.

Pokedex Entries
-It has the ability to distort space. It is described as a deity in Sinnoh-region mythology
-It is said to live in a gap in the spatial dimension parallel to ours. It appears in mythology.
-A legendary Pokémon of Sinnoh. It is said that space becomes more stable with Palkia's every breath.

From these Pokedex entries we can make out a few things. First of all, it reemphasizes the point that Palkia has the ability to distort space. Next, it tells us that Palkia resides in a another dimension. As if it wasn't enough, every one of the Dragon Trio has the ability to cross dimensional borders, albeit Giratina is the only one who can cross into the Distortion, or Reverse, world. Finally, it states "space becomes more stable with Palkia's every breath", which is even more evidence that points towards the idea of the Dragon Trio being abstracts.

Other Feats

As of now, Palkia has only appeared in the anime and has yet to appear in the Manga, or more specifically the Pokemon Special Manga. Despite this, we have a few interesting feats from Palkia in the anime. Keep in mind, these feats should not be thought of as a theoretical max, because of the previous evidence that supports the idea that his power is universal and the conext many of those feats appeared in. Also, the manga tends to provide with more realistic, and coincidentally more powerful, view of pokemon, whereas the feats we see in the anime appear less powerful and mediocre at times because of the age group it is directed at. What we see in the games takes precedence over what we see in the anime as it is the original canon source. In terms of canon, the manga would also be superior to the anime because of its more realistic style and as the creator of pokemon, Satoshi Tajiri, states- "This is the comic that most resembles the world I was trying to convey." This all of course assuming composite pokemon are being used in Factpile matches, and that feats are not being split among the different canon sources.


In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting scenes in the whole movie, as it gives us insight into something not related to Palkia or Dialga's natural abilities. To all those not quite understanding what they're looking at, Palkia blocked lightning from Darkrai. If accepted, this scence places Palkia's reaction timing ( and Dialga's, Giratina's, and Arceus' as a result ) at massively hypersonic. To belittle this claim, many people opposed to the sheer uberness of the Dragon Trio ( and pokemon in general ), have claimed either one of two things. They've claimed that either one, Palkia prepared his defences well before Darkrai launched his attack, or two, the lightning used by Giratina was not real lightning, and thus did not travel at such similar speeds.

For the first one, we don't see any sort of evidence that Palkia prepared his shield before Darkrai launched the lightning. In fact, after going through the video several times and pausing as I go along, I can get the shield to appear at the point the lightning hits Palkia. There is no frame, as far as I know, that clearly shows Palkia's shields being up before Darkrai attacked. It is also fallable to think that Palkia saw that Darkrai was about to use a lightning attack when clearly the only thing Darkrai did to foreshadow his attack was move his arms. In fact, both Palkia have used thier barriers to block several attacks throughout thier battle, and in every single other scene, thier shields came up after the enemie's attack has been launched. To assume that Palkia saw Darkrai preparing to attack and prepared his own defense accordingly would be assuming: Palkia was somehow able to perceive that Darkrai was about to use an lightning attack, and knowing he couldn't react to it, he prepared his defenses earlier than he normally would. He would have had to know that Darkrai was about to use lightning, as normally he would wait until the attack was first thrown to put up his barrier. Again, this is fallable as Darkrai made no more indication other than that he was preparing to attack. There would be no way to tell what kind of attack he was preparing, and thus the only logical assumption is that Palkia did the same thing he did throughout the rest of his fight- block the enemie's attack after it has already been used.

To reiterate the second claim, others say that the lighting was what many people call "magical lightning". They claim that because it was "casted" so to speak, it is not actual lightning, and thus does not follow the same physics as normal lightning ( and so, does not travel at the "speed of lightning" ). Several things can be said to oppose this idea. One, the lightning strike launched by Darkrai was instantaneous. Even is we don't assume it was moving at hypersonic speeds, it was still moving a hell of alot faster than a normal person could react to. Second of all, there is no reason to assume that the "elements" used by pokemon have different qualities than that of the normal ones seen in nature. For sever pokemon, it is understood that fire is generated inside the pokemon's body or water is being stored inside of it for the use of pokemon attacks. It is not magic per say, althoguh there are a few attacks which are generated "unnatural" such as magical leaf and will-o-wisp. Will-O-Wisp is aghostly kind of flame, somewhat akin to hellfire, while during the process of Magical Leaf, "homing" leaves are generated using pure phsychic energy ( this is apparent as phsychic wielding such as Kirlia and Mismadgius can use this attack, even though there is no apparent fauna growing on or within thier bodies ). Going back to the point with electricity, in many cases, the power of the attack is even measured in voltages. According to the pokedex entries, Raichu and Jolteon can generate about 10,000 volts of elctricity to strike an enemy. Pokemon with the special ability Volt Absorb can absorb electricity from outside sources and use it to power thier own. Pokemon of the magnemite family, can actually affect outside appliances with thier elecricity by generating magenetic fields. To ignore all of these atributes of normal electricity, and focus solely on its speed, would be faulty. In fact, only several electric attacks would actually be traveling at its usualy speed, and that's merely because of either the unique attribute of the pokemon attack or the way its being used. I will not get into that to avoid going too off topic.

