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Friendly Subject Help

Postby Friendlysociopath » Thu Jul 14, 2016 1:45 am

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_Subject 000
The initial GMO created by Dr. Richard Hofterin. Unlike the other positive results- the subject has not yet been successfully tested outside of its capsule. However, examination of the physical body has given enough evidence to consider Dr. Hofterin's theory and practices sound, allowing these procedures to be standardized and adopted by other researchers. It should be noted that Subject 000 has been "in development" for over 20 years* and as such has likely been modified further by various contributions from the other successful GMOs.**

Subject 000's primary function was to have full and complete control of its body- Dr. Hofterin theorized this would allow the subject to exceed human limits as well as be able to restore itself should harm or sickness be inflicted on it. Dr. Crakton's memory implanting system was used in accordance to the wishes from the higher echelons- implanting the schematics and details of every weapon currently known to the armed forces worldwide plus a large variety of information needed to make a combat-capable soldier.

*Dr. Hofterin has used large amounts of equipment, time, and finances to continue developing Subject 000 despite this apparent stagnation in the research.
**Dr. Hofterin took personal interest in many Subjects- even those he did not have a primary hand in developing- and helped set up a sort of command structure regarding the use of the Subjects.

_Subject 002 - "Ripper"
Subject 002 was the first experiment by another researcher using Dr. Hofterin's techniques. Standing at over 3 meters tall- Ripper is a titan of strength, during his combat testing he was capable of ripping an Abrams tank to pieces. The strength apparently came at a cost- Ripper's intelligence has been tested to be subpar- efforts to raise his intelligence have proven unsuccessful across all styles and mediums. Alongside formidable strength, Subject 002 has demonstrated the ability to regrow limbs extremely rapidly- capable of regrowing an entire arm in 5.8 seconds.* This regeneration is suspected to require some manner of Subject 002's mental effort.**

Ripper was originally intended to be a strong addition to the construction sector. However, his below standard intelligence and general inability to follow orders has cast serious doubt on that enterprise, his strength has also far exceeded expectations*. Currently Dr. Crakton has been attempting to use his memory implanting system to increase the intelligence and stability of Subject 002 in an effort to make him a suitable combat-type. However, after the most recent incident in which Subject 002 displayed his aggression, he has been placed into a containment capsule in Facility 08 until Dr. Crakton finishes his other projects.*** Continuous doses of drugs are administered to keep him in a comatose state.

*While the ability to regenerate and produce unfeasible amounts of strength has been produced in later Subjects, Ripper's regeneration and strength are on another level entirely when compared to the others, with the possible exception of Curtain since whether his power counts as 'regeneration' has been a hotly debated topic for years.
**In an attempt to introduce another GMO of the opposite gender in the same pen- to discover whether reproduction was feasible- a female variation of Subject 002 (designated 002-B) was placed into the same cell as Ripper (Subject 002-A). Ripper then destroyed Subject 002-B the moment he spotted her. Subject 002-B continued to regenerate until her head was smashed into mush. Prior to this point she appeared to have been regenerating without issue- as far as observers could tell anyways.
***Ripper has always required heavy medication to calm him enough to work with for any length of time. When a power failure led to the automated doses being delayed, Ripper clawed through the iron doors without the slightest issue and rampaged through the facility. Higher-ups have released funding to give all holding cells steel doors of 2-inch thickness in the wake of this occurrence. Many sarcastic notes on the multiple work orders and forms held dry remarks of, "Now he'll take half a second longer to break out and kill us" or something similar. Due to this, Ripper has the most HAC suits assigned on a HAC-to-Subject ratio of 4-1.

_Subject 003 - "Cutter"
Research staff were astounded at the first use of Subject 003's ability- at only being a few years old*- instruments uniformly recorded her lifting a knife into the air and driving it entirely through the wooden table she had been eating at without touching it.** As Subject 003 matured her power increased as well- allowing her to lift roughly 25,000 kilograms (55,000 pounds) when her later-induced limiter is removed- though the speed this much mass can be moved is severely reduced as the weight increases. Subject 003 received her nickname through her favorite combat routine- she will control up to six sharpened discs that are 0.5 meters in diameter and fire them forwards at high speeds while rapidly rotating them- cutting straight through most defensive armors with ease. Subject 003 retains full control of these discs via her telekinesis*** and can direct them all simultaneously and separately.

Cutter is genetically flawed in that she cannot reproduce naturally.**** She is also unwilling to work***** with most research staff, only the select handlers she chooses have any influence over her. However, she has proven to be very good at following orders, and only the difficulty in recreating her is preventing Subject 003 to be fully turned over to the combat sector. She has instead been regulated to the Facility 03 security branches. As a security member, she has proven very effective in commanding her forces, though her disdain for humans has been noted repeatedly and her willingness to discard personnel that she deems 'useless' has made it difficult to keep her group stable.

*Subjects 000-030 were created before the age modification procedure was perfected. As such they age at different rates: Subjects 000-009 age at the normal rate, Subjects 010-019 age at approximately half the rate of humans, and Subjects 020-029 age twice as fast. An exception to this is Ripper, who has continued growing every year regardless of his 'age'. As the age modification procedure is required to make clones or variations viable- these Subjects are likely to remain unique and uncopied in any shape or form.
**Once the higher-ups were notified of this possibility- an influx of funding and security flooded into the GMO parts of the organization. Previously the GMO research had been considered a dead-end as Subject 000 was comatose, Subject 001 was an official failure, and Subject 002 was uncontrollable.
***A commonly misunderstood issue with Cutter, while she uses metals frequently, her powers are not limited to them.
****This is a longstanding issue for 99% of the Subjects- cloning and variations also were not an option as the cloning technique was not perfected until far later in the process- leaving Cutter as the only Subject 003 specimen. It was not until Subject 030 that the flaws in the cloning procedure were even beginning to be removed.
*****Typically this is made very clear to the handler within moments of meeting Cutter- unfortunately, some staff have proven unable to take the obvious hints and have tried commanding her, the resulting rate of her cycling through handlers speaks for itself.

_Subject 005 - "Ghost"
Subject 005 is one of the first Combat-Type Subject to be officially dubbed such.* The Type designation was retroactively applied to Cutter and Ripper, though not to Subject 000 as he had no showings to give him a suitable Type.** Ghost in particular was the start of the designation due to his inborn talent for fighting. At an early age he took great interest in physical training under Dr. Hofterin, this trend continues to the present day; Ghost has studied and mastered several fighting styles from around the world***: Krav Maga, Ninjutsu, and Eskrima in particular are his favored styles. Combined with his ability- they have made Ghost one of the most potent Subjects when it comes to hand-to-hand combat- enabling him to engage nearly any Subject in battle and emerge victorious.

Ghost's name comes from his ability- he can traverse distance without actually traveling to the location he moves to- teleporting in layman's terms.**** The ability is limited to just over a 15 meter radius from his body- but the precision Ghost wields with it is what renders the ability so formidable. His primary use of this power is to blend it with his fighting styles- moving in and out of his opponent's reach before they can react. A particular tactic Ghost uses is beginning a strike and then teleporting past the enemy's guard before it lands- effectively making him able to attack from any direction. Should simple strikes not be enough, Ghost has an additional weapon he carries, in order to help fulfill his victory condition as it may be; death or incapacitation. When seeking to immobilize or defeat his opponent non-lethally, he will utilize his martial prowess in hand-to-hand combat to try take them down. When seeking his opponent's death, Ghosts favors one short and incredibly strong knife- able to cut through flesh, bone, and some forms of metal with ease. The knife also contains a compartment that can store chemicals that will transfer to someone when stabbed, allowing Ghost to drug or poison his foe as the need may be.

