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Forum Posting Rule and Details

This is where you will debate until the main site comes back online.

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Forum Posting Rule and Details

Postby Megaraptor18 » Thu Jun 30, 2016 12:57 pm

I have decided to keep the spirit of Factpile alive and allow only a set number of debates per day. Now this will handle by the Mods as they will post one or two matches a day for you to debate. I will make a suggestion thread in this forum to allow you fine folks to publicly suggest matches. All Suggestions will be gathered and will be edited into the first post of the thread. I and other mods will (or try too) set release dates for each suggestion so you can find out when the match is going to be posted. So there will be no need to ask a mod when a match is happening.

As you can see this is looking jerry rigged which it is. But even though this has been a short time frame we Mods will make the best of it for you guys as we're here to serve you. All we ask is we post the matches and you debate in them and you follow the forum rules and debating rules to the best of your abilities.

Welcome to to Factpiletopia's Debating Section.
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