Keeping on the speed of Palkia ( and Dialga ), there is even more evidence that supports that they are hypersonic. Weaker pokemon such as Dragonite and Pidgeot can travel at the speed of sound, Garchamp can travel at the speed of sound, and Raikou ( albeit a legendary, he is not as powerful as the rulers of time and space ), embodies the speed of lightning, Machamp can throw off 100 punches in two seconds and Ninjask travels faster than human sight. Although these pokemon may in fact be faster than the trio, it clearly shows us that supersonic speeds are in fact possible in te pokemon world. Also, there are pokemon attacks in which speed is heavily emphasized, such as quick attack and etreme speed. Going even further with this fact, there are pokemon attacks in which sound itself is being used as a form of attack such as screech.


Palkia moves Alamos Town to aanother dimension. As mentioned before, there is no reason to believe he couldn't do this on a much larger scale. He was possibly merely trying to contain the damage caused to normal space.


This video is slightly messed up, but bear with me. At 8:45 onwards, we see Darkrai trying to attack Palkia. However, Darkrai's physical body is being repelled off somesort of bubble and the energy from Darkrai's attack merely disappears. Palkia is arguably using his power to create somesort of impenetrable barrier of space around himself to prevent anything from reaching him from that side. This is interesting because, although we can't assume his Dialga's normal barriers to be impenatrable, this is a barrier composed of space itself. No amount of energy or physical force could penetrate it as the result would merely be the same and it would merey be warped back or away as is what previosly happened to Darkrai. A being would require a high-level of Space-Manipulation to have any hopes of getting through this sort of barrier.


Palkia creates a warp around the city itself. Even if you were to move in a straight line, you would eventually emerge from where you began. In this fashion, Palkia's power works akin to a wormhole, in which the fabric of space is "folded" in on itself, to allow one to travel from one location to another much more quickly. Or in this case, back to where one started. We Palkia doing a similar thing in Pokemon Rangers, Sadows of Almia, by shuffling the landscape as so passages such as doors may lead to locations miles away from where they should be.


Going back to the city-block/building destructive capabilities of the Dragon Trio, none of the attacks they used actually kept any of them down. They tanked most of their oppositions attacks and just keep on going. As for Palkia, the only time he appeared injured ( he was knocked down several times, but not injured ) was when Dialga hit him with Roar of Time, a blast of energy powerful enough to distort time, directly.


The ability to travel through different dimensions. This goes for both of them.


These two scenes only go to further the idea that Palkia and Dialga were capable much more then we saw in thier battle. Keep in mind that when we saw them battling, they were battling in a pokect dimension, and there was no way for the damage to "seep out" to the rest of the pokemon universe. While they were battling in the Unown Universe however, their battle was releasing enormous shcokwaves. There is no way really to gauge the size and power of these shosckwaves, but appeared that hundreds, if not more, of unown were being displaced/scattered by these shockwaves. Also, its interesting to note that these shockwaves could be "felt" in other dimensions aswell. Let me reiterate "Universal Level Threats".

Standard Equipment

Lustrous Orb - This item is a naturally held item by Palkia in the games. It apparently gives a boost to his Water and Dragon attribute attacks.

General Stats Overview

Destructive Capability - Building/City Block+ through his normal attacks. Universal level through reality warping and dimensional+ through feats.
Durability - Building/City Block+ possibly. However, we have never seen him be put down permanently by an type of attack. The only time he we see injured is by Roar of Time, an attack that literally distorts time.
Strenght - Unknown. Class 100 through powerscaling.
Speed- Supersonic through powerscaling. If we compare his reaction timing to his perfomance in battle, then supersonic speeds, at the very least, are likely.
Reaction Time - Hypersonic as he blocked several lightning bolts shot at him from Darkrai.
Intelligence - Nothing in particular, although he was intelliget enough to hide himself in another dimension to avoid battling Dialga while injured.
Weaknesses - The Oracion Song can be used to soothe his rage.

All I have to say for now. What do you think?
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Re: Palkia [Discussion]

Postby Envoy » Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:11 pm

All but one link is broken....sadness.
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Re: Palkia [Discussion]

Postby EnigmaJ » Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:57 pm

Ugh, why is it only now I'm noticing all of these spelling and grammar mistakes?

I don't like how I previously assumed all of the different media to contribute to one overall composite "Pokemon Universe", when they clearly don't. I should also really plan on rewriting most of this to include newer info from the anime and games and adding new links when I get the chance. Besides, this will give me the chance to expand this beyond the scope of Palkia.
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