*Subject 000 was meant to be a medical breakthrough, Ripper was originally designed to assist in construction, and Cutter was born purely to show GMOs could be created and not be either comatose or uncontrollable. Ghost was the first to be deliberately hoped to be a weapon from the start.
**Subjects were originally just referred to as GMOs. However, once the potential became obvious, it was determined that Subjects should be divided by Type in order to better gauge what the "success" lines were to be. Combat-Types are judged on how effective they are in combat. Generally speaking- a Combat-Type must be able to take on several armed and trained humans and win in order to be a success.
***Due to the nature of his power, containing him cost-effectively is impossible, instead the organization chose to work alongside him to keep his activities low-key and on their own terms by locating extremely talented individuals and bringing them to Ghost instead of the other way around.
****While how the process works is unknown, how the process proceeds is not. When proper high-speed cameras are turned on him, Ghost can clearly be seen disappearing in a gradual, though incredibly fast, fashion. The initial 'disappearance' will cause him to fade away starting from the opposite direction he is going while his subsequent 'reappearance' will begin conversely, with him appearing starting from the direction he came from.

_Subject 007 - "Meltdown"
Subject 007 holds the distinction of being the first Subject to have weaponry designed specifically to work with her powers. While Ghost and Cutter both have weapons- they were not made to work in tandem with the powers but simply alongside them. Subject 007 was originally thought to have only the power of cooling down the surrounding area. It was only after thermal cameras were turned on her that the truth was revealed. The temperatures were falling because she could absorb heat at a phenomenal rate- increasing her metabolism and energy based on how much heat she absorbed. However- she can only maintain this state for perhaps 30 seconds at the highest temperature she can control of 2,500 degrees Celsius (Around 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit)- lesser temperatures can be maintained longer.* The area she can draw heat from is approximately 75 meters in all directions from herself.

Subject 007 and Subject 003 are never to be used together. Cutter and Meltdown have a rivalry and are not hesitant to act on it should the opportunity present itself.** Perhaps due to her history of injuring herself when she doesn't properly restrain her powers or maybe in part due to her age- Meltdown is one of the calmer Subjects. It should be noted that her body does more than heat up when her power is activated- the excess heat is also converted to energy- enhancing her speed and power to heights unattainable by the human body. When equipped with heat-resistant clothing, Grunts have found themselves hard-pressed to defend themselves adequately against her when she reaches a high enough temperature to catch aflame. Additionally, two pieces of equipment have been manufactured to assist Meltdown in utilizing her powers. The first is a sword forged of a titanium-alloy in order to help resist being damaged by Meltdown herself*** and the second is a somewhat thick bracelet she wears around her wrist. The bracelet is the more advanced of the two- storing four metal spikes that will use a portion her current level of heat and fire from the bracelet with the correct motion. The sword holds a similar function- allowing it to leave a trail of flames in the direction it strikes.

*This was discovered after flames literally shot out from her eyes when she pushed herself for too long- damaging them severely and rendering Meltdown almost blind for several months. After this incident, genetic limiters were introduced to the Subjects in order to provide safer testing of powers- for both the Subjects and the humans involved.
**Cutter seems to have slight insecurities about her nature as the oldest controllable Subject and views Meltdown as a rival, though curiously the dislike doesn't extend to Ghost. Meltdown in turn dislikes Cutter and has made this dislike clear by dropping the temperature of the area whenever Cutter is anywhere near her as Cutter's natural reaction time surpasses Meltdown's own un-boosted reflexes.
***Titanium is very resistant to heat- making it the perfect metal for Meltdown's weapon. However it required a select fusion of additional metals to make an alloy that was able to resist her maximum heat and still retain enough strength to withstand the blows she can deal in her increased state.

_Subject 008 - ""
Subject 008 is one of the more low-key Subjects. Her power is undetectable by normal means as it has almost no impact on the environment and it doesn't noticeably affect her either- such as forming extra organs for example. It has been described to the research staff as the ability to sense the currents of air and how they move. While this may seem unimpressive- the ability has a distinct advantage in that it seems virtually unlimited in terms of required effort.* The organization has found a particular use for Subject 008 due to this unique ability- a sniper. As she has been often noted as one of the calmer Subjects, Subject 008 has an inborn talent for maintaining a position for a long period of time and can control her breathing very efficiently.**

Subject 008's rifle is above and beyond any modern rifle- the weapon is able to fire its payload over 7.5 kilometers and still retain enough force to penetrate military-grade body armor and the body beneath it. While normally making an accurate shot over this distance would be considered absurd for even a team of humans- Subject 008 has experienced an extraordinary amount of solo success at these distances with an 95% success rate at 2,500 meters, with the rate only falling below 80% past 5,000 meters.***

*Subjects have a peculiar visual effect of a red glow emerging from the iris of their eyes when they activate their power- with the intensity rising when their limiters are removed. While the actual color of the iris itself varies from Subject to Subject- the glow has uniformly been red regardless of the normal color. Subject 008's eyes have never exhibited the 'Glow' and would consequently seem to indicate she never actively uses her power.
**A somewhat sexist note- female gendered Subjects have very often been tested to be calmer and easier to control than male Subjects. Whether this is simply based on the inherent luck of genetics or something deeper is unknown. Considering Subject 034, and the chance aspect seems to likelier of the two.
***It should be noted that these tests were all performed in a vacant stretch of desert without outside interference. It is expected that Subject 008's accuracy would decrease during actual combat- it is for this reason she has been selected to test the simulated reality technology.

_Subject 010 - "Sponge"
Subject 010 is the first Subject the Age Modification Process was attempted on. In theory, the process would accelerate physical aging to mature a Subject quickly enough that they could be studied at a faster rate while slowing their aging down after maturity so that they could be used properly by the organization. Unfortunately, the process required extensive testing and only was perfected after Subject 030. However, while Subject 010 does not age at an accelerated rate- the fact that the genetic alteration had any effect on her age set a precedent that such a thing was possible. Sponge herself resembles a small child of perhaps 8 years old or so. She has short black hair and a rather small and slight body- unless she activates her power. For a child she is quiet and somewhat subservient- most credit this to the later influence of Subject 021, Tipsy, who seems to greatly enjoy Sponge's company and vice versa. The relationship has been compared to that of a big brother and younger sister, ironic, considering Sponge is technically several years older than Tipsy. The two can frequently be found together during their free time.

Dubbed "Sponge" by the research staff, Subject 010 can absorb and redirect water at an incredible rate. Said absorption causes her body to swell up in size in a curiously uniform fashion. She can release the water at fairly high pressures- once serving as a makeshift fire-hose when an explosion from a volatile Subject lit a building on fire.* The precise limit to how much water she can absorb is unclear as it changes day by day, but in general, she can absorb up to 100,000 gallons without issue.** The size increase can also be localized, allowing Subject 010 to dip her arm in water to build up mass quickly in just that limb to strike something with more weight than normal. She accomplishes this by using the water stored in the limb to also boost the acceleration by projecting the water behind it- balancing out how much slower the limb would be due to the increase in size and weight.

*It was after this incident that the organization began to station the main parts of the Facilities underground- as several onlookers noticed Sponge's actions. Were it not for the timely intervention of King- the secret might've been revealed to the public.
**Interestingly, her increase in size does not 100% correlate with how much water she absorbs- instead it seems to have a diminishing return.

_Subject 011-A - "King"
Subject 011-A and Subject 011-B are the only two living variations of Subject 011. One of King's first recorded uses of his power was to take the entire mind of his creator and erase what he didn't take. This unfortunate incident ended what could've been a massive leap in Subject powers. King and Oracle's bodies resemble that of 8-year children but their intellect is far beyond that of a normal human. If their creation process could've been studied more thoroughly- it's possible these abilities could be passed onto the rest of the human race.

