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Dominic Santiago [Discussion]

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Dominic Santiago [Discussion]

Postby Evil muNki » Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:47 am

Dom joined the COG's experimental commando unit as a result of getting his wife, 'Maria', pregnant. Dom passed his training and was later placed in Hoffman's squad in order to take place in the battle of Aspho fields and more specifically 'Operation leveler' in which he was awarded the Embry star, the most prestigious medal.

With the arrival of E-Day came a new chapter in Dom's life as well as an end to another. Dom's children were killed with their stay at Maria's perents house during the attack and sent Maria into a long line of depression. Four years on, Maria left without a trace and left Dom the fight on himself.

The Lightmass offensive:

Dom, along with Marcus and the rest of Delta squad, were sent to find and rescue Alpha squad in an attempt to retrieve the sonic resonator and take out the Locust tunnels. Once Delta found Alpha squad, the two had no choice but to continue on foot to an imulsion facillity to deploy the resonator.

Unfortunately, the resonator failed to map the tunnels and forced Delta to travel to the Fenix estate in order to find the data on the Locust tunnels. Dom and Marcus find the hidden lab in the cellar of the estate and immediately JACK begins to upload the data. After numerous Locust attacks on the estate, the upload was complete and left Dom and Marcus seconds to get to the APC that Baird had fixed. The squad successfully escaped and headed to the train station in which the lightmass bomb would be passing by.

Dom and Marcus were the only two to make in on the train and had to move their way up towards the bomb. After some heavy resistance and a Beserker, the Two faced RAAM, the Locust General. After RAAM's defeat they deployed the bomb and escaped through Hoffman's King Raven.

Opperation Hollow storm:

Roughly six months after the Lightmass offensive, Dom along with the rest of Delta squad and a large COG force travelled to Landown in order to drill down into the hollow and attack the Locust on their home turf. Shortly after the attack, Delta find out that they are using a Riftworm to sink cities around Jacinto in an attempt to destroy it. On their way to a Raven for an evacuation, Delta is 'eaten' by the riftworm and they figure that they should take the worm out from the inside.

Dom and Marcus travel through the abandoned New hope research facillity to find a way into Mount Kadar and into the Locust city, Nexus. There, Dom is reunited with Maria. However, she is not as he remembers her. She is found tortured and seemingly 'dead' inside with no reaction to Dom's presence. Whith much regret he decides to end her misery and continue with finding the Locust Queen.

Their journey through the city concludes with Dom and Marcus facing off with Skorge, the Kantus high priest. As Skorge escapes, the COG attack begins and Dom uses Reavers to flee the underground city. Shortly after they are chased down by Skorge and his Hydra on the outskirts of Jacinto. It is there Dom and Delta manage to take out Skorge once and for all.

Living as Stranded:

After the fall of Jacinto and the distruction of the Locust, Dom had entered a state of depression as a result of Maria's death and had Sam redo his tattoo so that Mari resembled an Angel. Doctor Hayman onboard the ship regularly analysed Dom and stated that he had severe pshycological issues ancluding violent outbursts.

Around two years after the Fall of Jacinto, a new major threat rose for them to deal with, the Lambent. As an attack waged on, Dom retrieved one of the two Silverbacks to fend of the lambent Leviathan and successfully held it of ong enough for it to be killed by Baird and Cole's squad. As they traveled through the deadlands, they reached Anvil gate and journeyed on to find a submarine. Dom and the squad had to stop to refuel at Mercy, Marias home town.

Dom's sacrifice:

The squad was putting up a last stand against a lambent attack and were greately outnumbered. With Dom realising this, he took the truck and drove in into a fuel tanker destroying all of the lambent that were attacking and scrificed his life for his friends in the process.
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