King possesses a level of genius that matches the most esteemed minds of the head researchers that work for the organization- because it 'is' their level of genius. He is not only gifted with an immeasurable intelligence- but can steal from the minds of others*. King frequently has gone on supervised excursions to think-tanks held by other corporations and even several governments. When within eyesight of a target** he can delve into their minds and look through any memories they still retain- even in the subconscious- and remove whatever memories he wants.*** This theft would appear to cause searing headaches in the victims- enough to cause temporary blindness, deafness, and paralysis in the unfortunate person King is stealing from- though the effects will scale depending on the size of the memory taken and King himself seems to be able to manipulate the symptoms to a degree.

King's memory thefts combined with his potent mind have allowed him to create and alter many technological discoveries.**** The assistance is not without cost as he has been promised a senior position in a few years when he finally achieves his full growth. Subject 011-A and 011-B are only aging at half the normal human rate as they were created before the aging technology was perfected- indeed- King is the primary reason it began working several years after his birth.

*King has insisted that his particular advances in technology are solely due to his own credit- however, after he created a transforming jeep, the organization insisted all researchers keep very accurate notes on their work in order to prove the claims that King had stolen from them. After this policy was implemented, the claims ceased entirely, whether this was because King stopped doing so, had never done so, or just became more discreet is unknown.
**Including video, which has led several researchers to theorize his mental powers are related to electricity or perhaps the light spectrum.
***Said targets may not remember what was stolen- King also can take any memories they have of him- leaving them none the wiser for the experience.
****Subject 011-A worked alongside Dr. Hofterin for several months on his personal transport vehicle, and the two of them are responsible for the successful understanding of many Subjects and their unusual powers.

_Subject 011-B - "Oracle"
Subject 011-A and Subject 011-B are the only two living variations of Subject 011.* Oracle however does not share the same power as King. Instead of stealing information- Subject 011-B can spontaneously generate it. Unlike King, this ability does not seem intentional or even controllable on her part, the generation is governed by a set of variables not yet understood by modern science.** She will periodically enter a sort of trance-state and answer questions asked with information that is generated by a means unknown that is related to the question. The process is ill understood and the questions themselves can be difficult to word without knowing the variables of what will trigger the correct "answer".

Like her variation, Oracle is an 8-year old in appearance. Unlike King, she displays only above average intelligence instead of genius levels- it is suspected that King's memory theft is responsible for his current state and that Oracle is the "base" template of Subject 011's intelligence.

*And according to Oracle, the only two Subject 011 variations that will ever exist again, thus far this prediction has held true despite multiple attempts to recreate either Subject 011.
**Thus far, Oracle's spontaneous information generation has never been wrong, leading to her nickname. Unfortunately- the randomness of the trance and the difficulty of procuring the desired results have gifted Oracle with an ill-reputation of being almost useless at times and a potential threat at others.

_Subject 018 - "Cupid"
Another Subject that preceded a fully working age process- Subject 018 resembles a small human child of a similar age to that of Subjects 011-A, 011-B, and Subject 010. However he bears the noticeable difference of having a pair of avian wings protruding from his back. The feathers closely resemble that of the Needletail Swift in shape- though obviously the scale is far larger. While birds have hollow bones- Cupid does not. They are lighter and more fragile than the bones of a normal human- but they are not hollow. A normal human would be unable to fly even with wings- Cupid stores a lighter-than-air gas in his body- allowing him to actually take flight and reach high speeds as well.*

The gas he stores is believed to be how he can reach such speeds- he can propel himself forwards by releasing the gas from pores along his wings. The gas functions as a potent aphrodisiac- causing an increase of the libido of all nearby humans exposed to it.** Several incidents when he was just discovering his power have led to offspring that were not intentional on part of either party. While some received this gift with joy- others were angry, and as a result, the organization developed a daycare program to help assist with the newborns. Cupid himself, ironically, is enrolled in this program until he reaches an old enough age where he can understand the world he lives in.***

*Testing indicates he can reach nearly 105mph and still maintain perfect control of his flight, able to perform complex aerial maneuvers and turn about with ease.
**Luckily, Cupid is fairly smart and has responded well to authority, making incidents few and rare unless employees go out of their way to coerce him into doing so. One incident involving an unwilling female organization employee ended in the termination of the male employee attempting to use Cupid's power in a felonious way.
***It is somewhat uncertain how quickly the minds of the "Child" Subjects progress in terms of maturity. Their physical bodies age at half the rate of a normal human- but their minds in theory should still be aging normally as time and experience pass. Of the living Child Subjects, only King has shown intelligence above the physical age their bodies are at.

_Subject 021 - "Tipsy"
Duties related to Subject 021 are somewhat popular for the security and research sectors.* Studies have revealed that he does not create alcohol so much as secrete a tasteless, colorless and odorless liquid in the fats of his body. He can then distribute this secretion into any liquid he touches to induce the effects of alcohol on whoever drinks it. Oddly- he does not have to touch the liquid itself- merely the container. It has been suggested that he does not require contact because he does not distribute the liquid so much as channel an energy that can move through solid objects- the energy is suggested to be what mutates the liquid into its new state. This theory has been frowned upon by several research members but has not been proven one way or the other.

Unlike some GMO test subjects- Tipsy has exhibited very little aggression in his normal routines. Combined with his above-average intelligence and lack of abnormal features he is almost indistinguishable from a normal human. He resembles a large and even jolly man in his 30s.** Even when attacked he has demonstrated a remarkable lack of epinephrine- rendering him incredibly docile.*** Due to his intelligence and general longevity so far as Subjects go- he is something of a mentor to many younger research and security members.

*Despite all attempts to prevent it- multiple employees have still managed to convince Tipsy to alter various drinks while on the job- leading to several cases of intoxicated behavior and resultant accidents.
**Subject 021 is the first Subject to somewhat correctly form with the aging process. He has aged at twice the human rate to reach "maturity" quickly but slowed down to the normal human aging rate rather than the slower rate intended.
***A somewhat religious employee attacked to attack Tipsy- claiming the Subject had "no soul". Subject 021 made no move to resist until the obviously angry human touched him on the shoulder- the assailant then dropped to the floor immediately- Subject 021 had flooded his body with such extreme levels of the secretion that the man went from a blood alcohol content level of 0 to over 2.0 in approximately 0.01 seconds.

_Subject 034 - "Handsy"
Subject 034 stands in direct contrast to Tipsy as one of the more hated duties of the research and security sectors.* Subject 034 can apparently project her mass into another dimension- she will still be visible to the human eye- but cannot be touched or physically affected by any means. When Handsy projects 'back'- any matter Subject 034's incorporeal form is touching will instead vanish entirely- never to be seen again.

This is what led to the nickname 'Handsy' as all Subject 034 variations and clones have been quite perverted- frequently enjoying phasing their hands through clothing to disturb the research and security staff by causing their garments to be destroyed. The material and composition of the matter has not yet caused any difference insofar as this ability is concerned. The only exception to this rule has been Subject 034 and her clones- a Handsy projecting 'back' into our dimension while interfering with a Handsy projecting 'away' from it will have no effect on the 'away' Handsy.**

All Subject 034s have proven incredibly difficult to deal with, as they are nearly impossible to punish or control due to their ability. Even withholding food was not successful as the Handsys would simply move through the walls until they found it and consumed it. This tendency towards deviant and chaotic behavior has made Subject 034 unsuited for use in the field. In fact, if Subject 034 was not one of the hardest GMOs to dispose of, they would be regarded as a failure in the GMO research program.*** The only known way to even physically interact with a Handsy is for them to not be projecting themselves to the other dimension- in which case they are nothing more than a normal human and physically act as such- as opposed to their other state in which case they can move in whatever manner and direction they wish.

*Janitorial staff have successfully lobbied for hazard pay when it comes to cleaning Handy living quarters and for good reason. It has become normal doctrine for organization staff to keep spare clothing stashed as even females are not safe from the Handsy 'fun'.
**This has led to a game similar to "chicken" in that two Handsys will both phase 'away' and then dare the other to phase 'back' and 'away' again before the other Handy also phases 'back'- destroying the currently existing Handsy's matter if both are physically in the same space. There are a number of Handsys with only one hand for this exact reason.
***The higher-ups, after several instances of having their various sex attributes revealed and attacked by a Handsy, reached a compromise in that the attempts to dispose of the Subject 034s would cease so long as the Handsys did not reveal themselves to the world. Thus far the various Subject 034s have honored this agreement.

_Subject 038 - "Nightfall"
Unauthorized entrants cannot view this information.
Subject 038, Nightfall, is believed to be one of the deadliest and most bloodthirsty Subjects to ever be created. His first documented use of his power was perhaps the most devastating accident in the history of the organization, removing over a hundred staff members from the testing area almost instantly.* His power is not understood in the slightest due to the nature of the black energy he produces.** This energy is like nothing anyone in the organization has ever seen- it can be projected from Subject 038's hands in two fashions- as a mist that remains connected to him and moves around independently of wind or gravity- or as an orb that he releases from his hand that expands rapidly once it reaches its destination. While the mist is largely restricted in terms of range to perhaps a 25 meter radius from his body- he has managed to "release" the orb several hundred meters away before it stops and increases in size. The mist state interacts with the environment similar to smoke by moving around objects. The orb does not- it expands completely independently of physical obstructions- although before it "grows" it will be extremely dense and can be interacted with normally. The orb has never fully been tested as it's somewhat difficult to conceal in a large volume, thus far not even multiple layers of steel, protective glass, and concrete have stopped its growth.*** It's as if it is entirely unaffected by material obstacles once it begins growing.

While what the energy is and how it works is almost entirely unknown, the effects are far more clear. Any biological matter the energy envelops**** vanishes- totally and completely. Even microscopic life will not escape- scans of the effected area will have no trace of life remaining. Biological matter that has been 'dead' for some time- such as clothing will not be affected. But blood, bones, flesh- all of these things will vanish. How this occurs is unknown- medical equipment used on test examples that are exposed to said energy will register nothing more than a spike of fear and associated symptoms (increased heart rate, respiratory rate, adrenaline and so on) before the example animal or person vanishes.

*Nightfall's extremely dangerous ability is why HACS were developed- the organization genuinely feared (and still fears to a degree) the incredible powers of the Subjects they created. Nightfall in particular caused perhaps the greatest surge of anti-Subject policy that the GMO researchers had even been forced to comply with. It was only through the combined efforts of King and Dr. Hofterin that the research was not stopped completely.
**While the energy is visible to the naked eye- that is the only way of detecting it. Any sensor or piece of electronic equipment beyond a camera will be entirely unable to observe said energy or anything within it. Interestingly, Subjects exposed to this power will uniformly state they can see a white light bordering the dark energy, this white border has never been seen by human eyes.
***It is for this reason that there have been conversations about possibly sending Subject 038 out to the Middle East to try and eradicate militant extremists hiding in the mountains.
****Perhaps the most fascinating part of this power, so long as the target is not fully covered by the energy, they will experience no ill effects whatsoever.

_Subject 042 - "Curtain"
Subject 042 resembles a young human male with dark hair and a fondness for walking sticks and dark clothing. His power is truly remarkable in that he cannot be killed by any method known to man.* The reason behind this power is unknown.** Somewhat troubling is how Subject 042 has expressed no particular objection to the tests- allowing himself to be slain in any number of methods- he actually seems to enjoy it. A medical examination reveals that he has fully operational nerves- meaning he should experience pain- yet he rarely responds to any stress placed on his body except with a grin.

That is not to say the attacks are ineffective- Curtain is no more durable than a normal human: a bullet will easily pierce him, fire will burn him, he can even drown. Subject 042 can perish in any number of ways, he will just spontaneously reappear a short time after his demise, no matter what is done to him. Typically he will appear near the spot of his previous death but if that space is not available he will appear elsewhere instead- even when the wound inflicted is not a fatal one. Due to his power, he has proven to be an excellent human analogue for testing theories and technology. Despite extensive study of his genetic code- it is unknown how he manages to achieve this effect. As such he will not be cloned***.

*Or Subjects for that matter, the more dangerous Subjects like Nightfall and Medusa have been unable to prevent Curtain's return- even the Handsy's ability was ineffective beyond destroying the body.
**It is the official position of the organization that there is no such thing as magic- merely science that mankind does not understand. Unofficially- several learned scientists and researchers have expressed a strong belief that there is no logical reason for some GMOs like Subject 042 to exist or have powers that function as they do.
***Following the issues of Subject 034, two rules have been created for cloning and variations of Subjects: The first is no cloning or variations will be made until their powers are fully understood, the second is that Subjects that are deemed too difficult to contain or control will also not be considered for cloning or variations.

_Subject 060 - "Farseer"
Farseer is not truly Subject 060 as Farseer's "birth" was not the standard creation process for Subjects. Instead of being born, Farseer traveled back in time from the future, arriving several years after Subject research began.* The arrival was without extreme ceremony or a notable commotion- Farseer just appeared in the control room of an experiment and began questioning the nearby researchers in a surprisingly Russian accent.** According to Farseer, he traveled backwards in time in order to bring knowledge and equipment from the future to help jump-start the organization and advance it far more quickly, as well as keeping it safe. While initially received with skepticism, the new technology and experience he brought to dealing with Subjects rapidly eroded the cynics and made Farseer one of the most respected Subjects to date- being surpassed only by perhaps King and Curtain in trust and matching that of Tipsy, Cutter, and Meltdown. Nightfall and Ghost are used often but are not trusted enough to let them free without a handler nearby. Nightfall because of his bloodthirst and Ghost because of how easily he could escape organization forces.

Farseer has not revealed the number he held in the future- instead he simply took the number of the Subject whose failure he attended, Subject 060***. He has been extremely interested in the development of the Subjects and never misses a chance to see the testing in person or to consult data about their powers. While normally helpful- he has expressed the opinion that several Subjects be destroyed every chance he gets- Subjects 038 and 100 namely. Disturbingly, he has not revealed the reason why he demands their disposal so fervently, leading some researchers to suspect that his claims of destabilizing the timeline are exaggerated and he does indeed recognize much of what goes on around him.**** But due to Nightfall's extraordinary military capabilities and Ooze's own potential as an energy source- Farseer's pleas have thus far been unanswered.

*It should be noted that much of Farseer's history is based only on his word. It is possible that he is lying when he speaks about his past- though it's effectively impossible to prove him wrong.
**Security staff, to their credit, did attempt to accost him; but upon giving the order they all found themselves on the floor and disarmed so quickly that even the cameras didn't see what transpired. In light of this incident it is thought that Farseer can somehow influence time- though it was noted that his time travel may have been a product of future technology instead of Subject powers.
***Subject 060 was one of the many Subjects that simply never awoke after they were "birthed"- similar to Subject 000. However, while Subject 000 has been maintained as a mark of respect for Dr. Hofterin, any subsequent Subjects that didn't wake within several days of birth were disposed of and marked as failures.
****Farseer's excuse for whenever anything he says or claims is incorrect is that his presence coupled with the technology and theories he brought to our time has severely hampered any knowledge he might have of events or Subjects as history has been rewritten. While frustrating to researchers- this is generally regarded as a "good excuse".

_Subject 063 - "Doppelganger"
Subject 063 is a peculiar Subject, it's physical appearance is unknown as it can alter its anatomy and appearance from the moment it is conceived. Even at roughly a few months in development the form can be seen changing to different shapes and colors. Once a Doppelganger reaches maturity* they are capable of controlling these changes and can use them to adjust its appearance however it wishes**. These changes are not limitless- a Doppelganger cannot totally modify their bone structure nor can they add or remove organs. This has unfortunately ruled transformations into anything but humans out of the picture.

The vocal chords can also be changed, making Doppelgangers able to imitate the voices of others. 'Successful' Doppelgangers are judged on whether they can adjust to a person after seeing and hearing them one time at close range. Failing three times results in the Subject 063 being labeled a failure and subsequently disposed of.

*Maturity for Subjects after the Age Modification Procedure follows a predictable curve: for the first four years of their lives they age at roughly 5x the speed of a normal human, for the next two years they will then age at approximately half the rate of a normal human. After those six years the Subjects are evaluated to see if they are still in prime condition. The ones that are deemed "unsuitable" are disposed of while the ones that live so long are elevated to teaching roles to assist younger Subjects in learning their powers and age at the same rate as humans- which requires three weeks of genetic therapy.
**Thus far they have been able to alter their appearance enough to become any known version of human, clothing obviously is not included in their ability.

_Subject 096- "PC"
While most successful Subjects seem to have an ability that may or may not be understandable by science, PC is one of the few examples where they are understood perfectly. Each PC possesses two pairs of arms and three pairs of eyes- marking them as unmistakably not-human. Of far greater importance is the brain they have- exceeding in raw processing power and memory storage even the greatest of computers available to anyone on Earth. Combined with their multiple arms and eyes, this allows them to be extremely proficient in using computers themselves.* They appear to have an inborn aptitude for using code of all kinds, the current standard "test" of a successful PC Subject is for them to study a new coding language every day for a week and display high levels of knowledge of the studied language the following day.

PCs are currently used to operate organization technical equipment, one of the most recent examples of which would be the simulated reality room. While they're backed by heavy-duty computers, the PCs are the ones who direct the processing power and fix bugs in the code in real-time as the simulation is progressing. They also frequently are used to find secrets from the various governments around the world- ensuring the organization is kept well informed of modern developments.

*A PC is able to type with one hand over 5,000 words per minute and one PC, for fun, hacked and brought down the internet of the entire USA in less than a minute. This was done without organization approval but could not be denied as a sign of extreme talent in the field.

_Subject 100- "Ooze"
Subject 100 was hoped to be an incredible achievement and the pinnacle of GMO research. Instead, Subject 100 is a pile of translucent grey sludge, horrifying his creator. Dubbed "Ooze" by the cleaning staff- Subject 100 resembles a gelatinous, translucent mass that slowly moves around at a slow rate of perhaps one meter per ten seconds. Other than that- he is notable for being somewhat absorbent and being very resistant to damage. His power to melt down materials has led to some concern- as whatever he ingests in this manner is added to himself as mass at nearly 100% of the capacity he absorbs and he has been able to melt almost anything.* Luckily, he slowly loses mass as time goes by, so keeping him contained is a simple matter. He is incredibly resistant to energy- even Meltdown at her fully heated state could not burn or otherwise harm Ooze through heat- and hitting him with over 1,000 amps for several seconds didn't do anything to him.** The only option that has seemed to impede him has been exposing him to rapid cooling, which slows his movements and eventually causes them to stop.

It is unknown exactly how Ooze perceives the world around him. Certainly his form does not have any organs such as eyes or ears- yet he can still maneuver around without bumping into things and even responds to spoken orders.*** Ooze can divide himself into smaller portions, which behave identical to the larger portion, further causing researchers to question whether he is 'alive' as the term normally applies. He would be regarded as a failure but it has been discovered that he can produce a truly phenomenal amount of energy based on his devouring habits.**** The ability to create such free amounts of energy cannot be overlooked.

*Absorbing a car in this manner caused him to grow approximately just as much in size as the car he devoured. No traces of the car were left behind- even at the atomic level.
**It is somewhat difficult to gauge 'damage' on a Subject with no way of expressing pain. However, Ooze in this case did not react abnormally in any way to either heat or electricity.
***Curiously- while he can most definitely detect humans- Subjects provoke no reaction from him whatsoever. He simply moves right past them as though he doesn't know they're there.
****His potency is such that even exposing a portion of Ooze to a full can of soda will allow the portion to power a small residence for several hours.

_Subject 118 - "Philosopher"
Subject 188 can manipulate atoms and molecules- allowing his to transform any element into another so long as he knows the correct composition. Thus far he has also been able to manipulate alloys and mixtures of all kinds.* The only restriction is that he cannot change between states such as solids to liquids and so on. As his power is not fully understood- he is not a candidate for cloning.

*His power has made him a noted member of the HACS development team- as he is responsible for altering the primary metal the suits are made of. The "standard" suit when produced is made of a magnesium-lithium alloy that is as light as aluminum but stronger than titanium- it is only after they're finished being produced that the research and development staff such as Philosopher begin altering them in order to immunize them to Subject powers.

_Subject 277 - "Vamp"
The Subject 277 clones are highly unstable. Flaws in their genetic make-up have caused them to degenerate quickly after birth- the only known method for preventing this is to give them blood transfusions every day. Despite this flaw- they are quite powerful- overtaking most Combat-Subjects in physical prowess when they're kept healthy.* This nigh-constant blood requirement forces the organization to keep their numbers low despite their apparent usefulness.**

Interestingly, the Vamp's genetic code is more flexible than most, due to the inherent instability of said code. When they drink blood that comes from a Subject- they exhibit the powers of the Subject they drank from- albeit only for a brief period and the power/control will never be as advanced as the original Subject. This could be due to how every Subject requires years of practice to use their powers correctly and efficiently. If a Vamp were to use the same power repeatedly they would no doubt show greater proficiency with it.

*While a Grunt is capable of dodging individual bullets- Vamp's have been noted to move even faster than Grunts in both short-bursts and prolonged movement. Three 199 clones are also unable to push back a well-rested and fed Subject 277. Despite this, Vamps are still unable to overcome HAC suits or Ripper- both of which are simply too difficult to destroy for a Vamp unless they bring proper weaponry.
**Most clone-able Subjects are kept at slightly over a dozen and are scattered throughout the facilities in the United States of America. However, some- like Grunts- are numbered well into the hundreds as they're the dominant force in security measures. Vamps are kept at more than most, but still far less than Grunts.

_Subject 440 - "Dragon"
Subject 440 is regarded as one of the more surreal results of GMO research- many staff members are still amazed that a creature from myth and legend can now appear in a tangible and very real form.* While lacking the wings a "traditional" dragon should possess**- the rest of Subject 440 fits the stereotype. They are reptilian creatures that walks about on four legs and reach quite a large size, in a general sense they resemble a fire-truck in terms of length and weight. In terms of physical ability they are astounding- moving incredible fast for such a large creature in being able to reach 80 kmh (50 mph) once they reach their full speed and are surprisingly agile as well even with all of that mass moving at high speeds. Their scales are incredibly durable, rivaling modern tank armor in terms of protective ability.

While not able to produce fire like its mythical counterpart, organization dragons have a scarier variant. They secrete a chemical inside their bodies that is almost identical to chlorine triflouride in all practical ways. The chemical is stored under high pressure to force it into a liquid state- allowing it to be projected at high speeds.

*Earlier Subjects were intended to be used in order to transfer genetically-based abilities to humans. However, the possibility of genetic alteration to create entirely new species held enough potential to be considered and later added to the GMO branch of the organization. Dragon is one of many such GMOs that, while not human, is still considered a Subject.
**Though the forelegs do appear to have a small winged membrane stretching to the body, researchers remain hopeful that wings may some day develop.

_Subject 588 - "Sparkle"
Sparkle is one of the newest GMOs and as such her powers and abilities are still being investigated.
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

Postby Lowk » Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:48 pm

About snowflake. Unless it's by magic or molecular manipulation wouldn't that heat have to go somewhere?
Maybe 355 could absorb heat around it essentially increasing it own. So the area around would be freezing while snowflake would ironically be hot to the touch.
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

Postby Alpha or Omega » Thu Jul 14, 2016 11:11 pm

Lowk wrote:About snowflake. Unless it's by magic or molecular manipulation wouldn't that heat have to go somewhere?
Maybe 355 could absorb heat around it essentially increasing it own. So the area around would be freezing while snowflake would ironically be hot to the touch.

How would Snowflake be alive then?
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

Postby Friendlysociopath » Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:31 am

Thanks for helping.

Lowk wrote:About snowflake. Unless it's by magic or molecular manipulation wouldn't that heat have to go somewhere?
Maybe 355 could absorb heat around it essentially increasing it own. So the area around would be freezing while snowflake would ironically be hot to the touch.

Interesting- I had not thought of that. It is interesting- but I think I should paint a bit more of a picture first to help you figure him out (I do like your idea mind you- that could still work for another Subject) as he's a WIP and has a certain role to fill. I could in theory replace him though with someone else- because I seriously do like that twist.

The idea for Snowflake was that he could make it snow- and that's all the organization thought he could do- lower the temperature enough that rain would become snow. So they didn't respect him at all and were about to dispose of the 'useless' Subject. That's why he only has one HACS unit assigned to monitor him- they seriously don't think of him as a threat or worthy of keeping around. Making it cold without an extreme end like freezing people is worthless.
(Er- HACS are essentially 12 feet tall mechs that come with miniguns that fire 0.50 Browning bullets and have missiles that turn military jeeps into hand-sized shrapnel. And every Subject gets one or more HACS specifically created to be immune to their powers.)
While I do like your idea- removing that much heat from an area and concentrating it all in a person would be very useful and potentially turning them very lethal- something Snowflake cannot be for his role in the story.

(Bit of story coming but it's relevant) Raven, one of the protagonists of the story, has special genes in her DNA that "evolve" any Subject that gets a hold of her DNA in some way. Snowflake is one of the first Subjects it's used on- and his power goes from just making it cold and snowing to sending shards of ice (shaped like snowflakes still) that reduce whatever they hit to absolute zero. Imagine a white-out and then imagine the idea that somewhere in that cloud of white- there's a few snowflakes that will end your life in a second.

Alpha or Omega wrote:How would Snowflake be alive then?

Higher heat tolerance- perhaps special skin cells that are extremely efficient in holding heat or maybe it must be burned off immediately as energy or else they WILL die?
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

Postby Lowk » Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:39 am

Alpha or Omega wrote:
Lowk wrote:About snowflake. Unless it's by magic or molecular manipulation wouldn't that heat have to go somewhere?
Maybe 355 could absorb heat around it essentially increasing it own. So the area around would be freezing while snowflake would ironically be hot to the touch.

How would Snowflake be alive then?

I know there is at least one organism (water bear) that can handle temperatures of 300 degrees for a few minutes. Meaning she obviously wouldn't be doing an indefinite heat storage. So maybe she has highly evolved Thermoregulation?

Can heat be converted into anything. I know they've made generators that turn it into electricity but I'm not sure if an organism could do something like that or why it would.
maybe she could eat heat or something

EDIT: AAANNND nevermind.
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

Postby Lowk » Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:56 am

There was a finding that sea snails have evolved to grow teeth stronger then any other natrual material rivialing that of man made substances.
http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-new ... 46/?no-ist
Spider silk, often compared to kevlar, has wowed with its tough yet flexible powers. But when tested, the tooth material was, on average, about five times stronger than most spider silk, reports BBC News. This makes it the strongest natural material on Earth. Tests in the lab revealed that it can withstand pressure that would turn carbon into diamond. Thats’s comparable to a single strand of spaghetti holding up about 3,300 one-pound bags of sugar, the study’s lead author, Asa Barber of the University of Portsmouth, told the BBC.

So what I'm thinking is a subject that can generate razor sharp nails/claws, teeth, quills, or even hair; that is several times stronger better than steel. Making for both for natrual weapons as well as natrual armor.
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

Postby Friendlysociopath » Fri Jul 15, 2016 1:09 am

Lowk wrote:There was a finding that sea snails have evolved to grow teeth stronger then any other natrual material rivialing that of man made substances.
http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-new ... 46/?no-ist
Spider silk, often compared to kevlar, has wowed with its tough yet flexible powers. But when tested, the tooth material was, on average, about five times stronger than most spider silk, reports BBC News. This makes it the strongest natural material on Earth. Tests in the lab revealed that it can withstand pressure that would turn carbon into diamond. Thats’s comparable to a single strand of spaghetti holding up about 3,300 one-pound bags of sugar, the study’s lead author, Asa Barber of the University of Portsmouth, told the BBC.

So what I'm thinking is a subject that can generate razor sharp nails/claws, teeth, quills, or even hair; that is several times stronger better than steel. Making for both for natrual weapons as well as natrual armor.

A Subject with incredibly strong bones that they can manipulate to make weapons and armor? That sounds neat.

I could edit this in above but meh- I'll do it here:
Snowflake is meant to show how something weak and pathetic can go to terrifying in a short period of time.
Sparkles is meant to show how something can be powerful and then become even scarier.
(Fun fact- GIFs work with that IMG format)
^Picture that but in a city- on accident.
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

Postby Lowk » Fri Jul 15, 2016 1:19 am

Friendlysociopath wrote:So what I'm thinking is a subject that can generate razor sharp nails/claws, teeth, quills, or even hair; that is several times stronger better than steel. Making for both for natrual weapons as well as natrual armor.

A Subject with incredibly strong bones that they can manipulate to make weapons and armor? That sounds neat.

I could edit this in above but meh- I'll do it here:
Snowflake is meant to show how something weak and pathetic can go to terrifying in a short period of time.
Sparkles is meant to show how something can be powerful and then become even scarier.
(Fun fact- GIFs work with that IMG format)
^Picture that but in a city- on accident.

Yeah, definitly like the original Snowflake idea. I was trying to go for something similar but liquid nitrogen like snowflakes is definitely more approprite.
And If I am ever grateful for anything anime has given me, it's the destruction pron. I've always wanted to know what a mountain melting looks like.
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

Postby Friendlysociopath » Sat Jul 16, 2016 2:13 am

Note: Second comment for Subject list

_Subject 044 - "WIP"
Subject 044 is the first Subject to exhibit a power that can be replicated via technology based on their study- small-scale gravity manipulation.* Subject 044 can reduce or increase the effects of gravity in a given area- the size of which exceeds that which most GMO powers have ever reached. The range covered decreases based on the severity of the change- a small alteration of a 10% increase can reach over 500 meters in all directions while something like a 100% increase shrinks to perhaps 250 meters.**

*Researchers have always intended for Subject powers to be transferred to or otherwise manipulated by humans. Subject 044 is the first case where the latter was successful- in the future at least. The Alter Brace is suspected of stemming from the powers of this Subject.
**The intensity seems to double at roughly the same rate the distance halves- meaning the gravity nearest to Subject 044 can experience extremely violent changes.

_Subject 050-A - "Big Boy"
Subjects 050-A and 050-B are variations of one another. Both the brother and sister have powers relating to changing their mass- though the ways they use these powers could not be farther apart. Subject 050-A can increase his own mass without changing his shape- effectively making him impossible to move if he puts enough effort into it.* Curiously- he does not experience the side-effects of his powers. He insists he feels no different no matter what his mass currently is weighed at. The world around him will respond to the adjusted weight.** It is unknown what his maximum limit is- testing was aborted when his steps began to register above ground as small-scale earthquakes.

*Unusually for Subjects, this power was demonstrated at an extremely early age, the Doctor that oversaw the "birth" of Subjects 050-A and 050-B noted that Big Boy weighed nearly 30 pounds for several seconds before reverting back to the normal weight of a human baby. Unfortunately, the surprise of the weight changing caused 050-A to be dropped on his head. While he survived- he suffered severe brain damage and has mentally developed slowly ever since.
**For example- Big Boy can stand in front of a truck and enhance his mass to over 45,500 kilograms (100,000 pounds). The truck will react as though it hits an object of Big Boy's size that has that weight.

_Subject 050-B - "Zippy"
Subjects 050-A and 050-B are variations of one another. Both the brother and sister have powers relating to changing their mass- though the ways they use these powers could not be farther apart. Subject 050-B can lower her mass and, in an inverse relationship, move farther over a shorter period of time; in other words, accelerating faster the more mass she loses.*

As with Subject 050-A, this has no visible effect on her physical shape or her body- though the world around her responds to the effects. After the Break Incident** she has not undergone further testing until some manner of enclosure can be constructed to keep the researchers safe and also allow Subject 050-B to activate her power away from prying eyes. The research staff have theorized relativistic speeds may be possible- though it has been heavily noted that it should not be attempted without extreme amounts of testing beforehand.

Unlike most Subject, Zippy experiences a severe drawback to using her powers, an increased frailness the faster she moves. While a human would not be able to handle the speeds in the first place- this particular problem doesn't manifest for her. However, were she to be struck by something while her mass is decreased, she takes much more damage than a normal human body would.

*At what she had declared is her "normal" mass of 55 kilograms (121 pounds)- Subject 050-B has reached nearly 400 mph after 10 seconds of acceleration.
**Subject 050-B was able to break the sound barrier by a substantial margin and release a sonic boom in the enclosed space the researchers were working in. While she was unharmed, the damage to the equipment, staff, and facility itself was catastrophic and resulted in several deaths due to the trauma of the shockwaves. Her weight at that time had only decreased to 54 kilograms.

_Subject 055 - "Medusa"
Subject 055 visually resembles a normal human woman, with the exception of her totally white eyes without discernible iris or pupil. Her eyes project an invisible energy that forces whatever looks at them to calcify at a rapid rate- turning to stone within seconds to minutes- depending on the size and density of the object.* As of yet- nothing short of complete cover will protect anyone or anything that looks at her. Researchers are still to this day attempting to confirm whether she is altering the light that strikes her eyes or producing an energy that moves at lightspeed. Of particular concern is how this power works through cameras as well- making monitoring her room and condition quite difficult.** Disturbingly, physically visiting her living quarters will allow the observer to see several of her living statues in full detail, she has been quite possessive of them and speaks to them frequently. Whether that means the victims are still alive or that Medusa simply requires companionship has not been determined.***

*It is for this reason that Medusa has not been cloned, any Subject with powers not fully understood, or are too expensive/difficult to control, is not eligible for the cloning procedure.
**Instead of a camera, the room instead contains sensors to discover and record her condition in other ways- like audio recordings and instruments to track her temperature.
***Interestingly, a human with their eyes removed or closed will be immune to the power Medusa has, causing much confusion as that means whatever power she uses must first be filtered through eyesight before it can effect someone.

_Subject 099 - "Fury"
The Fury are a close-knit groups of Subjects, capable of forming close bonds with other Subjects of the same group. While not inherently unusual, most Subjects tend to communicate and perform alongside other Subjects of the same species with results similar to what one would expect of humans in the same position. The Fury, however, show a marked increase in performance when additional Fury are nearby that exceeds expectations.*

Physically they resemble red-skinned humans with thick growths of hair around the waist and legs. They have sizable ears reminiscent of bats and also bear a long skinny tail in addition to sharp claws. They're capable of flight and create formations alongside their fellow Fury while traveling. Their strength is lackluster compared to some Combat-Types, only matching that of athletic humans.

*It is for this reason that the Fury are all located at one Facility, as opposed to normal organization procedure, which involves every group of Subjects having multiple sample members sent to all facilities.

_Subject 149 - "Screamer"
Subject 149 possesses a very useful ability- they can manipulate soundwaves. A whisper can carry for half a mile and an air-horn can be used next to a person's ear with no effect.* However, these edited sounds cannot be used for destruction, only the sounds produced from their own throats will be capable of that. These soundwaves can be lethal when pressed hard enough- a Screamer is capable of ripping up the surface of an asphalt road through the sheer volume and force of their cries.

*This feature has made Screamers some of the greatest gossips the world has ever seen. It is for this reason that telling a Screamer anything is tantamount to revealing the secret to the entire organization. Subject 034 is also annoying in this regard but they at least tend to keep secrets reserved between themselves and humans they like rather than anyone in earshot- which for a Screamer is very far indeed.

_Subject 186 - "Drowsy"
Subject 186 is one of the few Subjects that has been created with the coloration of the African parts of the human race, though not through any particular effort of the organization itself. Similar to Tipsy- he has shown a marked amount of restraint in his aggression levels. Many researchers did not believe he had an actual power until everyone began being unusually tired around him in his younger stage.* Subject 186 carries spores in his hair- he leaves them floating around in the air as he moves along- filling a 50x50 foot room with over a thousand spores just by walking through. These spores are microscopic and remain 'active' for an hour or so after leaving his body before dying and decomposing.** It is unknown how but Drowsy can sense his spores and the victims they're in- enabling him to be aware of multiple figures beyond what his eyes, ears, and other standard senses can tell him.***

The spores will attach to every part of the human body: the digestive tract, the respiratory system, even various glands and veins. Normally they simply draw a slight bit of energy from the human, just enough for them to stay alive and leave the human host feeling tired. It is when they're activated by the Drowsy that the true horror begins. The spores savagely attack the human body in all manners- preventing breath from passing, blood from flowing, even food from digesting- the catastrophic and sudden onset of detrimental effects will see affected humans drop extremely quickly after the activation as the entire body effectively shuts down. The range for the activation seems to vary day by day but typically will be 100 yards from Drowsy. The activation itself is strange- Drowsy can either command all the spores in range to activate or he can trigger specific ones to single out targets and even certain systems in the human body.****

*It was initially suspected the weariness was just due to hard work, not an abnormal effect.
**Alternatively, the spores experience difficulty with heat for any lengthened duration, if one could raise the human body's temperature to over 110 degrees Fahrenheit for several seconds the spores would be destroyed even after they're absorbed.
***When exposed to the spores, a singe Grunt was picked out of a group of 20 multiple times with a 100% accuracy. Even using Painters to visually hide the Grunt didn't affect the outcome. The only time Drowsy couldn't sense his spores was when the Grunt in question was placed into a sealed room and entirely isolated from Drowsy.
****The ability to choose his target has made Drowsy a respected member of the security forces as it enables him to specifically neutralize enemies only without incurring friendly-fire.

Subject 201 - ""

Subject 202 - ""
Subject 202 marks the beginning of the "dry period" of GMO success.*

*Due to an argument between Dr. Hofterin and the organization, he was placed on administrative leave for almost a year. During that time, a far greater percentage of Subjects were deemed failures until the organization recalled him, regaining his expertise and setting the researchers back on track.

Subject 206 - ""
Subject 206 clones are known for being the first time a genetic anomaly removed organization-specific mental functions- namely the limiter.* The Subjects themselves are unique for their bone structure, or rather, the bones themselves. Their skeletal system is comprised of a different manner of bone, comparable to that of the Marine Snail tooth, being five times stronger than spider silk; even capable of withstanding the pressure to turn carbon to diamond.

The Subjects have the ability to weaken and mold these bones with their saliva, gifting them with the ability to manipulate the bones into weapons and even armor. It is a common practice for a Subject 206 clone to recover the bones of slain members and use them to create armor and weapons, etching names and symbols into them in memory.**

*While incredibly worrying at the time, subsequent Subjects demonstrated limiters just as before, encouraging staff to theorize Subject 206 was an exception; not a flaw in the process.
**Subject 206 clones possess a reliable method of tracking their age, the longer-lived one possess more complete suits of armor compared to their younger brethren.

Subject 213 - "Silk"
Subject 213 is one of the more unsightly Subjects created through GMO research. While possessing a mostly human body- they have four spider-like limbs protruding from the back and an opening between the shoulder blades that produces a strange substance. The material is stronger than steel but light as a feather- allowing Subject 213 to create articles of protective clothing that rival that of military-grade defensive armor.

However, Silk are deeply flawed Subjects. When alive and conscious they will frequently be in pain- their bodies and the new organs do not come together perfectly and they comparatively have an open wound on their back that will never close. It is for this reason that all Subject 213 clones are rendered brain-dead via drugging after they begin to produce their material.

Subject 228 - "Troglodyte"
Subject 228 bears little resemblance to a human- being one of the first 'Monstrous' Subjects*- a sub-type that was widened to include Ripper after enough GMOs were created, either on purpose or on accident, to require their own category. Unlike a majority of their GMO brethren, the Troglodytes have few similarities to man and even among the monstrous types they are strange. They do not possess any organs similar to eyes, ears, or nostrils. In fact, they are deaf and unable to smell, the latter of which is possibly part of a defense-mechanism as the Troglodytes exude a foul stench no matter how often they're bathed. While possessing a strong jaw capable of tremendous force, a Troglodyte doesn't possess sharpened teeth to indicate its reliance on meat for sustenance. In fact, the first sign that the Troglodytes were even feasible to maintain was when they began eating one another's corpses. Their intelligence is compared to that of animals but in defense of the GMOs, this is difficult to gauge when they don't speak or hear, it is possible they are smarter but simply unable to be accurately examined in that regard.

Despite these shortcomings, the Troglodytes are not without their advantages. Their thick limbs pack strength far exceeding that of a human and their bones are incredibly durable; protecting their organs, particularly the brain, with the equivalent of two inches of forged steel armor. Inspection of the skull reveals another organ alongside the brain- it is expected that this organ is what provides the 360 degrees of 'vision' Troglodytes will experience. While they have no eyes, the Subjects are able to navigate all manner of courses with ease and can locate food and threats anywhere within direct line of 'sight' from them- even when the light rebounding off of the objects is obscured or warped by a Painter, causing most researches to submit that perhaps they use a form of echolocation.**

*Most Subjects appear human, either being almost identical in appearance or generally resembling the form with a noticeable difference such as Cupid. Monstrous Subjects frequently demonstrate below-standard levels of intelligence, leading to many organization employees treating them more akin to animals than humans, not without reason either.
**The Troglodytes do seem to understand color, which unfortunately sheds some doubt on this idea as without receiving light this should not be possible- not to mention they don't produce any notable sounds like a bat or dolphin will.

_Subject 363 - "Shadowhand"
Subject 363 possesses a misleading nickname. There is no particular interaction with shadows- instead- Shadowhands can produce localized alterations on the cellular level. The alteration causes their arms to each separate into three dark tendrils* that can extend themselves over six meters (twenty feet) from their starting point- which is just underneath the elbow of the Shadowhand. Any damage dealt to the tendrils is reflected on the arm after they return to the normal form- amputation of the tendrils however does not remove any particular part of the arm and instead just leaves large wounds on the human limb. The tendril will regrow after approximately three days time.

The tendrils can lengthen or shorten as required** and appear to be incredibly flexible and strong in comparison to any animal on Earth.*** In addition to their power and ability to change their length, the tendrils seem to be very hot when touched. The blood from the tendrils is so warm that extended contact will result in 2nd degree burns if the blood is refreshed by dumping more on instead of allowing it to cool.

*It has been something of a hot debate among the researchers as to what, exactly, to call the dark masses. As they do not possess suction cups there has been an argument to not call them tentacles and currently they are officially referenced as tendrils.
**They have been measured to increase in length at slightly over 173 kilometers per hour (108 mph).
***The tendrils have pierced UL 752 Level 10 bullet-resistant glass and are capable of lifting the civilian H1 Hummer over their heads before crushing it- though the latter feat require all three tendrils from both arms rather than each single tendril being capable of it alone like the former.

Subject 408 - "Chimera"
Subject 408 was an attempt to genetically mix together two species of natural animal, the Indian Wolf and the Eastern Lowland Gorilla.* The result was a formidable beast that has features of either species: the bulk and general shape of a large gorilla on the body and arms, the facial structure, and lower limbs of a wolf, and its hands are clawed fingers with all the dexterity and strength of a primate. The Chimera are able to leap and climb like one would expect of a lower-weighted primate, their claws and lengthened lower limbs providing an unexpected amount of agility and speed for such a large creature.

Despite their fearsome appearance, the Chimera are some of the most docile Subjects to be created. Researchers can approach and even touch them without fear, so long as they do not startle or anger the Chimera. When enraged- the fury quickly spreads throughout the pack and the entire group quickly hunts down whatever has caused the disturbance. While this rage is not impossible to suppress or calm, the emotion is so powerful that it overrides the Chimera's natural sense of fear.**

*While the Chimera was created by a researcher that deeply resented the impending extinction of both species in an attempt to preserve them in some form, the organization ruled that any further projects involving genetic manipulation of an endangered species are to require a direct request to the higher-ups. Such an endeavor carries the increased risk of public knowledge of the organization to succeed, something that, as of yet; has not been given the green light by the higher-ups due to the organization operating outside of multiple laws- both within local, federal, and even worldwide boundaries.
**During one of Ripper's rampages, he entered the Chimera habitat. They initially backed away and were noted to be quite frightened before Ripper sprang forwards and consumed one of the smaller ones. This resulted in the entire pack leaping upon the larger foe and savagely attacking it with no regard to personal safety. By the time all of the unleashed tranquilizers and neuromuscular inhibitors took effect to still both parties, half of the pack had been slain and Ripper had been forced to regenerate: four arms, two legs, his lower jaw, seven tails, a generous portion of his torso, and an uncountable amount of flesh, organs, bone, and blood.
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Re: Friendly Subject Help

Postby Aelfinn » Sat Jul 16, 2016 10:00 pm

You can always go for the "kinetic energy" superpower. That might make them a little overpowered, but after looking at that ghost ability, I'm not sure anything is.

So what it is is this: they can absorb any kinetic energy they want to (maybe limit it to the kinetic energy of his own body?), and they store that energy as fat on their body. They can then convert that fat directly into kinetic energy by making themselves faster in some way. You could use this for anything like super-speed (obvious), super-strength (if you move your limb fast enough, it will move anything it hits/is already touching), super-reflexes (increase the speed of his neurons), flight (obvious), super-durability (prevents own molecules from flying apart), and I'm sure others. Considering 1 gram of matter contains enough energy to nuke a city, you could get away with pulling some serious feats with him if you want. You could explain his powers as some highly, highly, highly, highly altered form of ATP synthase, considering that's an enzyme that converts the kinetic energy of protons into chemical energy that every living thing on the planet already has.

Just an idea.
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